British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary & Guide. Located in the Caribbean's Leeward islands, this former haunt of pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard, is now host to one of the world's premier sailing destinations.

The Two Best Reasons To Bareboat Charter in the BVI

Steady Trade Winds. The alluring promise of steady trade wind sailing a limited development of restaurants and marinas, plus line-of-sight navigation between the 33-odd islands still make the British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary (BVI) a true sailor's favorite; windy, but not too windy, and never far from a rum punch. This is quintessential chartering territory, a playground where you can expect a certain laid-back 'Britishness'.

Easy Navigation. The small tidal range – a mere 12in (30cm) – and the sheltered waters mean that even novice sailors can enjoy island hopping from Tortola, although many more experienced sailors also travel to the islands each year to relax and lazily crisscross the Sir Francis Drake Channel without the hassles of customs clearance. Passages between the islands can take as little as half an hour and rarely more than three hours.

British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary

Our Aim. This British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary highlights is designed to ensure that you will discover secluded bights, the very best snorkelling spots, and impossibly gorgeous cays. Designed to give you a flavour of the islands, with so much to do, we create tailored itineraries for all our guests.

Locals Choice. What to squeeze in 7 days in these wonderful islands for your British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary. To assist us, we used the helpful guidance of our local partners combined with the help of our experienced team. We think we have chosen some amazing spots for you to consider.