The Sporades Sailing Itinerary is ideal for those who want to get away from busy cities and crowds and experience sea and nature at its best. There little has changed over the years: you can still find stunning vistas void of human touch. Located east in the Aegean Sea, the area has been home to numerous groups throughout history.

Our Guide to the Sporades Sailing Itinerary

The Sporades consist of 24 islands in the Aegean Sea. 4 of these islands are completely free of human residents--you’ll only find gorgeous scenery and empty beaches. Much of the area is considered a national park, and guests are encouraged to explore the area while leaving things carefully preserved behind them. The largest and most populated island is Skopelos, which has a number of villages and an opportunity to experience island life.

The archipelago is also home to a number of historic sites. Once the home of neolithic peoples to members of the Ottoman Empire, you’ll find sunken cities, ruins, and almost-forgotten monasteries ready to visit and discover. The Sporades offer a bit of adventure and a chance to rest from modern life. This is a slightly more challenging sailing itinerary for those with a few sailing trips already under their belt (Level 3).

Getting There

There are actually various ways that you can follow to reach the Sporades. If you are flying internationally, you can search for flights to the international airport of Skiathos; it is quite small and mainly works with charter flights, however, there are frequent connections especially during spring and summer. An alternative route would be to fly to the bigger international airport of Thessaloniki and from there take a flying dolphin to Skiathos*. 

*see www.hellenicseaways,gr



The weather in the Sporades Sailing Itinerary is almost always temperate. Averaging about 28°C during the day in July, it’s unlikely you will run into bad weather. Swimming is a highly-recommended activity to cool down on hot days, though on the water the heat will feel less stifling. For beach-lovers, this is a prime location.


Mooring in the Sporades can be a challenge due to the lack of established marinas. We suggest looking over the itinerary and being aware of which locations allow sailors to anchor their boats overnight. Larger, more populated islands like Skopelos will have berths available, but many of the suggested islands on this trip will required the crew to anchor offshore.