Marina Cay/Trellis Bay → Bitter End Yacht Club or Leverick Bay (3.2 NM)

One could easily choose Virgin Gorda Sound as a 7-day destination and still have places left to visit:

  • Colquhoun Reef
  • Vixen Point
  • Saba Rock
  • Eustatia Sound
  • Biras Creek

On our 7-Day British Virgin Islands Itinerary, see this as a day to kick back and relax. We recommend either picking up a bouy at Saba Rock or Bitter End, or visiting Leverick Bay (Pussers Franchise) at the end of the sound. For those looking for even more chill - head for Drake's Anchorage.

  • Bitter End
  • Leverick Bay
  • Drake's Anchorage

Colquhoun Reef.  If you are anchored at Little Harbour, it's a short passage over to Pelican island and the Indians for a morning snorkel. From Cooper Island, nip across to Salt Island and snorkel over the amazing wreck of the RMS Rhone.

Vixen Point (Prickly Pear Island). Moorings, Beach bar, Restaurant.

Avoid the crowds with a little less visited areas, yet no less appealing. Enjoy the casual bar atmosphere where they serve a mean margarita.

Saba Rock. Hotel, Ferry, Wifi, Marina, Restaurant.

Originally developed by Bert Kilbride, Saba Rock is a tiny island sitting astride the channel to Eustatia Sound between the Bitter End on Virgin Gorda and Prickly Pear Island. The island boasts an amazing resort for such limited real estate. It includes a marina, gardens, a hotel, restaurant, gift shop, and a beach with hammocks to get rid of that last stubborn bit of stress.

Bitter End Yacht Club. See Below.

Eustatia Sound. To the east of the sound, beyond Vixen Point, is a huge mooring field associated with Bitter End Yacht Club. You will find a privately marked channel to the docks of Bitter End, and another marking a channel past Saba Rock and into Eustatia Sound.

Biras Creek. See Below.

Leverick Bay. See Below.

Drake Anchorage. See Below.

British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary

Locals Choice. With so much to choose from, it's hard to know what to squeeze in 7 days in these wonderful islands. To assist us, we used the help and guidance of our partners, together with the experience of our team, in the British Virgin Islands to bring you our highlights.

Our British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary will ensure that you will discover secluded coves, impossibly beautiful snorkeling spots, and superbly gorgeous islands virtually untouched by humans.