St. Martin Sailing Itinerary

White-sand shores, vibrant town plazas, and stretches of rustic countryside

Why Sail our St Martin Sailing Itinerary?

St. Martin is the perfect destination to experience two countries in one trip.

The northern French half evokes a more distinctly European feel with its cafes and French-speaking populace. Here you can enjoy a more secluded atmosphere, you can walk along miles of remote white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see,  enjoying some well-deserved privacy among picturesque rocky outcrops.

The Dutch half, on the other hand, caters to anyone looking for that festive Caribbean vibe and is where casinos, night clubs, and skyscrapers mingle with spectacular scenery. Our St Martin Sailing itinerary will help you get the most out of your trip.

St Martin is a place of sunshine and serenity, mountains and beaches, surrounded by turquoise waters and hidden coves where you must take advantage of the yachts and sailboats to truly absorb all that this amazing island has to offer.

What to do in St Martin Sailing 

Planning. We’ve made planning your holiday to St. Martin smooth and hassle-free. Our network of local operators will ensure you get to see the very best of St. Martin‘s crystal blue waters that lap gently onto dreamy fine sand beaches and gorgeous coves.

Our Promise. You will find there isn’t enough time to experience everything this magnificent island has to offer.  We guarantee to arrange a perfect sailing itinerary that will allow you enjoy the indescribable beauty and culture of this island.

The Dutch Side. The Dutch side of the island is renowned for its cruise ship industry, and entire towns are centered around duty-free shopping, eating in charming restaurants, and beachside parties. It is also home to the Great Bay, with its relatively calm waters, perfect for water activities. 

The French Side. For a different experience, head up north to the French half, filled with pastry shops, fine dining spots, and secluded beaches, including the official nudist beach of the island – Orient Beach!

Plenty to Do. The island offers 37 beaches along its more than 70 km coastline. Yachting, sailing, snorkeling, diving, or just plain relaxing on the shore… name it, St. Martin will have every water activity that your heart will desire and more.

7 Day St Martin Sailing Itinerary

St Martin Sailing Itinerary – Day 1 – Anse Marcel Beach

Embark on your sailing itinerary in St. Martin at Anse Marcel Marina, located in an isolated and beautifully developed beach in the north of the island. Embraced on either side by hilly terrain, Anse Marcel beach has calm waters popular with families, who also enjoy wandering around the marina and its shops.

St Martin Sailing Itinerary
Port in Anse Marcel
St Martin Sailing Itinerary
Have a picnic at one of Anguilla's lovely cays

St Martin Sailing Itinerary – Day 2 – Sail to Anguilla

Go an a fantastic day trip to nearby island Anguilla. Only 15 Nm from St. Martin, this British territory is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Spend your day on a cruise around the island to the cays and coves. Snorkel and marvel at the colourful underwater life. Have lunch at a local restaurant or enjoy a picnic at one of the outer cays.

St Martin Sailing Itinerary – Day 3 –  Swim with Turtles in Tintamarre

The idyllic island of Tintamarre has been described as a tropical paradise. Make a midday stop there, and snorkel with the sea turtles and other colourful marine life. Then head to St. Barts for the evening, where you can sample what many say is the best cuisine in the Caribbean. Spend the night in a private villa or one of the island’s luxurious hotels.

St Martin Sailing Itinerary
Friendly sea turtle at Tintamarre Island
St Martin Sailing Itinerary
Espalmador Island

St Martin Sailing Itinerary – Day 4 – Luxury Day at St. Barts

This may be the biggest splurge of your trip, but it will be well worth it. For an active day out in the water, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and other aquatic sports are easily arranged. Or you can lazily stroll along the picturesque beach in the morning and shop for the latest French fashion in the afternoon. If driving along winding hillside roads is your pleasure, hire a car and discover for yourself the glorious beaches and magnificent views on the island.

St Martin Sailing Itinerary
Cala Tarida

St Martin Sailing Itinerary – Day 5 – Explore Philipsburg

Philipsburg is the capital of Dutch St. Maarten. There are two main roads that cut the length of Philipsburg – The Front Street and the Back Street. Front Street is the main route and is packed with variety of shops offering quality products around the globe. The place is also rich in West Indian architecture where you can see pastel-colored houses with 2nd-story verandas peeping out over the street

Currently, Philipsburg is a combination of historical legacy and 20th century vibe. It is known for its waterfront which offers many restaurants, cafes, night clubs, modern resorts and guest houses making it an ideal stop for cruise ships.

St Martin Sailing Itinerary – Day 6 – Beach Hopping Along the French Side

A huge selection of 37 beaches proves that St. Martin is a magical island. Stretched out in 70km. of coastline features a few of the world’s finest seascapes. We could even conclude that this island has a beach to match your mood. From untainted to activity-packed, you bet there a diverse selection of beaches in this side of St. Martin.

St Martin Sailing Itinerary
Grand Case Beach, French West Indies, St. Martin
St Martin Sailing Itinerary
Anse Marcel

St Martin Sailing Itinerary – Day 7 –  Leisurely Sail Back to Anse Marcel

Saving the best for last – the incomparable Anse Marcel is a housed and superbly-developed beach in the north of the island. The water here is calm and peaceful ideal for families or just relinquishing the past awesome-packed 6 days of your St Martin Sailing Itinerary.


Both of our sailing itinerary ibiza can be modified to your needs. You can spend the days in the way you like. These are just samples to whet your appetite. Please contact us for more information.

Join us  now and spend a great time around Ibiza!
St Martin Sailing Itinerary

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