Sporades Sailing Itinerary

Become One With Nature in the Sporades Islands

Sporades Sailing Itinerary

The Sporades sailing itinerary is ideal for those who want to get away from busy cities and crowds and experience sea and nature at its best. There little has changed over the years: you can still find stunning vistas void of human touch. Located east in the Aegean Sea, the area has been home to numerous groups throughout history, which you can learn about on our Sporades sailing itinerary.

Our Guide to the Sporades Sailing Itinerary

The Sporades consist of 24 islands in the Aegean Sea. Four of these islands are completely free of human residents – you’ll only find gorgeous scenery and empty beaches. Much of the area is considered a national park, and guests are encouraged to explore the area while leaving things carefully preserved behind them. The largest and most populated island is Skopelos, which has several villages and an opportunity to experience island life on a Sporades sailing itinerary.

The archipelago is also home to a number of historic sites, which you can witness on a Sporades sailing itinerary. Once the home of neolithic peoples to members of the Ottoman Empire, you’ll find sunken cities, ruins, and almost-forgotten monasteries ready to visit and discover. The Sporades offer a bit of adventure and a chance to rest from modern life. This is a slightly more challenging Sporades sailing itinerary for those with a few sailing trips already under their belt (Level 3).

  • Getting There

    There are actually various ways you can reach our Sporades sailing itinerary. If you are flying internationally, you can search for flights to the international airport of Skiathos; it is quite small and mainly works with charter flights, however, there are frequent connections especially during spring and summer. An alternative route would be to fly to the bigger international airport of Thessaloniki and from there take a flying dolphin to Skiathos.

  • Weather

    The weather in the Sporades sailing itinerary is almost always temperate. Averaging about 28°C during the day in July, it’s unlikely you will run into bad weather. Swimming is a highly-recommended activity to cool down on hot days, though on the water the heat will feel less stifling. For beach-lovers, this is a prime location.

  • Mooring

Mooring on a Sporades sailing itinerary can be a challenge due to the lack of established marinas. We suggest looking over the itinerary and being aware of which locations allow sailors to anchor their boats overnight. Larger, more populated islands like Skopelos will have berths available, but many of the suggested islands on this trip will require the crew to anchor offshore.

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Day 1


Begin your Sporades sailing itinerary in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea by starting on the island of Skiathos. You’ll want to make sure everything is in order, check-in, and make sure your boat is ready to sail. Before you go, make sure you visit Papadiamantis House (World famous Greek author who was born and raised on the island). Since you plan to avoid the busy, modern way of life for the next few days and enjoy some quiet, why not explore cosmopolitan Skiathos on the first night, and enjoy a nice dinner and drinks in one of the island’s many restaurants and bars.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Day 2

Limnonari SSW 10NM – Nishida Adhelfi SSW 15NM – Skantzura

Limonari SSW

You’ll start day 2 of your Sporades sailing itinerary by visiting one of the Sporades’ havens for sailors. It’s also the first location where you’ll want to dip your toes in the water and test out its temperature. While you won’t find much civilization around this area, it is the ideal location to anchor and rest after two hours of sailing. On the Greek islands, life is slow and it would be a shame not to rest after a morning on the waves on your Sporades sailing itinerary.

Recommended Activities: Swimming, hiking.

Nishida Adelfi SSW

Continue meandering to another gorgeous spot to anchor for the afternoon on your Sporades sailing itinerary. With another chance to swim or explore the nearby island, Nishida is filled with several coves to visit and photo opportunities. The island is almost empty of human life, meaning that it’s not uncommon to have the spot to yourself for an afternoon. Bring out a picnic lunch and spend a few hours sunbathing and having some time to yourself.

Recommended Activities: Picnicking, hiking, swimming.


A day away from the craziness of Grecian cities keeps on with a stop at the island of Skantzura. Although there is no swimming, it’s the ideal spot to anchor for the night on your Sporades sailing itinerary. You’re likely to hear little but the sound of the waves reaching the shore since visitors are few and far between at this hidden location. After a busy day of sailing, nothing is more common than spending a night on the sea, looking at the stars above.

Day 3

Xero SSE Peristera 10NM – Tzortzi SSE Alonissos 5NM – Patiriri Alonissos 2NM

Xero SSE Peristera

Located just on the edge of the National Marine Park of Alonissos, this island with 30 inhabitants represents some of the true beauty of the Greek isles. With a number of species of animals calling this region home, you’re likely to run into some of the 80 species of birds and 300 species of fish. Also, check the water for some friendly visitors like bottlenose dolphins and the long-finned pilot whale.

Recommended Activities: Bird-watching, hiking, and snorkeling.

Tzortzi SSE Alonissos

It wouldn’t be a Sporades sailing itinerary without visiting one of the pristine, white-sand beaches. Often void of tourists, it’s a paradise for those looking to enjoy an afternoon lunch in the Grecian sunlight. There is one taverna located here, and guests are encouraged to lounge on the beach and work on their tans. The sand is made of small, white pebbles and the coast remains in the sun most the day. For a taste of living on the islands, this is an excellent place to start on your Sporades sailing itinerary.

Recommended Activities: Tanning, beach reading, and swimming.

Patitiri Alonissos

Moving on to one of the more populated locations on our Sporades sailing itinerary, Patitiri Alonissos offers overnight anchorage and plenty of shops where you can pick up some new supplies after a few days of sailing. Try some of the local foods at the village taverns and wander around the new streets. After an earthquake in 1965, the town was rebuilt with new structures–explaining why it looks remarkably well-preserved. While it’s not necessarily a popular tourist destination now, it’s likely to become more so over time.

There is also a number of restaurants and cafes catering to sailors right on the harbour worth checking out on a Sporades sailing itinerary. This area is also known for the delightful emerald-colour of the water and the nearby pine forests.

Recommended Restaurants:

Day 4

Milia SSE Alonissos 3NM – Kira Panagia 12NM

Milia SSE Alonissos

Green waters follow you on your Sporades sailing itinerary to the Milia Beach. Tucked away in an idyllic cove, you’re also invited to swim near the beach or see if you can spot some of the unique species of fish protected here. Few tourists come to explore this small islet, but those who do are astounded by its beauty and the chance to spend a morning in some of the clearest waters in the Aegean. Located just offshore is the International Academy Homeopathy, which has made a name for itself by utilizing remedies from ancient times.

Recommended Activities: Swimming, sunbathing, and the International Academy of Homeopathy.

Kira Panagia

History lives on the island of Kira Panagia, which was given to Athonite order of the Greek Orthodox church by the Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros II Phokas. The beaches here are almost completely free of visitors and offers a short walk to the local church where you can see some traditional architecture. You’ll be resting here for the night, where you can savour the rocky cliffs around you and the stunning water. After a quick visit to the church take a moment to admire the white beaches–a combination of sand and small stones.

Recommended Activities: Kira Panagia Church, and enjoying the beach.

Sporades Sailing Itinerary

Did You Know That the National Marine Park of Alonissos Was the First Marine Park Established in Greece and is Currently the Largest Marine Protected Area in Europe?

Day 5

Kira Panagia Monastiri 6NM – Psathoura 12NM – Milia Kokkinokastro 12NM – Planitis 11NM

Kira Panagia Monastiri

Hopping to the other side of the island, the Kira Panagia stands under the care of a single monk. With few visitors, it’s a treat to visit in the morning with the accompanying Grecian sunshine. Paleochristian remains are located on the monastery grounds, and the pebble floors have recently been replaced by one of the local families. You’re also likely to see herds of goats making their way around the island – local farmers allow them to graze here under the watchful eye of the monk who lives there.

Recommended Activities: Kira Panagia Monastiri, and swimming, hiking.


Home to one of the tallest lighthouses in the Aegean Sea, Psathoura has no resident population. The lighthouse stands at 28 meters and was built in 1895 as a beacon to all the ships in the local area. The island is perfect for getting off the boat and taking to land, where you can explore its volcanic geography. It is also great for hiking since it is one of the flattest islands in the archipelago. In the summer, you are likely to see the island of Psathoura covered in white lilies. An afternoon on the island can yield the exploration of ancient, neolithic ruins and a nearby sunken city.

Recommended Activities: Psathoura Lighthouse, the Sunken City, and swimming.

Milia Kokkinokastro

Once a morning of adventuring has ended, it’s time to hit the beach and relax in the sun on your Sporades sailing itinerary. Famous in the area for some of the best sand and clear waters, Milia Kokkinokastro has enough warm sunshine and plenty of seaside to go around. Those looking to get some exercise can wander into the nearby forest or walk along the coast. After a long day of discovering new areas, it’s the best way to enjoy your environment and rest.


The island of Planitis serves as your home for the night on your Sporades sailing itinerary. A small village with plenty of charm, there remains a sense of history among its beautiful scenery. Once a haven for pirates, it’s now a quiet and serene spot with on-going excavations. Ceramic pots, tools, and animals bones have been found here as far back 6000 B.C. and it remained a safe place for the people living there for thousands of years. You’ll see what this has been a popular harbour for those looking for a place to stop after a long journey for centuries.

Day 6

Mourtia Alonissos SSW 21NM – Skopelos 6NM

Mourtia Alonissos SSW

It’s off to visiting the largest island of the archipelago on our Sporades sailing itinerary. Alolnissos is a much more-populous location than most of the other stops on the itinerary, and it allows you to see the very best of the local National Park and village life in the Sporades. First, however, you’ll want to make a quick stop at the Mourtia Alolnissos beach. Covered with pebbles and often quiet, there’s a good chance that you’ll have it to yourself. Before you rejoin humanity, take some time to wander the coastline and eat your breakfast in peace.

Recommended Activities: Swimming and snorkeling.


Welcome to one of the favorite islands in Greece on our Sporades sailing itinerary. Skopelos is well-known for its beauty and for being the main hub of activity in the area. Slightly larger than Mykonos and Santorini, it also has a less-touristy feel and plenty of delicious places to eat. According to legend, the island was founded by the Greek god of grapes, Staphylos, and there is a vibrant wine culture here to prove it. Skopelos was conquered by a number of empires throughout its history, giving it a unique feel and several dishes worth trying. It also is home to a number of ethnic groups, adding a fun flair to the village life.

Recommended Activities and Restaurants:

  • Agios Ioannis Kastri, Glossa, and beaches.
  • Olivio, Skopelos Town

Day 7

Tsougria 17NM – Skiathos 4NM


Before ending your Sporades sailing itinerary, it’s recommended to stop by the small island of Tsougria. As a favourite among yachters for its fabulous white sand and tiny circumference, the isle is the ideal goodbye to a voyage far away from the busy roads and crowds of tourists.

Enjoy the last chance to lounge on the beach and feel the warm, Greek sun on your face. There’s time for checking out the island and looking for the resident wildlife before climbing back on board the ship and heading to your final mooring point back in Skiathos to end your Sporades sailing itinerary.

Sporades Sailing Itinerary

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