Archaeological ruins, rugged landscapes, and the Aegean Sea make the Cyclades the ideal sailing destination, with plenty of islands and sights to explore.

We confidently recommend our Cyclades Sailing Itinerary, for those who want to experience light and stronger winds throughout the day.

We have carefully selected our Cyclades Sailing Itinerary, to provide an experienced to advanced level of sailing. The Cyclades Sailing Itinerary is ideal for families and couples who want to explore the beautiful Aegean sea, and experience a wilder and more dramatic area of Greece, the Cyclades Islands.

Our Guide to the Cyclades Sailing Itinerary

The Cyclades is a collection of over 220 islands located southeast of mainland Greece. The circular series of islands is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Many of the islands are famous for their blue and white architecture, food scenes, sophistication and sun-drenched rocks, as well as one of a kind archaeological sites.

The Cyclades’ large collection of islands make the perfect sailing destination for everyone. The number of islands in the collection means that there are a large number of sailing options available depending on what and where people want to visit. Two of the main sailing routes start from Athens and Paros.

The Cyclades Sailing Itinerary starts in Athens at Alimos Marina and continues to the islands of Kea, Syros, Mykonos, Naxos, Koufonissia Islets, and ends in Paros. Alternatively, a route from Paros is also available, depending on the desired islands.

From the blue and white architecture of Mykonos to the picturesque beaches and traditional villages in Paros, each destination is completely unique. This itinerary has something for everyone to admire and enjoy.

Getting There

Athens can be easily accessed from all over Europe, as well as through many International Airports, as it’s Greece’s capital city and has the biggest airport (ATH- Eleftherios Venizelos) in the country with a large number of flights daily, year round. Alimos Marina can be accessed from Athens airport via taxi and the journey is only 35 minutes long. From Paros, flights can be taken to mainland Greece and beyond.


Mooring in most of the places in our Cyclades Sailing Itinerary is “stern to” with mooring lines or anchor at the bow. You can also enjoy “free-swinging” in idyllic, secluded bays, with or without long-lines ashore. If you want to visit a couple of private marinas, you should expect a relatively high fee per night.


The weather in the Cyclades is warm in summer with varying winds, which can become strong when the Meltemi hits. This makes it the perfect sailing destination for intermediate or advanced sailors.