The Amalfi Coast is a 50 kilometer stretch of Italy's Salerno Gulf Southern Coastline, which is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea in Southern Italy. The area was given UNESCO heritage recognition thanks to it's historic landmarks, beautiful houses and it's place in history.

Our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary has something for everyone whether you are a history buff, beautiful beach person or someone who likes to explore, Italy's Amalfi Coast has something for everyone.

Our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary is the idea sailing location for all kinds of sailors, with short journeys and beautiful scenery.

Our Guide to the Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary

The Amalfi Coast and it's heritage status have attracted visitors from al over the world to it's colorful houses, with the colors of majolica domes, bougainvillea, carnations pergolas and white washed houses. 

The area covered in our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary is filled with picturesque staircases, narrow alleyways, large and vast mountains and the turquoise ocean. History can be seen everywhere throughout the coastline and on the surrounding islands.

The Amalfi Sailing Itinerary has two routes both of which offer a number of unique and wonderful destinations depending on the desired route. The stop offs include islands, beaches, historic landmarks, small villages, picturesque ports and wonderful ocean views.

Getting There

For either the Amalfi Sailing Itinerary departing from/to Naples or Salerno, the closest airport is Naples International Airport. The airport offers flights from all over Europe including the UK, Paris, Spain and other destinations. Naples Airport is around 9 miles or a 17 minute drive from Naples and the port. Naples Airport is located 49 minutes or 42 miles from Salerno. Both of these destinations can be reached via transfer or taxi from Naples International Airport.


The moorings in our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary, are mainly within world class marinas, with superb facilities and luxurious environments.


The weather on the Amalfi Coast is a Mediterranean Climate with warm sunny summers and mild winters. Which makes it the idea destination to the Amalfi Sailing Itinerary from at anytime of year.