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BVI Shows Resilience following the Two Devastating Hurricanes.

The two destructive hurricanes have left many people wondering when they can return to the BVI and what they should expect. We look at the islands and what’s to come in the next few weeks and months.

Who’s Still Operating? According to Government sources, all of the 5 biggest yacht charter companies will be operating in the winter 2017/18, which is great news for islanders and visitors alike.

Can I Fly to the BVI? The first commercial flights have already resumed, with more airlines restarting their schedules very soon. The Nearby Airport of St Thomas (STT) has been running since the 28th September and there is a skeleton ferry service across to the British Virgin Islands.

Will Anywhere be Open? The BVI Government issued a Press release a few days ago with a target to have at least 50% of the retail and food and beverage stores open by 1st November 2017.

Will Events Still Run? The BVI Tourist board is currently promoting the Anegada Lobster Festival that takes place in November. We are hopeful that many other bars and restaurants will begin to find their feet.

For those who would like to stay abreast of recovery efforts across the territory, please check the BVI Facebook page for real-time updates:

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All efforts on the fast reconstruction of the BVI

The BVI Tourist Board is focused on rebuilding a stronger territory and tourism product

British Virgin Islands

All the efforts on the BVI, right now, are being directed to the recovery and relief across the entire territory. The government released a statement expressing their gratitude for the:

…continued outpouring of support from the extended BVI community across the globe. The BVI Tourist Board remains focused on rebuilding a stronger territory and tourism product, inclusive of its uncompromising hospitality and unparalleled luxury offerings that have attracted adventure seekers and travellers globally throughout the years.

It’s clear that The BVI Tourist Board, Government Official on the ground and the large businesses are still continuing with their assessments and we will keep customers with bookings up to date as we learn more.

Annapolis Boat Show (October 5-12, 2017)

In anticipation of the resumption of tourism to the islands, the BVI Tourist Board will be at the Annapolis Boat Show in Maryland this month to answer any questions the visitors might have.

Who is Still Operating in the BVI

The BVI Tourist board listed 4 major charter companies who have committed to operating this season. In addition, SailChecker are working with other major providers in the region. We believe that helping tourism return to the islands will be great for those affected. It’s undeniable that facilities and services will be critically limited, but we know many customers who will want to show their support and enjoy being part of the amazing resilience and spirit being shown in the territory.

Anegada Lobster Festival 25th-26th November 2017

Various Locations on Anegada

Despite the storms, the Island of Anegada is gearing up to deliver the 5th annual Lobster Festival to foodies and predominately sailors, across the globe. Anyone who loves lobster, loves the Caribbean and dreams of the British Virgin Islands needs to be here.

This Anegada two-day culinary extravaganza will be held on the shores of Anegada on November 25th and 26th.

Anyone who has tasted the lobster created by talented local chefs will testify to this worldwide acclaimed food.


As it stands, there are no hotels or resorts open in the territory. Please contact us for up to date information

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