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What you need to know for Turkish sailing itineraries

We created a Mini Turkey Sailing Guide with all the information you need to know.

We discovered a growing interest in Turkey and decided to collate all the Best Turkish Sailing Itineraries and it allows us to tell you more about what’s available out there.

We used all out local knowledge to bring you the Best Turkish Sailing Itineraries. Whilst there are different cruising grounds, alternative sites to wonder at, it is the pure magic of the crystal clear waters is the common feature throughout.

Turkish Sailing Itineraries. They can be used either for an individual’s charter or for a group charter, which provides the opportunity to sail alongside others whilst enjoying the benefit of sailing experts with local knowledge of your waters. You can combine support from the lead boat and others, whilst enjoying the freedom to explore amazing locations, safe in the knowledge your evening spot is secure. Enjoy sea, sun, wind and have the opportunity to combine the Turkish sailing with sailing in the Greek islands.

No matter which one of our best Turkish Sailing Itineraries you choose, expect to find crystal clear blue sea where gods once played amongst the sublime pebble laden coves. The perfect way to admire and adore this country’s coastline is by skimming through the crystal waters aboard a gulet where you can party, or plain relax with the salt between your toes.

Bodrum Turkish Sailing Itineraries


Lycian Turkish Sailing Itineraries

Aerial shot of the Turkish Lycian Islands

Carian Turkish Sailing Itinerary

Turkish coffee on a Turkish Sailing Itnerary

Gocek Turkish Sailing Itineraries


Best Turkish Sailing Itineraries

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Discovering The Turkish Coastline

From one-restaurant bays to cosmopolitan resorts, Turkish Coastline is ideal for sailors of all the experience levels.

Turkish Sailing Itineraries are for those who dream of sailing into a bay with nothing more than a single restaurant and a wooden jetty. Gentle winds make the area ideal for sailors of all experience levels. You can also choose between short routes and long routes and some of them combine Turkey with Greece.

Not only will you sail between bays with only one restaurant, but you can find more cosmopolitan bays as well. Essentially it’s back to basics, with simple and wholesome food, great sailing and the chance to meet some of the most hospitable people on the planet.

Although some of the places near the coastline are undeveloped, you can find plenty of facilities near the large resorts of Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum. You will be amazed by how different these resorts are, comparing to the rest coastline.

On one of our Turkish sailing itineraries, the wind rises most in the early afternoon, then drops away, often suddenly, in the late afternoon. So if you want an easy day leave early, if you want more excitement, stay out later.

You can find easy and challenging sailing in both the Carian and Lycian areas, though even the hardest flotillas are not particularly difficult.

Bodrum Sailing Itinerary

Bodrum is located within the southwest Aegean Region of Turkey, in the heart of the Mediterranean. Our Turkish sailing itineraries in Bodrum are the ideal sailing holiday for everyone with beautiful towns with plenty of places to explore, crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkelling, and small inlets and caves to discover along with beautiful tree and mountain lined coastlines. This itinerary has something for everyone.

Each stop and town has both traditional Turkish delicacies, with much of the produce being grown locally, along with fresh fish and traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Lycian Sailing Itinerary

One of our Turkish sailing itineraries in Lycian is centred around Gocek Bay and Fethiye Bay. This compact sailing area is ideal for newly qualified skippers or less experienced crews.

Gocek Bay is just 8 miles from top to bottom and is lined with coves and inlets, each with their own restaurant, along with the west and south sides. It’s only 12 miles from here to the east side of Fethiye Bay with a couple of smaller bays just a few miles further east towards Olu Deniz.

There are many places to visit in such a small area on one of our Turkish sailing itineraries. Some are naturally lucky, with an abandoned village near Cold Water Bay, rock tombs at Tomb Bay, and ruins at Tersane, at Gemiler near Karacaoren and opposite Wall Bay. Others lay on traditional barbers or offer a food speciality.

Some of the flotillas include Ekincik in their route. From here you can take a pleasant day trip in a small boat up the Dalyan River.

Wherever you chose you can be assured of a warm welcome from the locals for whom nothing is too much trouble.

Carian Sailing Itinerary

On one of our Turkish sailing itineraries in Carian, you can experience the contrasting scenery, from the lush greens of the Gokova Gulf to the arider southern area. The area is bounded by two large resorts in Bodrum and Marmaris, but most stops are one restaurant bays or villages, with just a couple of towns in the area for provisioning.

There are beaches ranging from sand to pebble, a significant archaeological site at Knidos and plenty of traditional cultural attractions such as carpet making and boat building.

Most of the sailing is easy on one of these Turkish sailing itineraries. Around the peninsula headlands, seas can be a little confused but you’ll soon be through. Heading to the west you’ll quite often find winds on the nose. In general, the level of sailing is easy to moderate.

Gocek Sailing Itinerary

On one of our Turkish sailing itineraries in Gocek, which is a high-class sailing resort with 5 superb marinas and 3 resorts. The town is surrounded by 12 beautiful islands, each with their own unique features (many include mountains, hills, coves and plenty more unique things to explore). Gocek is located within a National Park with forest pines and low houses that offer breathtaking views out into the ocean.

Things Not To Miss On A Turkish Sailing Itinerary


On one of our Turkish sailing itineraries, you can visit Icmeler is a beautiful beach resort near Marmaris. This pine forested heaven is infused with all the atmosphere of both the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and is truly picturesque against the backdrop of magnificent Taurus Mountains. There is a wide range of sporting and cultural activities and excursions you can try on one of our Turkish sailing itineraries.

The nightlife is vibrant and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to choose from, and just down the road, the many Marmaris nightclubs provide nights not far off those found in Ibiza.

Cleopatra Island

On one of our Turkish sailing itineraries, Cleopatra Island (Sedir Island-Cedrae) is a must visit place located near Marmaris. It is famous for its golden sandy beach and the ancient city of Cedrae. The remnants of the city walls can be seen. There is an interesting beach on the small bay on the northwest of the island where it is believed that Cleopatra swam.

According to the legend, Cleopatra and Antonius swam here and the sands have been brought by the ships from North Africa. It’s been said that this type of sand can only be seen in Egypt.

Aqua and Water Park in Marmaris

Take a day out to visit the Marmaris Water & Aqua Parks, which is packed with enough thrilling water-rides, chutes and bumper boats to make both kids and adults want to come back another day for more.

Water parks in Marmaris are very popular with its fascinating environment; it takes the attraction of most teenagers and children.

There are two big water parks in Marmaris. One of them, also the biggest and the most popular one is Aqua Dream Water Park and the other one is Atlantis Water Park.

Marmaris Castle and Museum

It is believed that Marmaris Castle was first built by the Ionians (1044 BC) and later on repaired during the era of the Alexander the Great. Till the 1970s, the castle has been an accommodation area. There are 18 houses, a fountain and an arc inside the castle area. The Museum is located inside the Castle. The Castle has seven indoor areas; two of them are organized as an archaeology lounge and one of them is organized as an ethnography lounge. Remaining areas are used as art galleries and storage.

Marmaris Castle has an outstanding landscape. Highly recommended for a daily trip and see the Marmaris panorama both during the day and night.

Scuba Diving

Marmaris and Bodrum are very important towns for diving tourism in Turkey. There are 52 diving locations in and around Marmaris, and many other spots in Bodrum.

Daily diving tours are being organized for professionals and beginners as well, from the central Marmaris port.

If you want to take as much advantage as possible of discovering the crystal clear underwater world of the Aegean & Mediterranean Seas, then we recommend you to experience the diving adventure in the beautiful Marmaris bays and underwater environment.

Marmaris Grand Bazaar - Carsi Market

In between lying in the sun and enjoying the thrills and spills of your Turkish Flotilla Sailing in Marmaris, take some time to do some shopping and find some souvenirs, as there are markets and shopping facilities right behind the beach.

You can find a range of traditional Turkish items here to take back as souvenirs, such as onyx vases, bowls and ashtrays, mosaic lanterns, Turkish clothes, metal wares, leather, carpets, shoes, bags and jewellery.


Away from the main street, lined cheek-to-jowl with restaurants and bars, it still retains much of its original sleepy riverside character. Once a small farming community, today the atmospheric ruins of Kaunos and hinterland of fertile, beautiful waterways bring an armada of excursion boats from Marmaris and Fethiye knocking on its door during summer.

As well as the ruins on its doorstep, this is an excellent base for exploring Lake Köyceğiz and the turtle nesting grounds at nearby İztuzu Beach.

Staying riverside you will admire Dalyan’s most famous feature: the mighty Kings’ Tombs of ancient Kaunos; hewn into the cliffs, they take on a golden glow as the sun sets.

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