Phuket Sailing Itinerary

Discover Phuket and Thailand’s Most Beautiful Islands

Phuket Sailing Itinerary 

Phuket Sailing Itinerary 

Our Guide to a Phuket Sailing Itinerary

Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island, which contains some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, many of which are backed by picturesque tropical rainforests. 

The clear waters of the western shore lines are located in Southern Thailand. Phuket is located in the Phuket Providence, which also contains over 32 smaller equally as beautiful islands all of which are located in the Andaman Sea.

These islands and the surrounding islands of the Andaman Sea attract visitors from all over the world, who come to discover what the islands have to offer.

Our Phuket Sailing Itinerary begins in Phuket and continues on to a number of islands in the Andaman Sea. Phuket is a natural beauty and from here our Phuket Sailing Itinerary proceeds onto Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island (made famous by the James Bond movie), Krabi and then on to the southern islands of Phi Phi, Koh Lana and the Racha Islands. Before heading back to Phuket to complete the Phuket Sailing Itinerary

These stops can be completed as either a 7 day Phuket Sailing Itinerary or a leisurely 10 day itinerary, stopping in smaller coves along the way.

  • Getting There

    The starting and ending point of our Phuket Sailing Itinerary is in Phuket. Phuket International Airport has flights arriving and departing from Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Melbourne, Singapore, Frankfurt and Istanbul. These flights can be utilised with connections all over the world. The Royal Phuket Marina is located 30 minutes drive from Phuket Airport.

  • Weather
  • Phuket and it’s surrounding area have a tropical monsoon climate. With an  annual high of 32 degrees celsius and an annual low of 25 degrees celsius. Dry season lasts from December to March, which is also referred to as Northwest Monsoon season, where the winds are generally between 10 and 20 knots. From May onwards is referred to as the Southwest Monsoon season or wet season, during this period winds can reach up to 20+ knots.
  • Mooring

    Phuket and many of the islands in our Phuket sailing itinerary have a number of high end world class marinas. Along with sandy and muddy sea beds, perfect for anchoring. Although it should be taken into consideration that there are a large number of coral reefs in the area, to be wary of.

Our Phuket Sailing Itinerary

Explore Phuket and the Andaman Sea With Our 7-day or 10-day Itinerary

Day 1


Our Phuket Sailing Itinerary begins in Phuket. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and has a large number of beautiful picturesque beaches to explore and relax on before beginning the Phuket Sailing Itinerary along with a large number of bars and restaurants. 

Overnight Anchorage: The Royal Phuket Marina is a state of the art world class marina, with 85 moorings for boats up to 35 metres in length and the starting point of our Phuket Sailing Itinerary.

Book in Advance: Royal Phuket Marina 68 Moo 2, Thepkasattri Road, Kohkaew, Muang, Phuket, Thailand – Radio Channel 79 or Call +66 76360811.

Day 2

Phuket → Phang Nga Bay (10NM)

Phang Nga Bay is famous for it’s large limestone cliffs, which sore high into the sky. Between Phuket and Phnag Nga Bay is James Bond island made famous by being used as the set of the James Bond movie ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’. This area is a must visit for film fanatics and is a beautiful picturesque beach backed by limestone cliffs. The best time to visit this island is in the morning or late evening to avoid the influx of tourists. For a 10 day itinerary a overnight stop at James Bond island can be taken to snorkel or explore without the crowds.

Phang Nga is made up of hundreds of small unique islands, many of which contain caves, bays and inlets, making it the perfect place to kayak, snorkel and explore. One of the most magical places to explore is the Koh Hong Caves, when the tide is low. Another cave to visit to explore the areas history is the Khao Khien caves which contain ancient historic drawings and paintings of boats, animals and the area, on the road walls.

Overnight Anchorage: The protected bay is the ideal place to anchor overnight with a sea depth of between 5 and 10 metres.

Day 3

Phuket → Phang Nga Bay (10NM)

The 3rd day of our Phuket Sailing Itinerary brings the trip to Krabi and the Ao Nang Beach. Ao Nang is a beach filled with resorts, restaurants surviving delicious food, shops and a thriving nightlife scene. Railway beach is another beautiful beach to explore and admire which unlike Ao Nang is protected by rock walls, which made it a great place for opportunities to dive and snorkel protected from the winds.

Overnight Anchorage: Overnight mooring is averrable in the brand new Port Takola, which is located 10 minutes from Ao Nang, at the end of a channel entrance (which is accessible at high tide. The marina has 50 berths and is full equipped with all amenities required.

Day 4

Krabi → Koh Lanta (12NM)

Koh Lanta is located south of Krabi and contains over 70 small islands, which surround the main island of Koh Lanta. All of these islands have pure white sandy beaches, backed by forest coastlines and spectacular underwater marine life to snorkel or dive and explore. These islands are somewhat more peaceful than the others, making them the perfect place to achieve tranquility on our Phuket Sailing Itinerary.

Overnight Anchorage: Overnight anchoring is available from (Dec to Mar) on the west coast of the island. All year round anchorage is available 300 meters off shore, close to the ‘Old Town’, which has a sandy and muddy seabed with 3- 5meters of water.

Phuket Sailing Itinerary

The Ideal Area for Every Level of Sailing Experience

Day 5

Koh Lanta → Phi Phi Islands (17NM)

The 5th day of our Phuket Sailing Itinerary takes the trip from Koh Lanta to the Phi Phi Islands. The Phi Phi Islands are are a collection of islands surrounded by high cliffs, crystal clear turquoise waters, tropical beaches, picture perfect lagoons many of which are surrounded by rock walls and much more. These islands were the backdrop for the Leonardo Di Caprio movie ‘The Beach’. Many of the islands in this collection are inhabited and provide the perfect place to moor up your boat and go snorkelling. If snorkelling isn’t your thing many of the islands cliffs can be climbed to admire the views from the top or watch the sunset over the ocean. The Phi Phi islands also have a small number of superb restaurants and nightlife venues.

For a 10 day itinerary a second overnight stop could be spent here, in order to explore more of the islands and relax on a leisurely Phuket Sailing Itinerary.

Overnight Anchorage: The best place to anchor overnight is on the Yongkasem Bay, soon the north side of the islands. Where the seabed is over 25 meters deep with some moorings.

Day 6

Phi Phi Islands → Racha (23NM)

Racha is known for being a west tropical paradise, with pure white sandy beaches, clear oceans and is the perfect location for fishing, snorkelling or diving. Racha has lots of places to explore and discover.

Overnight Anchorage: Beach anchorages are available for overnight mooring is available in Nai Han Bay.

Day 7

Racha → Phuket (15NM)

Last day of our 7 day Phuket Sailing Itinerary involves making the way back to Phuket. This is section of the journey is unique with coral islands to stop at on the journey back for snorkelling and exploring. Before arriving back at the Royal Phuket Marina to conclude your trip.

For a 10 day Phuket Sailing Itinerary an overnight anchorage can be made at one of the coral islands along the journey, making sure not to disturb the coral in the area.

Overnight Anchorage: The Royal Phuket Marina is a state of the art world class marina, with 85 moorings for boats up to 35 metres in length and the ending point of our Phuket Sailing Itinerary.

Book in Advance: Royal Phuket Marina 68 Moo 2, Thepkasattri Road, Kohkaew, Muang, Phuket, Thailand – Radio Channel 79 or Call +66 76360811.

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Phuket Sailing Itinerary

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Lagoon 380: Prices from £5,250


Bavaria 34 Cruiser: Prices from £ 2,100


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Bavaria Cruiser 32: Prices from £ 2,230

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