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It is no secret that the Ionian, being one of Greece’s top sailing destinations, has something for everyone and is neatly split into two cruising areas. Some of you may have the chance to experience both at once, but for the rest of us that can only take 1 or 2 weeks off work and school, it always comes down to the question:


How do I choose the right Ionian Sailing Itinerary for me and my crew?



To Go North or South

Where you go may depend on what base you choose to start from  and whether you have been here before. We have used local experts to try and help you decide which Ionian Sailing Itinerary is the right one for you, depending on your own needs and personal preferences.

South Ionian Sailing Itinerary. Noticeably easier, we recommend our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary for our new, less experienced sailors; but don’t get us wrong this destination is nowhere near boring. With numerous anchorages providing a new experience everyday, you will be sure to return home with more than a handful stories to share.

North Ionian Sailing Itinerary. Should you choose this Ionian Sailing Itinerary, Corfu to Preveza, you will find slightly trickier sailing conditions and majestic views with hues of greens and blues mixing together in idyllic anchorages away from the crowds. Given it’s longer distances between the islands, this area is also ideal for mile-building.

Why Sail From Corfu

  • Ideal For Slightly More Experienced Sailors
  • Good Breezes (Level 2)
  • Less Busy
  • Longer Sailing Distances
  • Recommended for Mile-Building

Why Sail From Lefkas

  • Ideal For New Sailors And Families
  • Gentle Winds (Level 1)
  • More anchorages
  • Shorter Sailing Distances
  • Recommended for 2 Week Charters

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover Your Ideal Ionian Sailing Itinerary

Food And Provisioning

In almost every island in both our North and South Ionian Sailing Itinerary, you’ll be able to get your basic provisioning from mini markets, as well as the famous Kiosks (Periptero), where you can find  water, cigarettes, snacks and other beverages. In the beginning of your sailing adventure in Corfu or Lefkas, you’ll find big name super markets such as “AB” and “Lidl” (AB in walking distance from the marina), as well as marina markets, willing to deliver all your shopping directly to your yacht.

Banks And Health

It’s highly unlikely you will experience any difficulties using cash and credit cards on our Ionian Sailing Itineraries. Most places will gladly accept you Visa or MasterCard and you will find numerous cash points across the islands. We do however, advise you to check currency rates if you are travelling from a non EU country.

Hospitals (in bigger places) and health centers are available to you throughout your yacht charter in our Ionian Sailing Itineraries and locals are usually more than happy to help you with directions and appointments.

What To Pack

It all depends on the dates of your charter. If you decide to sail from April to May and in September, October and after, we advise you to pack some warmer and wet-proof clothing.
However, during the summer months, Greece is unsurprisingly warm and sunny and wet weather gear generally isn’t considered necessary.

One Way Charters

Given it’s ideal geographical structure and distances between the islands, the Ionian offers many opportunities for One Way Charters. Usually in the beginning ( April – May ) or end of the summer season ( September – November) fleet operators wish to relocate their yachts from one base to another. These kind of charters give sailors a great opportunity to explore the area without paying any extra one-way fees; on the contrary, these kind of yacht charters are usually discounted. Please ask your SailChecker charter consultant for more information.

Med Mooring

It is a widely used mooring technique for boats sailing in the Mediterranean; stern to with mooring line or anchor at the bow.
Take a look at our sketch bellow.

Diagram of med mooring

Sailing Qualifications

According to Greek maritime law, to charter a sailing yacht in Greece, you need one recognised sailing certificate (The bearer can be your Skipper should they desire it) and one Signed Sailing Experience Declaration Form ( Co-Skipper). Ideally, 2 sailing certificates will ensure a more relaxed and stress-free week , but that’s not considered necessary.

Indicative Yachts and Prices for an Ionian Cruise

Jeanneau SO 389 (2016) from 3000 EUROS

Jeanneau SO 409 (2013) from 2765 EUROS

Benetteau Oceanis 41 (2013) from 2865 EUROS

Jeanneau SO 469 (2013) from 4950 EUROS

Bavaria Cruiser 46 (2016) from 4050 EUROS

Bavaria Cruiser 51 (2015) from 5000 EUROS

Gib Sea 41 (2003) from 1890 EUROS

Gib Sea 43 (2003) from 1965 EUROS


*All prices are per boat, for one week. For more yacht options and exact prices, please contact us

Join us  now to enjoy your favourite Ionian Sailing Itinerary!

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