The Marmaris Sailing Itinerary is the perfect itinerary for visiting the Turkish Riviera and discovering what the Mediterranean coast of Turkey has to offer. This area is famous around the world for its sailing and diving, with beautiful beaches, villages and history to explore. The tourist resort of Marmaris is an ideal starting and ending point with lots to discover and delicious food to sample.

Our Guide to the Marmaris Sailing Itinerary

Marmaris is a beautiful port city with lots to discover and explore. Our Marmaris Sailing Itinerary is the perfect sailing experience for everyone with a large number of places to visit and explore.

Our Marmaris Sailing Itinerary visits Marmaris, Serce Limani, Sogut, Selimiye, Dirsek Bay, and Loryma. Discovering what the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean has to offer, the itinerary includes diving shipwrecks, swimming, discovering inlets, beaches, secluded bays, ancient cities, delicious restaurants, crystal clear oceans, and traditional Turkish culture.

Getting There

The easiest way to arrive in Marmaris for the beginning of our Marmaris Sailing Itinerary is to fly. The closest airport is Dalaman International Airport, which has a large number of flights to and from the UK, other areas of Europe, USA and Australia.


The weather in Marmaris is a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers when the temperature averages between 25c and 34c. The hottest months are July and August. Winter in Marmaris is mild and rainy with average temperatures of between 7c and 15c. The ideal time to complete the Marmaris Sailing Itinerary is during the summer months.


Mooring during our Marmaris Sailing Itinerary varies from world class marinas to beautifully secluded moorings in bays and anchorages off beautiful beaches. These moorings and anchorages allow for the best shelter in each area.