Marina Cay or Trellis Bay

A Busy Day Visiting the Wreck of the Rhone or Meander Passed and Arrive Early for Sundowners at Marina Cay, but Don’t Forget the Baths!

British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary

BVI 7 Day Itinerary

Day 2

Cooper Island/Peter Island → Marina Cay/Trellis Bay  (3.2 NM)

This could be one of your busiest days with so many great sights to see. Whatever options you select – don’t miss out on the Baths – Think about a pleasant walk up to the restaurant “Top of the Baths” for a great lunch and a dip in the pool.

Snorkel the Rhone. If you are anchored at Little Harbour, it’s a short passage over to Pelican island and the Indians for a morning snorkel. From Cooper Island, nip across to Salt Island and snorkel over the amazing wreck of the RMS Rhone.

The Baths. Sail on up the channel to Virgin Gorda and the Baths. Explore and snorkel before sailing across the channel to Marina Cay or Trellis Bay for the evening.

Marina Cay. The tiny popular island protected by a crescent-shaped reef. There is a Pusser’s restaurant and ship’s store ashore and evening happy hour at the top of the hill.

Trellis Bay and the Last Resort. The community of Trellis Bay offers an interesting and fun combination of restaurants, water sports, entertainment, local artists and local crafts. And now organic fruits and vegetables are cultivated by Aragorn from his Good Moon Farm on the fertile north side of Tortola.

The Last Resort. On Bellamy Cay, a tiny tropical island in the centre of Trellis Bay, the Last Resort is an absolute must on a cruise around the BVI. The Last Resort has had several donkeys although the last, Mary had past-on last we were there.

Little Harbour has no permanent moorings and no services, just blissful wonderful solitude….

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Marina Cay

A Quintessential Tiny Caribbean Island Protected by a Crescent Shaped Reef

British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary

Locals Choice. With so much to choose from, it’s hard to know what to squeeze in 7 days in these wonderful islands. To assist us, we used the help and guidance of our partners, together with the experience of our team, in the islands to bring you our highlights.

Our BVI Sailing Itinerary will ensure that you will discover secluded coves, impossibly beautiful snorkeling spots, and superbly gorgeous islands virtually untouched by humans.

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Prices. Typically you can sail for €345 EUR/ £305 GBP/ $495 AUD per person – Family (2 adults, 2 children) (01 Jan and 31 Mar)

Wreck of the Rhone

Waypoint: BV303 (Deadchest – 18°22’00 N; 64°34’60 W.
Navigation: 5Nm SE Road Town Harbour; 2Nm E of Peter Island.
Services: National Park Moorings at Lee Bay

Lee Bay. For those wishing to dive or snorkel on the wreck of the Rhone, although exposed the day anchorage only, Lee Bay, located on the west end of the island It’s a good alternative to Salt Bay where The National Parks Trust has installed moorings for the use of permit holders only. They are designed for boats under 50 feet to pick up in order to dinghy over to the Rhone, Anchoring over the Rhone is strictly prohibited as the National Parks Trust protects it.

Look out for divers!

The Baths at Virgin Gorda. The entrance to the Baths is conspicuous at the southern end of the beach under the palm trees. Make your way in between the slot in the rocks and follow the trail. There is excellent snorkeling around the point from the Baths south to Devil’s Bay. Search for the exciting, but precarious, path between the Baths and Devil’s Bay, it can be slippery, but is well worth the challenge.

Things to Do. Colorful stalls on the beach sell souvenirs, crafts, and t-shirts. It is also possible to get a cold drink and sandwiches at the Poor Man’s Bar or sandwiches and pina coladas at Mad Dog’s, both right on the beach. At the Top of the Baths you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner while enjoying the view of the Baths and the islands to the west or cool off in their fresh water pool.

Marina Cay

Waypoint: BV304 – 18°27’30 N; 64°31’50 W.
Navigation: 8Nm NE Road Town, 4.5Nm W of Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour.
Services: Red British Telephone Box, Moorings, Ice, Restaurant, WiFi, Pusser Store, Water, Garbage, Hotel, Gift Shop and Ferry to Trellis Bay.

Telephone Box. Perhaps some of the most iconic images of the BVI Sailing Trips are those with the telephone box at the end of the Marina Cay jetty. There is a live webcam there – so if the time difference is ok, you can wave to the folks less fortunate than you back home.

Ashore Marina Cay

Pusser’s Company Store. Marina Cay is an amazing islet almost surrounded by a reef. It is an idyllic spot, the quintessential tropical island. Ashore you will find a Pusser’s Company Store stocked with their tropical and nautical clothing, unique accessories, gifts and a small mini-mart.

Robb White House. The hilltop bar at the Robb White House on the highest point of Marina Cay is a great place for a drink with a spectacular view and a happy hour with entertainment.

Entertainment & Food. The beach restaurant offers casual dining at the grill often with live bands.

Dive BVI. There is excellent snorkeling on the reef around the island. Dive BVI offers dive trips and instruction daily. Air refills are available and Ocean Kayaks and Hobie Cat rentals are available on request.

Trelis Bay

Waypoint: BV106 – 18°27’30 N; 64°31’50 W.
Navigation: 5Nm W of Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour.
Services: Moorings, Provisions, Restaurants, Internet, ice. Water Sports rentals. Ferry Service, Art Studio & Gift Shops

Safe Anchorage. The anchorage is well protected even in adverse weather conditions and its proximity to the airport makes it convenient for embarking and disembarking passengers, as it is a short 5-minute walk from the terminal to the beach bars lining the inner bay.

The Last Resort. Bellamy Cay, home to The Last Resort is centrally located in the bay. Over the years, the activity of the local residents within the bay has developed into a community that provides a variety of services and entertainment to the visiting yachtsmen.

The Trellis Bay Donkey

Let Us Know if He or She Reappears!

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