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The Northern Adriatic Sea is a truly unique and beautiful destination for sailors, offering a combination of stunning coastal scenery, historical sites, and charming seaside towns. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a beginner, this area is sure to impress with its breathtaking views and exciting opportunities for adventure away from the crowds. In this post, we’ll explore the best North Adriatic sailing itinerary options, from the charming ports of the Istrian Peninsula to the stunning islands in the Kvarner gulf.

So, grab your sailboat and let’s set off on a journey through the Northern Adriatic!



How do I choose the right Northern Adriatic Sailing Itinerary for me and my crew?



The Istrian Peninsula or The Kvarner Gulf

When planning your Northern Adriatic sailing itinerary, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to start in the Kvarner Gulf or the Istrian Peninsula.

Both regions offer unique and stunning destinations, so your choice will ultimately come down to your preferences and sailing style.

The Istrian Peninsula: navigating around the Istrian Peninsula is straightforward, and the tides have minimal impact, with water level changes typically less than one meter. During the summer, the wind mainly consists of sea and land breezes, blowing at a force of 2-4 ft. This results in a predictable pattern, with sea breezes during the day (Burin) and land breezes (Maestral) at night.

The Kvarner region is connected to the Istrian Peninsula both by land and sea and is home to five large islands (Cres, Krk, Lošinj, Pag, Rab) and over 50 smaller ones. The sea between the bigger islands is known as the Kvarnerić, making it a popular destination for sailing. Sailors can expect charming old towns, stunning beaches, and ideal weather conditions. The islands are abundant in natural beauty and vegetation, and modern marinas can also be found on the mainland. While sailing in Kvarner is enjoyable, it is important to be cautious of the frequent winds, particularly the strong Bura.

Why Start From The Istrian Peninsula

  • Ideal for families
  • Gentle breezes
  • Shorter distances
  • Busier compared to Kvarner

Why Start From The Kvarner Gulf

  • Ideal for more experienced sailors
  • Longer distances
  • Good breezes
  • Less busy

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover Your Ideal Northern Adriatic Sailing Itinerary

Food And Provisioning

On nearly every island in both the Istria and Kvarner Sailing Itineraries, basic provisions like water, cigarettes, snacks and other drinks can be obtained from mini-markets. When you first embark on your sailing journey in either Pula or Krk, you’ll come across large supermarket chains such as “Konzum” and “Lidl” and marina markets that offer to deliver all of your shopping right to your yacht.

Banks And Health

While sailing on our Northern Adriatic sailing itinerary, you are unlikely to face any issues with cash or credit card usage. Most establishments readily accept Visa or MasterCard, and there are numerous ATMs available on the islands.

However, if you’re travelling from a non-EU country, it is recommended that you check currency rates. In case of medical emergencies, hospitals (in larger cities) and health centres are accessible throughout your yacht charter. Locals are often willing to assist you with directions and scheduling appointments.

What To Pack

The weather you can expect on your sailing trip will depend on your charter dates. If you plan to sail between April and May or in September, October, and later, it’s advisable to bring warm and waterproof clothing. However, during the summer months, Croatia is typically warm and sunny, so rain gear is not typically needed.

One Way Charters

The Northern Adriatic’s convenient geography and island spacing provide ample opportunities for One Way Charters. Fleet operators often relocate their yachts from one base to another during the early (April to May) or late (September to November) summer season. These charters offer sailors the chance to explore the region without incurring additional one-way fees and are often discounted. For more information, please consult with a SailChecker charter consultant.

Med Mooring

It is a widely used mooring technique for boats sailing in the Mediterranean, stern to with a mooring line or anchor at the bow.
Take a look at our sketch below.

Diagram of med mooring

Sailing Qualifications

According to Croatian maritime law, you need a recognised sailing certificate to charter a sailing yacht in Croatia. Check with your SailChecker consultant whether your sailing licence is valid in Croatia.

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