Luxury BVI Yacht Charter Guide

Ever Thought About Going On A Luxury Yacht Charter? The BVI is an idyllic destination.

Luxury BVI Yacht Charter Guide

Going on a luxury BVI yacht charter is an unforgettable experience and destination for everyone to enjoy. The BVI has beautiful white sandy beaches to enjoy, blue waters to swim in and picturesque islands to explore.

On a luxury BVI yacht charter, there is something relaxing for everyone, from water sports to restaurants serving fresh cocktails and delicious dishes. A luxury BVI yacht charter is the perfect way to experience what the BVI has to offer all while staying in 5-star accommodation, with chefs and hostesses, to aid with any requirements. Instead of staying in one luxury resort visitors can take their luxury accommodation with them. 

The promise of steady trade wind sailing a limited development of restaurants and marinas, plus line-of-sight navigation between the 33 islands, that make the BVI a true sailor’s favourite; windy, but not too windy, and never far from a rum punch. The BVI has opportunities for excellent sailing, superb weather, and memories which will last a lifetime.

The weather in the BVI is perfect for sailing with warm dry summers, averaging into the high 80s (27c). The wind varies between 5 and 25 knots, ranging from southeast to northeast direction. The sailing season in the BVI begins in November and lasts until June. While you can go on a luxury BVI yacht charter any time of the year, hurricane season lasts from June to November.

The best time to go on a luxury BVI yacht charter is between early November and June, between December and March are considered the high season months, with April, May, June, and November being the quieter months.

Why Go On A Luxury BVI Yacht Charter?

Luxury BVI Yacht Charter. Going on a luxury BVI yacht charter is an amazing experience for the whole family. Whether you are thinking about traveling as a group of friends or family, a luxury yacht charter is a wonderful adventure for everyone, no matter what ages or group size. On a luxury BVI yacht charter, you can explore the 33 islands which are located within the island, with incredible snorkeling spots, gorgeous cays, and easy passages between islands. A luxury BVI yacht charter is a great way to see the country and its islands while staying in luxury accommodation with world-class chefs and hostesses to aid your every need. 

BVI Islands. Going on a luxury BVI yacht charter is a great way to experience and witness the islands within this area without just staying in a resort on one island. On a luxury BVI yacht charter, you will discover secluded bights, the very best snorkeling spots, and impossibly gorgeous cays, all within luxurious accommodation.

Things To Do On A Luxury BVI Yacht Charter

Places to Visit. The BVI is filled with wonderful places to visit and places to moor or swim on a luxury BVI yacht charter. Here are some recommendations for the best places to visit on a luxury BVI yacht charter.

  • Cooper Island – A superb island with great anchorages in Manchioneel Bay, as well as the activities on offer at Cooper Island Beach Club.
  • Virgin Gorda Island – Famous for its Baths, Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, Leverick Bay, and North Sound of Virgin Gorda are great places to moor. Snapper’s Bar and Grill, Coco Maya are great restaurants to visit.
  • Anegada Island – Cow Wreck Beach Bar, Loblolly Bay, and Big Bamboo are great places to have a drink or eat some local cuisine.
  • Trellis Bay – Aragorn’s Studio artisan market and Trellis Bay Market are great places to explore. Trellis Bay Full Moon parties (for the party-goers), White Bay and Guana Island are great anchorages. Monkey Point is a great snorkelling location.
  • Great Harbour – Rural island with less than 200 residence, Jost Van Dyke is worth a visit. Great Harbour is a great overnight anchorage spot. Foxy’s Tamarind Bar & Restaurant, Soggy Dollar Bar, Hendo’s Hideout, Gertrude’s, Seddy’s One Love, and Corsair’s are amazing restaurants and bars.
  • The Bight/Norman Island – Hilly and beautiful island, Pirate’s Bight Restaurant and Willy T for amazing food and The Indians and The Caves for snorkelling and anchorages.
  • Callwood Distillery – Mr Callwood’s rum distillery.
  • Cane Garden Bay – Beautiful beaches with white sand and water sports options.
  • Tortola – Largest island and Road Town, with shops and things to see and do.

When To Book A Luxury BVI Yacht Charter

Best Time to Book a Luxury BVI Yacht Charter. The best time to book a luxury BVI yacht charter is now! We have fully qualified and knowledgable sales advisors who can find your perfect luxury BVI yacht charter and help make your sailing dreams come true.

Expert Advice. Our sales advisors can give you recommendations of areas to visit, itineraries, and help with choosing the perfect boat for your trip. Our sales advisors have knowledge of the boats and area, as well as wind conditions and weather at specific times of the year.

What Boats Are Available To Charter?

Boats In BVI. In the British Virgin Islands, we have a large number of boats available for charter. The BVI is a big sailing destination, with lots of options, for itineraries and hundreds of marinas with boats available all over the country, depending on what itinerary you desire.

Luxury Yacht Charter. For a luxury BVI yacht charter, boats vary depending on the type of charter you wish to undertake (this list depends and varies on the availability at the time of the request and what boats are available for your chosen dates). Please contact a member of our team today who will give you an updated list of the boats available, with or without crew, and depending on the itinerary. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Luxury Yacht Charter?

BVI Charters. A luxury BVI yacht charter is great for families and groups who want to travel at their own pace around their chosen islands. These charters also offer flexibility and guidance, with crew members available to do a variety of jobs. A luxury charter is a great way to explore and discover a country but staying in optimum luxury and 5-star accommodation. Luxury yacht charters are available in catamarans, monohulls, bareboat charters, and crewed charters. 

Freedom. A luxury BVI yacht charter is ideal for exploring a variety of destinations and create your itinerary. On this type of charter, you don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or skippering the boat as the crew will take care of this if desired. A luxury BVI yacht charter can include as many crews as required, depending on an individual’s desires. 

Where Can You Sail?

Sailing Itineraries. On a luxury BVI yacht charter, you can take whichever route you desire, depending on what you what to see and explore. The British Virgin Islands have lots of options for itineraries, depending on whether you want to visit islands, beaches, or resorts.

Exploring Islands. Each area of the BVI has different things and places to explore depending on what you want to see and do on a luxury BVI yacht charter.

Luxury BVI Yacht Charter Guide

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