With the Zadar Sailing Itinerary, travellers can enjoy the elegant ambience and intriguing history of Croatia’s best-kept secret. A little farther north than Dubrovnik and Split, Zadar’s culture remains preserved and undiscovered by the masses.

With plenty of character, Zadar is sure to charm you. Here you can enjoy a blend of Roman ruins, Venetian architecture, alongside modern innovation. You can also see some of Croatia’s best beaches, music festivals, and National Parks

Our Guide to the Zadar Sailing Itinerary

Built in the 9th century, Zadar’s historic town center has been at the center of many civilizations. Part of the Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, and Austrian empires, Zadar has a unique identity as a result of this blend of cultures.

Today you can enjoy the plentiful history, in addition to the modern revival that Zadar has recently undergone. With restored museums and churches, new restaurants, cafes, and bars – Zadar has plenty of attractions to fill your days. In addition to the spectacular architecture, cuisine, and atmosphere, Zadar sits along the beautiful Dalmatian coast. Wander along Zadar’s waterfront promenade for some jaw-dropping ocean views, and if you’re lucky you can catch one a spectacular sunset.

Getting There

The best way to get to our Zadar Sailing Itinerary is by flying to the Zadar Airport, which is about 11 km outside the city. You can find flights daily to Zadar from the Europe, Australia and the United States. If you are unable to fly into Zadar directly, travelling through Zagreb or Pula is an easy option. From Zagreb and Pula, it is about a 40 to 45-minute flight. Another option would be to fly into Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, or Sibenik, and take a bus into Zadar. You can check out the timetables to and from Zadar online. To learn more about the best ways to reach Zadar, click here.


The best sailing weather for the Zadar Sailing Itinerary is during the peak season of May to September, with the average high in May being 19°C, and an average high in September of 22°C. August is the best for swimming and water temperatures will reach 25°C. Also, you will find the most sunshine hours in August – 13 hours of daylight!


Our Zadar Sailing Itinerary has plenty of mooring, with a good mix of both marina and free-swing anchorage options. For Vrgada, you will be able to find buoys for an overnight stay. While fewer amenities are available, you can stay here without any fees.

In Sali, there is a well-equipped marina with more than 80 berths available. In Kornati and Skradin, the best option is ACI, a larger marina – it has excellent infrastructure and amenities. Daily mooring prices vary by berth and time of the week. You can book ahead and see price lists on the ACI website.

In Skradin, if you’d like to avoid the mooring fees, you can free-swing at the anchorage in front of the marina. In Zlarin you can moor in the wharf, or find a buoy by the village and free-swing here as well.