Bitter End Yacht Club or Leverick Bay → Anegada (15.2 NM)

Try an early start and head through the Camanoe Passage for a leisurely lunch stop and a snorkel at Monkey Point. A change to take in Guana Island before setting sail for Cane Garden Bay.

A turquoise bay surrounded by steep lush green hills, Cane Garden Bay was sung about by Jimmy Buffett in his 1978 song ‘Mañana.’ Enjoy crawling the stream of rum-serving beach bars restaurants in one of the most authentic party places in the British Virgin Islands.

Callwood Distillery. We highly recommend a visit to Mr Callwood’s rum distillery which affords a real glimpse back in history.

Myett's Sea Spa.

Myett's Bar and Grill.

Provisioning. There is a small supermarket just down the main street.

British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary

Locals Choice. With so much to choose from, it's hard to know what to squeeze in 7 days in these wonderful islands. To assist us, we used the help and guidance of our partners, together with the experience of our team, in the islands to bring you our highlights.

Our British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary will ensure that you will discover secluded coves, impossibly beautiful snorkeling spots, and superbly gorgeous islands virtually untouched by humans.