St Martin is a place of sunshine and serenity, mountains and beaches, surrounded by turquoise waters and hidden coves, where you must take advantage of the yachts and sailboats to truly absorb all that this amazing island has to offer.

St. Martin is the perfect destination to experience two countries in one trip.

The northern French half evokes a more distinctly European feel with its cafes and French-speaking populace. Here you can enjoy a more secluded atmosphere: you can walk along miles of remote white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, enjoying some well-deserved privacy among picturesque rocky outcrops.

The Dutch half, on the other hand, caters to anyone looking for that festive Caribbean vibe and is where casinos, night clubs, and skyscrapers mingle with spectacular scenery. Our St Martin Sailing itinerary will help you to get the most out of your trip.

Our St Martin Sailing Itinerary 

The island offers 37 beaches along its more than 70 km coastline. Yachting, sailing, snorkeling, diving, or just plain relaxing on the shore... name it and St. Martin will have every water activity that your heart will desire and more. 

Our St Martin Sailing Itinerary explores both countries of St Martin as well as the surrounding islands of Anguilla. 

Getting There

Our St Martin Sailing Itinerary can be reached by flying into the Princess Juliana International Airport, which offers daily flight between the USA, France, Canada, Panama, and other areas of the Caribbean.


St Martin has a tropical monsoon climate with both a dry and wet season. Dry season runs from January to April and wet season runs from August to December. The winds predominately blow from an east or north east direction, with average temperatures of 27c. 


On our St Martin Sailing Itinerary the overnight stop overs differ between anchorages in sheltered bays and marinas filled with excellent facilities and amenities.