Sicily Sailing Itinerary

Enticingly beautiful and perfectly located at the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily perpetually lures passersby with its remarkable landscapes and cultural diversity.

Sicily Sailing Itinerary

Sicily has been considered a classical crossroads of Mediterranean culture. Today, the city is an exquisite beauty with Norman churches, Greek temples and Baroque infrastructure forming it. The wonders don’t stop there, Sicily is also rich in natural resources – in fact, in this island you will find Mt. Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano. There is indeed no other better way to explore Sicily other than our Sicily Sailing Itinerary.

If Sicily’s classical heritage is not enough to captivate you, you might be enticed to know that this island is also an artistic architecture of its own. A short stroll around Palermo will guarantee that you’ll see Arab domes and arches, Byzantine mosaics and Norman palace walls. To see Baroque architectural masterpieces, you only need to circle around southeast Sicily. Throughout the island you’ll stumble upon a vast evocative remnants of Arab and Norman castles. And, this is just one of the reasons why Sicily remains as one of the most captivating places in the world.

If you want to go Sailing in Sicily, our Sicily Sailing Itinerary will help you get the most out of your trip.

Our Guide to the Sicily Sailing Itinerary

If you want to have the best time of you life, sailing in Sicily, you wouldn’t want to miss out our Sicily Sailing Itinerary. To guarantee you get the best of the bests, we worked with several local fleet operators to bring you the highlights of this amazing island.

Sicily is often associated with the movie “The Godfather”, but we are dedicated to help you see this wonderful island beyond the classic movie. If you have already been in other parts of Italy, you will definitely understand that Sicily is an experience of its own. We are very excited to embark on our Sicily Sailing Itinerary with you and explore many majestic architectural buildings and catacombs as well as breath-taking landscapes. This trip is designed to move at a good pace but still gives you the perfect mix of fun activities and free time – and incredible cuisine, of course.

Whilst we couldn’t claim that you could possible see them all, you will enjoy everything from the formidable Mt. Etna to the colourful markets in Palermo.

  • Getting There

    Portorosa Marina which is the starting point of our Sicily Sailing Itinerary, can be easily accessed via a taxi from either Catania Airport (102 miles) which is served by major airlines with flights from all over Europe and further afield, or from Palermo Airport (130 miles), which is the ending point of our Sicily sailing itinerary.

  • Mooring

    For mooring in the Sicily Sailing Itinerary, you will find plenty of options, with many marinas and safe anchorages. In Vulcanom we recommend anchoring in Porto di Ponente. This cove will protect you well from the easterly winds. On the next stop, in Filicudi, you can drop your anchor in Punta La Zotta, another safe bay.

    In Salina, you will find moorings in the town port. With 160 berths for boats and yachts up to 210 meters long, Santa Marina Salina is a nice mid-size port – however, in the July and August, we recommend booking in advance.

    On Stromboli, you won’t find any moorings in the port, but if you go to the west side of the harbor, you will find a great anchorage with water and fuel replenishment offered. There is also an anchorage in Ginostra, where you can moor for a fee. The water is quite deep at 100-1000 meters deep so take care to let the anchor rode down enough.

  • Weather

    Sicily has a Mediterranean climate, with arm dry summers and cool rainy winters. In the summer temperatures on average range from 30 degrees celsius to a low of 23 degrees celsius, making it the perfect time to complete our Sicily sailing itinerary in the warm dry weather.

Sicily Sailing Itinerary, starting in Charming Portorosa

Day 1



Start the week off in magnificent Portorosa, where you can enjoy some sunshine on the beaches of Sicily. The town of Tonnarella is close by and offers plenty of ways to pass the day! If you’d like to get active, you can explore Mount Etna. This volcanic mountain is beloved by hikers and history buffs alike.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Ristorante Pizzeria La Conchiglia dal 1977, Via Camparia, 70, 98054 Furnari ME, Italy

Day 2

Portorosa → Vulcano 20NM


For day 2 of the Sicily Sailing Itinerary, head to Vulcano. Here you’ll find beautiful hot springs, where you can relax and enjoy the natural therapeutic mud. Afterward your skin will feel smooth and soft, like never before!

Vulcano is home to Fossa di Vulcano, which gives the island some beautiful black sand beaches. You can spend the day snorkeling and swimming. Take the hour-long hike up, and you’ll be rewarded with a view of a crater encrusted by red and yellow crystals.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Salita al Cratere Museum, Strada Provinciale 179, 98055 Lipari ME, Italy

Malvasia Pane Cunzatu & Restaurant, Via degli Eucaliptus, 98050 Vulcano Porto ME, Italy

Day 3

Vulcano → Filicudi 23 NM


In Filicudi, you can experience truly wild beauty. Escape everyday life on this remote island, filled with nature. You can walk the ancient prehistoric pathways all across the island. Paved with multi-colored flowers, capers, vines, and olive trees, you’ll see Filicudi’s countryside. Visit Capo Graziano or Zucco Grande, to see what remains of the island’s prehistoric villages. You can also sail to see La Canna, a rock that sticks out of the ocean, where you might be able to spot an elusive Eleanora’s Falcon.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Grotte del Bue Marino, Dorgali, 08022 Dorgali NU, Italy

Pensione Ristorante La Sirena, Località Pecorini a mare, 98050 Filicudi ME, Italy

Day 4

Filicudi → Salina 14 NM


Day 4 of Sicily Sailing Itinerary brings you to Salina. As the second largest island of the Aeolian Islands, Salina is also one of the most mountainous areas. Here you will find three of the area’s highest points, Monte Fossa dell Felci (962m), Monte dei Porri (860m), and Monte Rivi (850m). There is also a unique and beautiful foliage, and you can enjoy being amongst lush greenery accompanied by freshwater springs. You can also explore three villages and some smaller hiking hills. At the end of the day, enjoy a lovely sunset in Pollara!

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Rinella Harbour, 98050 Province of Messina

Pizzeria da Marco, Via Rotabile, 18, 98050 Leni – Rinella ME, Italy

Visit the film site of the movie 'Il Postino' in Salina

Day 5

Salina → Stromboli 22NM


Next, sail on to Stromboli! You’re back in the Mount Etna’s domain and you’ll be able to spend the day hiking and exploring any parts you did not see the first time. Stromboli also has the elegant black sand beaches from the volcanic ash – you can even see the lava streaming all the way to the water.

You can also explore the town of Ginostra, where the cannoli is authentically delicious and, the blend of Neapolitan and Sicilian influences make for an amazing gastro-experience.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Trattoria Ai Geckos, Via Salina, 12, 98050 Stromboli ME, Italy

Punta dei Corvi Lookout, Ginostra, 98050 Lipari ME, Italy

Day 6

Stromboli → Lipari 25 NM


On day 6 of the Sicily Sailing Itinerary, you will pass by Panarea, the smallest island Aeolian Islands on our itinerary. You can hike the Punta del Corno for an amazing view, or enjoy the port town.

The main event of the day is the island of Lipari. Lipari, much bigger than Panarea, is the largest and oldest Aeolian Islands. To learn more about the island’s deep history, visit the Aeolian Museum in the town. You’ll be able to see the island’s ancient artifacts. Lipari is also home to a 13th-century cathedral, which is home to well-preserved Norman style architecture.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Swimming and Snorkelling on the island of Basiluzzo, Northeast of Lipari, Italy

Castello di Lipari, Castello di Lipari, 98050 Lipari ME, Italy

Day 7

Lipari → Portorosa 22 NM


On the last day of our Sicily Sailing Itinerary, you will make the trek back to Portorosa. If you’d like a leisurely sail back, you can stop into the Vulcano National Park, or sail to the Milazzo Peninsula. You will need to return your boat and check out by the end of the day, but stay and enjoy the wonderful ambiance in Portorosa.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Ritrovo Manuja Restaurant, Contrada Cannotta, 17, 98050 Vigliatore ME, Italy

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