Sail to the Turkish Aegean Region

Bodrum is located within the southwest Aegean Region of Turkey, in the heart of the Mediterranean. Our Bodrum Sailing Itinerary is the ideal sailing holiday for everyone with beautiful towns with plenty of places to explore, crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkelling, and small inlets and caves to discover along with beautiful tree and mountain lined coastlines. This itinerary has something for everyone.

Each stop and town has both traditional Turkish delicacies, with much of the produce being grown locally, along with fresh fish and traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Our Guide to the Bodrum Sailing Itinerary

Our Bodrum Sailing Itinerary begins in the lively and modern city of Bodrum. The city is a thriving tourist destination with a large number of restaurants, bars, shops and nightlife options to entertain. If that scene isn't for you, the city also has a historic castle, which is declared a UNESCO Heritage site, as well as beautiful streets and small cosy restaurants to enjoy. 

From Bodrum our Bodrum Sailing Itinerary proceeds to the ancient city of Cnidus, Yedi Adalari, English Harbour, Akbuk and finally Cokertme before ending our Bodrum Sailing Itinerary back in the lively city. 

This itinerary showcases all kinds of environments from the lively city of Bodrum to historic sites, peaceful secluded bays and crystal clear waters. 

Getting There

The best way to get to the starting point of our Bodrum Sailing Itinerary is by plane, arriving into Milas - Bodrum Airport. The airport has great seasonal connections to all over Europe and the rest of the world. From the airport Bodrum Marina can be reached by a short 22 mile taxi ride.


Bodrum has a Mediterranean climate with hot sunny summers, averaging 34 degrees celsius and cold and mild winters, averaging a low of 15 degrees celsius. Typically during the summer months the Gulf of Gokova winds are north prevailing winds, which switch to northwest during the month of August, brings with it winds of between 14 and 16 knots. In the early and late summer the winds are typically from the west. These temperatures and wind conditions make the Bodrum Sailing Itinerary the perfect sailing location for everyone.


Our Bodrum Sailing Itinerary takes advantage of world class marinas as well as beachfront anchorages and small pontoons. Bodrum and its surrounding islands offer overnight shelter and protection from winds, while also offering peaceful and relaxing places to drop anchor.