Malaysia Sailing Itinerary

Malaysia Sailing Itinerary

Malaysia is a country rich in history and mythology along with its 99 islands waiting to be discovered. Located in Southeast Asia, just above the Equator, Malaysia is a dream destination for everyone to enjoy.

Nature lovers, beach lovers and divers will find peace and tranquility among the islands and the bright turquoise waters which surround them and in our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary.

Our Guide to the Malaysia Sailing Itinerary

With wonderful treasures waiting to be explored, Malaysia is a tropical paradise. Our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary explores and discovers a number of its beautiful islands, its history, and its culture along with perfect sailing conditions for everyone.

Our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary takes advantage of the well protected and safe sailing areas (year round) and has easy navigation for beginners. The itinerary begins in Langkawi, which is one of Malaysia’s largest islands, then moves onto Pulau Tepur, Pulau Gubang Darat, Dayang Bunting, Tanjung Rhu Beach, Ko Lipeh, Ko Adang, Ko Rawi, and Ko Butang.

Our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary is ideal for either a week or two week itinerary, both of which discover and make the most of what the country has to offer.

  • Getting There

    The easiest way to reach the beginning of our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary in Langkawi is by airplane. Langkawi has an international airport which has flights from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Guangzhou (China), and more. Many of these flights can be utilized in connection with other flights to connect to Europe, the UK, and North America. Langkawi is located 30 minutes drive from the Malaysia Sailing Itinerary starting point at the Royal Langkawi Club.

  • Mooring

    Our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary has a variety of mooring options from the world class marina of Royal Langkawi Club to beautiful and secluded anchorages to anchorage under the stars. The oceans around Malaysia are tidal and can move up and down up to 2 meters, which should be taken note of and acknowledged for navigation and anchorage.

  • Weather

    The weather in Malaysia is predominately divided into two seasons, the wet and dry season due to the country’s proximity to the Equator. Malaysia has no cyclones, but monsoons are the major influence in the weather systems. The northeast Monsoon season runs from November, and it brings light northeasterly winds ranging from 10-20 knots along with cooler dryer temperatures. The southwest monsoons begin in May and brings with them winds above 20 knots. The rainy season reaches its peak in September and October and the hottest months of the year are from March to June, where the temperature can reach 32c.

Malaysia Sailing Itinerary

Beautiful Turquoise Waters, Jungles and White Sandy Beaches

Day 1



Langkawi island has an area of 478km and is located on Malaysia’s west coast, close to the countries border with Thailand, in the Andaman Sea. The island is a great place to begin our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary with beautiful beaches to discover, jungles to explore and palm trees to relax underneath. The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club is located on the southeast corner of Langkawi and with its 250 berths is the perfect place to spend your first evening on the island, with shops, restaurants, utilities, bathrooms and swimming areas to utilize before undertaking your sailing trip.

Book in Advance: Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Japan Dato Syed Omar, 0700, Kuah, Langkawi, +604 966 4078

Day 2

Langkawi → Pulau Tepur (8NM)

Pulau Tepur

The second day of our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary sees the departure from Langkawi to the small u-shaped island of Pulau Tepur, which is an uninhabited island. From here you can explore the island, its waters and surrounding white sandy beaches. A great place to drop anchor, pick up supplies or eat at a restaurant is Pantai Cenang, which is located 0.5NM off the island. Pantai Cenang Beach is the most popular beach in Langkawi. Anchorage is available at least 200m offshore, in the deeper waters to allow for winds and the tide.

Day 3

Pulau Tepur → Pulau Gubang Darat, Dayang Bunting (6NM)

Pulau Gubang Darat, Dayang Bunting

Dayang Bunting is the second largest island in the collection and is a great place to moor up and explore the region’s largest fresh water lake in the area. A lake which is well known for its mystical stories, mysteries and legends, along with being a great place to hike and cool off from the heat.

Overnight Anchorage: Pulau Gubang Darat is a great place to moor up and drop anchor for the night. 

Day 4

Pulau Gubang Darat, Dayang Bunting → Langkawi, Kuah Town ( NM)

Langkawi, Kuah Town

Upon departing Dayang Bunting our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary proceeds back towards the island of Langkawi and the island’s capital Kuah Town. Kuah Town is a duty free heaven and a great place to stock up on tax free products. Upon arriving at the marina you maybe required to show your passports and you are restricted to the amount of alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco you can take out of the city. Bass Harbor is located just outside of Kuah Town and is a commercial centre. While it is possible to moor in the marina, it is also possible to anchor just off the harbour where the sea bed is 6 meters of mud. There is a pontoon located close to shore to allow boats to moor up while exploring the town.

Book in Advance: +60 17 510 4865

Day 5

Langkawi, Kuah Town → Kilim River Geopark ( NM)

Kilim River Geopark

Day 5 brings our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary to the beautiful and wonderful Kilim River Geopark. The geopark is an area covering 100 square kilometers and can be reached via a smaller boat from Kilim Jetty. The geopark is home to mangroves, mountains, fresh and local produce, a fish farm, geo-sites, flora and fauna, limestone rocks, fossils, caves, lagoons, beaches, seascape, mud crabs, monkeys, squirrels, and over 40 species of fish.

Day 6

Kilim River Geopark → Tanjung Rhu Beach / Datai (10NM)

Tanjung Rhu Beach / Datai

Tanjung Rhu Beach is located on the northeast coast of Langkawi and the beach provides views of the surrounding islands and, in the distance, Thailand’s coast. The beach has a spit, clearwater and a beautiful bay to swim in or snorkel. It is located close to the Datai resort by Jet Set which is a great place to anchor overnight. The sandy and muddy seabed provides great hold and shelter from the winds and current

Day 7

Tanjung Rhu Beach / Datai → Telaga Marina (15NM)


Telaga is located on the coast of Langkawi and is home to a marina hidden inside a basin for protection from the wind. Telaga Marina has a promenade with a large number of dining options, along with water and power. The marina has room for up to 60 boats, and is a great place to spend an evening.

Book in Advance: VHF Channel 60, +604 959 2202

Malaysia Sailing Itinerary Week 2

Add A Second Week To Your Itinerary And Discover What Else Malaysia Has To Offer

Day 8

Telaga → Ko Lipeh (24NM)

Ko Lipeh

Day 8 of our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary takes us from Telaga to the Chao Leh islands and their seafaring culture. Ko Lipeh has pure white sandy beaches, turquoise water, and delicious restaurants to enjoy. A great and safe place to anchor is just off the shoreline with a 10 meter sandy bottom.

Day 9

Ko Lipeh 

Ko Lipeh

Ko Lipeh is too much of a beautiful place to spend just one day there. Day two in Ko Lipeh is the perfect time to visit the nearby Tarutao National Park, exploring and discovering what the park has to offer, including watching the baby turtles hatch and visiting Crocodile Cave, Luu Doo Waterfall, and the mangrove parks. A great and safe place to anchor is just off the shoreline with a 10 meter sandy bottom.

Day 10

Ko Lipeh → Ko Adang (3NM)

Ko Adang

Ko Adang is another island located within the Tarutao National Park, but this island is uninhabited. The island is one of the best places in the area for diving or snorkeling with its brightly colored coral reef and ancient waterfall waiting to be discovered.

Day 11

Ko Adang → Ko Rawi (5NM)

Ko Rawi

Ko Rawi is located close to Ko Adang and is another beautiful uninhabited island. It has superb snorkelling spots, ravishing white sandy beaches, and unspoiled jungle to embark on a hike through. Anchorages can be found 20 meters off the east of the island.

Day 12

Ko Rawi→ Ko Butang (1NM)

Ko Butang

Day 12 of our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary takes our itinerary to the lush forests on the island of Ko Butang. The island is the ideal place to sail around in the turquoise waters, stopping to snorkel and swim off your boat within the tranquil environment. Here you can drop anchor and spend the night; 20 meters off the west side of the island is the perfect anchorage spot, allowing for swinging room when the winds change.

Day 13

Ko Butang → Langkawi (40NM)


Day 13 brings our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary back to the island of Langkawi, allowing for plenty of time to finish exploring the island and discovering what it has to offer. It is also a great place to stock up on some last minute souvenirs and sample some delicious cuisine.

The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club is located on the southeast corner of Langkawi and with its 250 berths is the perfect place to spend your final few evenings on the island, with shops, restaurants, utilities, bathrooms and swimming areas to utilize before embarking on your trip home.

Book in Advance: Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Japan Dato Syed Omar, 0700, Kuah, Langkawi, +604 966 4078

Day 14



The final day of our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary is the perfect time to explore Langkawi island and its UNESCO Global Geopark. Langkawi island also has a Cable Car system that takes visitors up to the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang, where the Langkawi Skybridge is located. The bridge is a large structure located just above the canopy of the rainforest, which allows visitors to discover the rainforest below and the animals that inhabit the environment.

Indicative Yachts and Prices for the Malaysia Sailing Itinerary


Lagoon 380 – Prices From 5,250£


Bavaria Cruiser 34 – Prices from 2,100 £


Bavaria Cruiser 32 – Prices from 2,230 £


Mahe 36 – Prices From 4,020 £


*All prices are per boat, for one week. For more yacht options and exact prices, please contact us

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