Seychelles Sailing Itinerary

Find Sanctuary Amidst the World’s Rarest Flora and Fauna

Seychelles Sailing Itinerary

Proclaimed “the most beautiful islands on Earth”, Seychelles take you to an entirely different world. Immerse yourself in nature and take in the special landscape of this archipelago.

Home to 275 species of birds, 2,200 giant Aldabra tortoises, and many endemic species, Seychelles claims a unique ecosystem. As a result of active preservation efforts, you can enjoy all that the islands have to offer. Our Seychelles Sailing Itinerary allows you to truly experience these marvellous islands.

Our Guide to the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary

With a riveting history featuring pirates and explorers, Seychelles has long drawn fascination from the outside world. Arab traders sought the valuable coco de mer nuts found on the islands to use them for bowls, medicinal purposes, and food seasoning. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Pirates used the islands as a hideaway. Anse Forbans is sometimes called Pirate’s Cove. To this day it is believed that Olivier Levasseur hid a treasure worth more than $160,000 in Seychelles. It remains to be discovered.

Aside from the hidden riches of the Pirate Levasseur, Seychelles is home to a much grander treasure – it’s wildlife and plant life. Seychelles is 88% percent covered by forest and many beaches are also turtle breeding sites. The NGO Nature Seychelles is doing hugely important work to improve the conservation efforts on the islands. Through scientific, management, education and training programs, they have set out to protect Seychelles’ rare biodiversity for locals and tourists alike.

  • Getting There

    The best way to get to Seychelles is by flying into their international airport, on Mahé. Their international terminal has service for quite a few large airlines, such as Emirates and Etihad. If you’d like more information, or you need help planning your flights, check out the Seychelles International Airport website.

    However, for the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary that leaves from Praslin, you may need a connecting flight from Mahé to Praslin. Only a 15-minute flight, there are frequent flight services that operate at the Praslin Terminal. If you’d prefer a cheaper option you could take a 50-60 minute ferry that runs between Mahé and Praslin. Of if you’d like a more luxury option you can charter a helicopter, and that will cost about 820 €.

  • Mooring

    Marina mooring on the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary is a bit limited. The ports in many of the islands are very small and may have room for just a few boats. You will only find large marinas in Mahé and Praslin. In both Mahé and Praslin, you can find moorings at the Eden Island Marina or the Praslin Marina, respectively. They are both operated by the same company. As this marina caters to luxury yachts their fees might be steeps. While in Praslin we also recommend Cote D’Or beach, where you can anchor in this secluded cove, free of charge.

    For La Digue and Félicité, you should look for a safe anchorage to moor overnight, and as you will be “free-swinging,” there will be no fee! In La Digue we reccommend Petite or Grande Anse.

    In Curieuse you can stay in the marine park for a fee of SCR 250 per night in Baie Laraie. If you head to Saint Pierre, it is still part of the Curieuse Marine National Park and will be subject to the same fees.

    For Grande Soeur, there is no permission needed for mooring. Mooring fees are around SCR 400 per person, and visitors should contact the island manager pre-mooring.

    For more information about mooring at the various locations in our Seychelles Itinerary, click here.

  • Weather

    The best sailing weather for the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary is year-round! With temperatures ranging from 24°C to 32°C, Seychelles is always warm.

    Instead of varying temperatures, seasons in Seychelles are marked by winds. From October to April, northwest winds bring warm, wet weather. From May to September, cooler, dry, windier weather blows in from the southeast. For the in-between months, March – April and October – November, weather is calm with low wind.  

Seychelles Sailing Itinerary – From/to Praslin

Explore One of Two of Seychelles UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day 1



Praslin is Seychelles second largest island, and home to one of the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seychelles. Visit Vallée de Mai to see the palm trees famous for growing the coco de mer nuts. These exotic plants made early settlers and explorers believe Seychelles was the Garden of Eden.

During your stay, you should also make sure to spend some time on the beach. Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette are must-sees and are ranked among the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

18-holes at The Constance Lemuria Resort, Anse Kerlan Praslin Seychelles, Seychelles

Café des Arts, Cote D’Or Esplanade, Baie Ste Anne, Seychelles

Day 2

Praslin → La Digue (6 NM)

La Digue

La Digue is the smallest of the main islands, and with a population of just 2,000 people, it will feel like classic island living. La Digue has no airport and very few road vehicles, but it does have some of Seychelles’ best beaches. The best way to pass the time here is by cycling around the island, beach hopping.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Swimming and Snorkeling, Anse Patates, Seychelles

Lanbousir Restaurant, La Digue, Seychelles

Day 3

La Digue → Curieuse (7 NM)


Next stop – Curieuse! On Day 3 you can explore “the Red Island,” so named for the red soil that is found on the island. The red earth, against the lush green foliage, creates a stunning contrast. Here you may encounter some of the 500+ Aldabra tortoises that live on the island, along with takamaka trees, and hawksbill and green sea turtles. Take one of the island’s walking trails, starting at Baie Laraie and ending in Anse St. Joseph, where you will pass magnificent mangrove forests, granite cliffs, ancient ruins, and other sights.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

The Doctor’s House, Curieuse Island, Seychelles

Curieuse National Marine Park, Curieuse Island, Seychelles

Day 4

Curieuse → Saint Pierre → Curieuse (6 NM)

Saint Pierre

A short sail will bring you to Saint Pierre islet. Here you can spend the day snorkeling amidst a mass of rocks, in this raised reef island. Saint Pierre is uninhabited, but it’s clear blue waters are home to plenty of fish and other underwater sea creatures. Return to Curieuse when you’re done for the day.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Snorkeling and sunbathing, Saint Pierre Island, Seychelles

Day 5

Curieuse → Aride → Curieuse (12 NM)


Another day trip, day 5 of the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary can be spent on Aride Island. Aride is a conservation area where you will find pristine and untouched nature. Here Wright’s Gardenia aromatizes the air, and the flocks of native seabirds are seen breeding. Aride is the largest nature reserve of Seychelles and protected by law. Many have said that if you haven’t seen Aride, then you haven’t seen Seychelles, so make sure not to miss this stop! You will have to return to Curieuse to moor overnight.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Aride Island Nature Reserve, Aride Island, Seychelles

Day 6

Curieuse → Cousin → Baie Sainte Anne (15 NM)


Heading over to Cousin Island, you can spend the day at the Indian Ocean’s first “sea and island reserve” and the world’s first internationally-owned protected area. As an Important Bird Area (IBA) Cousin is a world-renowned ornithological site in Seychelles. In a past life, the island served as a coconut plantation. Today it has been transformed into a thriving ecological example. You must moor in Baie Sainte Anne for the evening.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Bird watching, Cousin Island, Seychelles

Day 7



On your last day, sail back to Praslin. Now you’ve completed the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary, and you must bring your boat back to the base to check out.

Seychelles Sailing Itinerary From/To Mahé

Day 1

Mahé → St. Anne (3 NM)

St. Anne

On the first day, you will head to the island of St. Anne. This is a great spot to start the week off, and with beautiful beaches and the warm Seychelles sunshine, you are sure to have a relaxing day. Grande Anse is a can’t-miss beach spot, or you can relax and become one with nature in the Sainte Anne Marine National Park. If you’re here from late November to February be sure to keep an eye out for sea turtles laying eggs at Anse Royale!

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Sainte Anne Marine National Park, Sainte Anne Island, Seychelles

Saint Anne Resort & Spa, Sainte Anne Island, Seychelles

Day 2

St. Anne → Digue (24 NM)


For day 2, you can spend the day on Digue, which is known for its jade-green water. This island is much less built-up than the other main islands in Seychelles. With very few cars, Digue will take you back in time. Spend the day relaxing on the many beaches, discovering the island’s many walking trails, or diving and snorkeling.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Source d’Argent Beach, Digue, Seychelles

Domaine de L’ Orangeraie Restaurant, La Digue, Seychelles

Day 3

Digue → Félicité (5 NM)


Up until the 1970’s the island of Félicité was a coconut plantation. Considered a satellite island of La Digue, it’s just a short sail away. Today, the entire island is owned by the La Digue Island Lodge resort. Félicité is quite mountainous – you can walk and find massive smooth granite rocks, or hike to the top for great views.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

La Penice Beach, Félicité, Seychelles

Six Senses Zil Pasyon Resort, Félicité, Seychelles

Day 4

Félicité → Grand Soeur (2 NM)

Grand Soeur

Grand Soeur is often called one of Seychelle’s sister islands. It is privately owned by Le Chateau de Feuilles resort, but it is open during weekdays to the public. On the weekend it closes and is used exclusively by resort guests. Grand Soeur is completely uninhabited – it’s untouched and wild nature is the perfect place to deserted, at least for a little while. Enjoy the island’s granite boulders, giant tortoises, and white sand beaches.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Fishing and beach barbecue, Grande Soeur, Seychelles

Day 5

Grand Soeur → Praslin (7 NM)


Another of Seychelles’ granite islands, Praslin has plenty of hiking with its small mountain ridge. The island is one of the few places the highly-valued coco de mer palm trees grow. If you spend some time in the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, you will be sure to spot some of the nuts that made Seychelles a spot of interest for early Arab trade routes.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve, Praslin, Seychelles

Les Lauriers Restaurant, Praslin, Seychelles

Day 6

Praslin → Cousin Island (7 NM)

Cousin Island

On day 6, you can spend the day bird watching on Cousin Island. Promoted to national park status in order to save Seychelles’ native songbird, the warbler. Cousin is much less traveled to than the other granite islands. They have about 10,000 visitors per year, so it is the perfect place to escape the crowds!

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Bird watching, Cousin Island, Seychelles

Day 7

Cousin Island → Mahé (23 NM)


Back to Mahé for your final day! Now that you’ve completed the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary you must return your boat to the base at Mahé and check out. After your week of relaxation, you might want to spend some time on the largest island of Seychelles for some great fun and lively atmosphere.

Indicative Yachts and Prices for the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary

Oceanis 43

Oceanis 43 (4 cab) – Prices From 3,135 €

Lagoon 440

Lagoon 440 – Prices from 4,750 €

Lagoon 400

Lagoon 400 (4 cab) – Prices from 4,750 €

Lagoon 450

Lagoon 450 – Prices From 6,175 €


*All prices are per boat, for one week. For more yacht options and exact prices, please contact us

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