Bahamas Sailing Itinerary

Explore the Tropical Paradise of the Bahamas on a Yacht Charter

Bahamas Sailing Itinerary

Imagine the perfect tropical destination holiday. Palm trees covering your sunbeds, cocktails in hand, crystal clear light blue waters as far as you can see, and endless white sandy beaches. Did you also imagine the best snorkelling spots and in the centre of it all, one of the largest protected marine parks in the world? Well, look no more SailCheckers because the Bahamas are here to offer all that and so much more on a Bahamas sailing itinerary.
We have carefully selected our Bahamas Sailing Itinerary, to provide an easy and relaxed experience (Level 1). It is ideal for families and couples, but also for people wanting to enjoy gentle winds and stunning snorkelling.

Our Guide to the Bahamas Sailing Itinerary

200 km of island paradise; Gentle winds and easy sailing conditions allow guests to enjoy some of the finest scuba-diving spots in the world, and navigation is very straight forward, mainly line of sight on a Bahamas sailing itinerary.

The Bahamas Sailing Itinerary starts in Nassau. From there, you can choose to sail the majestic Atlantic Ocean or head for the serene shallows and beautiful sandy bottoms of the lagoon.

Most yacht fleets in the Bahamas are based right in the centre, at Nassau. The most famous base at Palm Cay is located only 35 minutes south-east from the Lyndon-Pindling Airport (NAS). You can forget about bridges and marine traffic when you leave or arrive back at the marina, and heavy currents or the jet skis and tourist boats when trying to reach or leave from your dock is not something you have to worry about when sailing from Nassau. Best of all, you will be directly in line with the Exumas and only 25 nautical miles away from the start of this beautiful chain of islands.

  • Getting There

    The Bahamas are well served by frequent flights. You can reach this tropical paradise by flying either to Nassau (NAS), Georgetown (GGT) or Staniel Cay (STA). As you can see above, the Lyndon- Pindling airport in Nassau is only 35 minutes away from your boat, however, if you find more convenient flights to another airport you can easily reach your final destination with the local ferries “Bahamas Ferry”. From NAS you may take a cab from the airport to the marina. The fee for 2 people is approximately 40$ to Palm Cay.

    US residents can also check flights with Bahamasair, Sky Bahamas, Flamingo Air and Air Flight Charter.

  • Weather

    The best time to experience our Bahamas Sailing Itinerary is between September and May when the temperature averages are 21-24°C (70-75°F). The rest of the year is a bit warmer, with higher temperatures in the summer months between 27 and 29°C (80-85°F). Night-time temperatures are generally 5-7° cooler and sea surface temperatures vary between 23°C (74°F) in February and 29°C (84°F) in August.

    Gentle, trade winds of around 15 knots, are usually blowing from the East all year round.

  • General Information

The currency you can expect in the Bahamas is US and Bahamian dollars and the main spoken language is English. Main Canadian and US banks can be found on the islands, and visas are not required for US and Canadian visitors. And as for local cuisine, while you’re there make sure to try Conch salad and Nassau Grouper.

Day 1


It’s your first day of your Bahamas sailing itinerary, and it’s time to arrive at the base, organise your provisioning, quickly settle your group’s cabin selection fights (we all know those), finish with your technical and area briefings and get ready to set sail the following morning. Whether your flight is an early or late one, we will make sure the base staff are informed and will arrange a briefing for you at the most convenient time. Should you have a few spare hours (morning flights), why not explore one of Nassau’s finest beaches to start off your Bahamas sailing itinerary.

Overnight AnchorageNassau Marina

Day 2

Nassau→ Highbourne Cay (35nm)

Day 2 of your Bahamas Sailing Itinerary and we hope you are ready for some great relaxing sailing and ocean “blues”. Our suggestion? Wake up early-ish and head down to Highbourne Cay, a private island in the Northern Exumas. As soon as you’re there make sure to dive in and explore the Bahamian stromatolites which are living relatives of Earth’s oldest reefs. They are the only known examples of present-day stromatolites growing in open ocean conditions, equivalent to those of 1 to 2 billion-year-old.

Overnight Anchorage: Highbourne Marina –  There are 16 slips and you can contact them at VHF 71.

Day 3

Highbourne Cay → Allan’s Cay → Warderick Wells Cay (20 NM)

Another beautiful Bahamian morning. After enjoying your breakfast and morning coffee, start heading South to Warderick Wells Cay, the centre of the Exumas Land and Sea Park. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, why not take your dinghy ashore and explore the several nature trails on the island, including one to Boo Boo Hill that offers a spectacular view of the island, anchorage and Exuma Sound.

As 20 NM of non-stop sailing can be quite exhausting for some, you can also treat your crew members to a lunch break and swim at Allan’s Cay, on your Bahamas sailing itinerary.

Overnight AnchorageFree-swinging at horseshoe-shaped anchorage

Day 4

Full Day And Activities at Warderick Wells Cay

As we have been discussing, Warderick Wells is the heart of the unique protected sea park of the Exumas, and also where you find the general quarter of the organization in charge of protecting this tropical paradise, so we strongly advise our guests to spend a whole day there.

So what can you do at Warderick Wells Cay?

The list goes on and on really, but we recommend focusing on snorkelling, hiking or swimming in one of the islands 20 deserted beaches.

Overnight Anchorage: Free-swinging at horseshoe-shaped anchorage

Bahamas Sailing Itinerary

The Ultimate Caribbean Dream

Day 5

Warderick Wells Cay → Shroud Cay (18 NM)

For the 5th day of your Bahamas Sailing Itinerary, we have a task for you; search your navigation maps for these coordinates 24° 33.40‘N 76°50.00’W. That’s right – we’re headed to Shroud Cay.

The Exumas park has made moorings available at Shroud Cay, you just need to remember to put your payment in the small box placed on the beach in front of the anchorage.

SailChecker Tip: Take your dinghy to the North of the island and visit a river entrance that will give you the impression of being on a river in the Amazon.

Overnight AnchoragePark Moorings Available

Day 6

Shroud Cay→ Norman’s Cay (5 NM)

Your 6th day of the Bahamas Sailing Itinerary allows for a lazy morning. Let your loved ones enjoy their extra bit of sleep or go for a morning swim right off your boat and into your private paradise.

When you are ready to set sail, head towards the famous Norman’s Cay only 5 NM to the North (less than one hour away).

So what is the highlight of this place you may ask (other than mesmerising Caribbean beauty)? Well, Norman’s Cay was the crib of one of the most notorious drug dealers in history, Carlos Leigher, and you can visit the ruins of his quarters located on the South West point of the island.

Overnight Anchorage: Free-Swinging at a natural bay

Day 7

Free Sail → Nassau (39 NM)

Its Friday and you need to head back to the marina. Did you think there weren’t any more places to see on the Bahamas Sailing Itinerary or you didn’t have enough time? Think again dear sailors!

Free sail Friday calls for some amazing last-minute stops! Choose between the numerous pristine beaches at Highbourne Cay and Allan’s Cay before making your way back up to Nassau, where you can enjoy your evening at Paradise Island. After finishing our Bahamas sailing itinerary.
Overnight Anchorage: Nassau Marina

Anyone Else Dreaming of These Bahamian “Blues”?

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