British Virgin Islands

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British Virgin Islands

Located in the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands, this former haunt of pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard, is now host to one of the world’s premier sailing destinations. A BVI yacht rental is the perfect social distancing vacation with plenty to see and do around the islands and the ocean which surrounds them.

On a BVI yacht rental, there are beautiful white sandy beaches to enjoy, blue waters to swim in, and picturesque islands to explore. The promise of steady trade wind sailing a limited development of restaurants and marinas, plus line-of-sight navigation between the 33 islands, that still make the BVI a true sailor’s favourite; windy, but not too windy, and never far from a rum punch. The BVI has opportunities for excellent sailing, superb weather, and memories which will last a lifetime.

British Virgin Islands

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British Virgin Islands Itineraries

In the British Virgin Islands, you can travel to any island or location you wish to and take whichever route you desire, depending on what you what to visit and explore. The British Virgin Islands has lots of options for itineraries, depending on whether you want to visit islands, villages, or cities.

Each area of the British Virgin Islands has something unique and wonderful to offer, suitable for all sailing abilities.

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charters

Find out everything you need to know about a yacht charter

The British Virgin Islands are a fantastic place to go on a yacht charter, whether you are travelling with a group of friends or family, there is a yacht and a destination for everyone.

Here is everything you need to know about a British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter:

British Virgin Islands Travel Information

The BVI is a great place to visit and explore, but there are a few things you should be aware of before your trip, including what you should pack, what’s open, travel information and of course if Willy T is open or not!

Here is everything you need to know about going to the BVI:

Have you ever been to the British Virgin Islands? Let us know how your trip was in the comments below.

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