Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary

Our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary is perfect for a Yacht Charter in Italy.

Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary

The Amalfi Coast is a 50 kilometer stretch of Italy’s Salerno Gulf Southern Coastline, which is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea in Southern Italy. The area was given UNESCO heritage recognition thanks to its historic landmarks, beautiful houses and it’s place in history.

Our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary has something for everyone whether you are a history buff, beautiful beach person or someone who likes to explore.

Our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary is the ideal sailing location for all kinds of sailors, with short journeys and beautiful scenery.

Our Guide to the Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary

The Amalfi Coast and its heritage status have attracted visitors from all over the world to its colourful houses, with the colours of majolica domes, bougainvillaea, carnations pergolas and whitewashed houses. 

The area covered in our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary is filled with picturesque staircases, narrow alleyways, large and vast mountains and the turquoise ocean. History can be seen everywhere throughout the coastline and on the surrounding islands.

The Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary has two routes both of which offer several unique and wonderful destinations depending on the desired route. The stop-offs include islands, beaches, historic landmarks, small villages, picturesque ports and wonderful ocean views.

  • Getting There

    For an Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary, the closest airport is Naples International Airport. The airport offers flights from all over Europe including the UK, Paris, Spain, and other destinations. Naples Airport is around 9 miles or a 17 minute drive from Naples and the port. It is located 49 minutes or 42 miles from Salerno. Both of these destinations can be reached via transfer or taxi from Naples International Airport.

  • Mooring

    The moorings in our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary, are mainly within world class marinas, with superb facilities, and luxurious environments.

  • Weather

    The weather on the Amalfi Coast is a Mediterranean Climate with warm sunny summers and mild winters. Which makes it the idea destination to the Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary from at anytime of year. 

Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary

Discover the history, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous blue waters of the Amalfi Coast.

Day 1


Day one and the start of our Amalfi Coast sailing itinerary begins in Salerno. Salerno is considered the capital of the Amalfi Coast and is located along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Salerno is a great place to explore the narrow streets, beautiful towns and villages, medieval churches and house while taking in the scenery and sampling the delicious food and wine bars, before setting sail.

Overnight Anchorage: An ideal place to begin your itinerary is at the Marina d’Arechi, which has space for 1000 berths within a modern facility.

Book in Advance: Marina d’Arechi, Via Salvador Allende, 84123, Salerno SA, Italy, VHF 74, +39 089 27 88801

Day 2

Salerno →  Sorrento (27NM)

Day two of our Amalfi Coast sailing itinerary begins by departing from Salerno and heading towards Sorrento, passing by beautiful coves and cliff edges which are ideal places to stop and swim or explore the caves and inlets. Sorrento is a town which overlooks the Bay of Naples and all its beauty, with luscious green hills, clear turquoise oceans, all which admiring spectacular panoramic views from your boat.

Overnight Anchorage: A great place to moor overnight is at the Port of Marina Grande, which is a unique and rustic marina which has kept its charm.

Book in Advance: Port of Marina Grande, Via Marina Grande, 80067, Sorrento NA, Italy

Day 3

Sorrento → Procida (17NM)

Day three if the itinerary brings us to the beautiful island of Procida, located within the Bay of Naples as is only 4 km squared in size. This small island is filled with lemon groves, colourful pastel houses to explore, as well as preserved original beauty and traditions. The island is a great place to admire the views, explore and even watch the fishermen arrive with their daily catches.

Overnight Anchorage: Marina di Procida, via Roma, 1 80079, Procida NA, Italy +3908 1896 9668

Day 4

Procida → Ischia (14NM)

After departing the small island of Procida day four of our Amalfi Coast sailing itinerary brings us to the largest island is the area – Ischia, at 10 kilometres long and 7 kilometres wide this island has lots to discover. The island is often referred to as the ‘island of eternal youth’ thanks to its hot springs of Campania, it’s rich springs, mud baths and it’s 8 other thermal mineral reserves and reservoirs.

Overnight Anchorage: Porto d’Ischia is the islands main harbour which has over 200 berths.

Day 5

Ischia → Capri (20NM)

Just 20NM from the island of Ischia is the island of Capri, which is often considered one of the ‘most beautiful places on earth’. This is thanks to it’s rocky and rugged coastline, beautiful ocean, stylish modern boutiques and it is also filled with legends and Greek mythology. A great place to stop and explore is the Blue Grotto cave, where the sea glows a striking electric blue colour.

Overnight Anchorage: Marina Piccola is located in a sheltered harbour with a wide bay, bordered by the east side three impressive seas stacks.

Day 6

Capri → Amalfi (16NM)

From Capri, our Amalfi Coast sailing itinerary takes us back to the mainland and the town of Amalfi. Amalfi is a town built into a gorge and surrounded by incredible high mountains, making it one of the most picturesque views of the itinerary. Amalfi is filled with bustling piazzas, beaches, medieval cathedrals, 1st century AD Roman aristocracy built luxury villas in the area.

Overnight Anchorage: Porto di Amalfi, Piazzale dei Protontini 6, 84011, Amalfi, Italy +39 399 422 4484

Day 7

Amalfi  → Salerno (6NM)

Our Amalfi Coast sailing itinerary ends back in Salerno. Allowing for rest and relaxation after the week of sailing, or for further exploring of the surrounding area and its history. While sampling the local delicacies and making the most of the atmosphere and culture.

Overnight Anchorage: An ideal place to end your itinerary is at the Marina d’Arechi, which has space for 1000 berths within a modern facility.

Book in Advance: Marina d’Arechi, Via Salvador Allende, 84123, Salerno SA, Italy, VHF 74, +39 089 27 88801

Have you ever been on an Amalfi Coast sailing itinerary? Let us know your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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