On the Tahiti Sailing Itinerary, you will find all the most exciting spots on these French Polynesian islands. With rare and exotic flora, combined with rich native traditions, Tahiti is a must-see for every traveler.

Famous for its romantic scenery, providing the perfect honeymoon backdrop, Tahiti is sure to steal your heart. Escape to this classic island paradise, where the natives will welcome you with open arms for your Tahiti Sailing Itinerary.

Our Guide to the Tahiti Sailing Itinerary

Tahiti, long drawing attention for its irreplaceable hospitality and it’s unbelievable views, has been a destination for many. With a rich history incorporating many different countries, today Tahiti’s culture is a beautiful blend of indigenous customs, with influences from the long-standing French presence on the islands. During your time here, take part in the incredible oral histories and the Tahitian tradition of music and dance. Observe the wonderful craftsmanship, in the weaving, quilting, sculpture, and carving that artists incorporate into their work.

If you’d like to get away from it all, you will find total serenity amidst the tropical ambience, or on the stunning coastline. With very little land mass, the islands present pristinely preserved nature. Tahiti is covered with flowers, and you can revel in the brightly colored hibiscus blossoms. You can also see the Tiare flower, which can only be found in Tahiti.

Described as “the perfect place to do everything or nothing at all” the Tahiti Sailing Itinerary is designed to show you the best of these magnificent islands. So - ready, set, sail!

Getting There

The best way to get to Tahiti is by flying into Papeete's Faa'a Airport (PPT). Faa’a Airport serves as the hub of French Polynesia, so flights are quite accessible from anywhere. You can find flights to PPT from the United States, Australia and Europe. Air Tahiti Nui is the largest airline carrier serving French Polynesia.

From Papeete or Moorea, you will need a connecting flight to Raiatea, which is about a 45-minute flight. If connecting in Huahine or Bora Bora, you will have a 20-minute flight to Raiatea, to arrive at the starting point of your Tahiti Sailing Itinerary.


Mooring for the Tahiti Sailing Itinerary is very easy. With a mix of more developed marinas, small villages, sheltered anchorages there are plenty of great places to drop your anchor for an evening. 

In Raiatea, we recommend the Anapa Pearl Farm, where you can learn about Tahiti’s rare and extremely valuable pearl oysters. After exploring the aquatic reserve and crafting space, you can take an overnight mooring at the farm. Reservations required, find more info here.

At Bora Bora, the best place for mooring is Bloody Mary’s Restaurant & Bar. Here you will find water services, free wifi, and ice service. However there are just eight moorings, so you should call ahead to check availability. Check out their website for more info and contact info.

This marks the end of the more complete marinas. In Taha’a we recommend mooring in Apu Bay overnight. Here you will find a safe anchorage where you “free swing,” and enjoy a quiet evening on your boat.

In Huahine, you can anchor near the west end of Fare, a small Tahitian village. You should sail inside the pass, through the reed, where there is protection from the easterly winds.


The best sailing weather for the Tahiti Sailing Itinerary is during the dry season, from May to October. Tahiti has a year-round tropical climate, but during the dry season, temperatures are more temperate. May to October will also provide plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

From November to April, there are usually heavy rains and sometimes storms, but if you’re lucky you could get good weather.