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Yacht Charter Holidays Greece | Bareboat or with Crew

Yacht Charter Holidays Greece

With Over 16 Thousand Kilometers of Coast and More than 1000 Islands Consider Yacht Charter Greece

Yacht Charter Greece. In our famous blogs, we help you understand all there is to know about Yacht Charter Greece with crew or  Yacht Charter Greece Bareboat style; we use our experienced local teams to help you find the right boat, with the best operator and seek out hidden Gems in stunning Greek Waters. The Greek islands lure tourists in their droves every year, making them one of Europe’s top yacht charter destinations.
Visiting by sea enables you to escape the crowds and really get to know the islands on a yacht charter in Greece.

Yacht Charter Holiday Greece. For sailors, yacht charter in Greece has the extra appeal of variety; a choice sailing area, varied conditions, but all with outstanding natural history and beauty. The Ionian Sea for example, with its calm winds and short distances, making it perfect for less experienced crews. Whilst the Cyclades offer the main attractions of Mykonos and Santorini for those seeking long passages and adventure.

You can combine your perfect yacht charter Greece with some major cultural and historic discoveries.

Where to Sail?

Whether on a Yacht Charter Greece with a crew or Yacht Charter Greece bareboat, you will find the sailing conditions vary considerably, yet there’s not too much to worry about. If you don’t have a sailing qualification, to the right qualification, Sailchecker has a wide range of options for you, even for you to learn to sail yourself.

There are a variety of boats available for charter – from spacious catamarans, luxury monohull yachts, to fast luxurious motorboats. There is a perfect yacht to charter in Greece for every holiday budget.

We’ll help you learn the finer details of your charter, sailing limits, wind conditions, how far you take your vessel, extras available and what it’s like aboard.

Your Guide to a Greece Yacht Charter

1. Getting There.

Getting to your Greek Yacht Charter

Cyclades and Saronic Gulf.

Athens International Airport.  This is the gateway to Greece’s two largest Marinas, Marina Alimos and Laviron. You can also head north to access the island of Skiathos which is a jump-off point for some of Greece Yacht Charters Hidden Gems.

You can catch a shuttle bus or taxi to get to Alimos or Laviron Marina.

Northern Aegean.

To access the Northern Aegean Sea for your Greece Yacht Charter, 12 Airports in the UK have direct flights to Thessaloniki and you can access from North America via most large European cities. There are direct Skiathos in the summer months from UK and other European Hubs.

Dodecanese Islands

To access a Greek Yacht Charter in the Dodecondes and this wonderful part of the Agean, UK and most European hubs have direct flights to the wonderful island of Rhodes. In the summer you can also use Dalaman Airport in Turkey and take a transfer to either Marmaris or Fethiye before jumping on a fast ferry to Rhodes. Be aware, this transfer can take up to 3 hours.

The Ionian Sea

There are direct flights to Corfu and Zakynthos from most European hubs. If you need to get to Lefkada, you will to fly to Preveza (PVK) before hopping on a bus or taxi to the base – allow around half an hour on a good day. There are bridges avoiding the need for a ferries

2. Where to Sail on a Yacht Charter Greece

Cruising Areas for a Greek Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter Destinations Greece. Greece is home to some 13 different cruising areas, some well known, others a little more off the beaten track. If you are planning a yacht charter in Greece bareboat, you might consider a different than if you are considering a yacht charter in Greece with crew.

Top 4 Places to Yacht Charter Greece Bareboat or with Crew. The variety and choice of cruising areas are one of Greece’s great attractions, all with great historical attractions and sailing from easy to moderate, to moderate to challenging. Find our top yacht charter in Greece destinations and sailing itineraries below.

  1. Cyclades and Saronic Gulf.
  2. Northern Aegean.
  3. Dodecanese Islands.
  4. The Ionian Sea.

Choice Of Cruising Areas on a Yacht Charter in Greece

3. Sailing Difficult on Yacht Charter in Greece

Choosing the Right Cruising Area for a Greek Yacht Charter

One Easy Yacht Charter Greece

The Ionian Islands are the ideal easy sailing destination for families or groups who want a relaxing sail and enjoy the surroundings on a yacht charter in Greece. It’s easily possible to avoid (or find!) the overcrowded parties and busy nightlife. Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaka, and Paxoi are just a few of your must-see stops when in the Ionian. Each island, harbour, and town has its own character, from cosmopolitan Fiskardho to traditional Lefkas to sleepy Kastos and the pine-clad bays of Meganisi.

Three Medium Yacht Charter Greece

The excellent Saronic Gulf/Attica area boasts a superb fleet of yachts, consistent winds and a perfect starting and finishing point for a wonderful and varied sailing area. enjoy the delights of Hydra, but be ready to raft up stern too in the summer where there are rich picking for divers untangling anchors. Rich in history, this area offers great sailing for more experienced sailors, with historic and cultural destinations at the end of a great day’s sailing.

The Dodecanese Islands are ideal for the slightly more experienced crews. You will experience a stunning cruising area with varied ports of call and plenty to do and see. Perfect sailing winds are almost guaranteed. Here you have the opportunity to visit some of our favourite parts of Greece & Turkey. The combination of some of the better known and more cosmopolitan Greek Islands such Kos and Rhodes, with their ancient sites and great beaches, with some of the smaller and lesser-known gems of the Dodecanese such as Nysiros, Halki or Symi ( a real must-see). The ability to visit some of Turkey’s stunning Aegean coast make this an irresistible proposition for more experienced sailors. This sailing area is hugely rich in history and culture, and one of our favourite destinations.

The Sporades is a challenging area for a yacht charter in Greece and it is ideal for those who have a higher level of experience in sailing. You will find open waters and fresh breezes accompany you to unspoiled destinations. You can stop the fantastic beaches and soak up the sun. All the Sporades Islands are ideal for explorers. If you have already experienced the delights of sailing in the Ionian and the Saronic Gulf, why not try one of our more challenging sailing areas, the Northern Sporades? For culture vultures you can, also, visit some of the locations for the hit movie “Mamma Mia” or anchor up and relax on one of the stunning sandy beaches.

Two Challenging Yacht Charter Greece


Some of Greece’s highlights lie in the Cyclades, think Mykonos and Santorini. Yet the typical distances between islands is much greater, which not only means more time at sea (potentially sacrificing snorkelling stops or visits to pretty towns), it means the sea can get bigger and more challenging. There are plenty of sailors who flock to the Cyclades in search of adventure and the opportunity to see Greece’s top destinations. In July and August be especially aware of the famous Meltemi wind that whistles down from the North on the clearest of days. Go too far South at your peril, unless you’re one of those thrill-seekers looking for a bumpy ride home.

That said, depending on your choice of route, a Cyclades yacht charter can be a moderate to challenging sail, ideal for developing and experienced sailors to undertake on a yacht charter in Greece. This area of Greece is fairly far south enjoying warm summer with temperatures reaching 33 degrees in July and August. There is a choice of start points from Lavrion on the mainland, to Paros or Mykonos in the islands. There are around 220 islands in the Cyclades, including the well-known islands of Santorini with its famous blue-domed churches and Mykonos its chic party lifestyle. We would recommend this area of Greece as a destination for a keener sailor; with the Meltemi blowing heavily during the summer season it’s an exciting sailing ground for experienced crews.

The North Aegean offers a wide area and a variety of islands and places to sail on a yacht charter in Greece. Most of the people are only aware of the Sporades, whilst there are many other beautiful destinations, such as Chalkidiki, Kavala, Thassos, Samothraki Lesbos and Lemnos. Many islands in the North Aegean are untouched by tourism so the sailors who hanker after a life in the slow lane will fall in love with the region’s simplicity. In contrast, there are also picturesque cities including the capital Kavala, built on the slopes of Mountain Symvolo, and Alexandroupoli, a melting pot of Europe and Asia.

4. Best Towns to Charter a Yacht in Greece

A Spotlight of the Yacht Charter Greece Towns

Where it comes to a Yacht charter holiday Greece,  the type of charter and yacht might depend on what you want to see and where you want to go.


Greece’s capital and home to almost half of the available charter yachts in Greece. It is the gateway to two of the most popular sailing areas, the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades Islands. Alimos is the best jump-off point for charter in the Cyclades but also consider chartering from Laviron Marina on the south of the Athenian Peninsula.


Rhodes was one the most important town in the Mediterranean, the Medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes is a wonderous  World Heritage Site. It makes for an exciting start/finish for any charter. This is the natural place to charter a yacht in the Dodecanese where you can also access the Turkish Islands of this group.


Greek’s second city is famed for its wonderful food, use for the Northern Aegean sea and the Aegean islands.


Our recommendation for a slower pace of life. The island has several yacht charter bases and can be accessed via Athens.

Corfu Town and Zakynthos

Both of these options are useful for chartering boats in the north of the Ionian Sea and then having access to the Ionian Islands.

Lefkas (Lefkada)

This is the principal access point for the Ionian Islands due to its more southerly location.

5. What Qualification do You Need for a Yacht Charter in Greece

A Check on Sailing Licences when Chartering in Greece

Yacht Charter in Greece

Either Crewed or Bareboat, Sailing in Greece Will be an Amazing Experience

6. Yacht Charter in Greece Bareboat.

Bareboat Yacht CHarter - You're in Charge

If you already have a sailing qualification, you can bareboat charter in Greece, without any issue. Ideally, you will need to provide 2 sailing qualifications, however, one is enough to charter a yacht in Greece, as long as your co-skipper signs an experience declaration form with the fleet operator. If you are unsure, some operators provide assisted sailing where they provide you with a free skipper of their crew for just a couple of hours in order to show you the basics and ensure that you can handle the yacht yourself.

With numerous of certified partners that are ready to offer you access to their great fleets, we are more than certain that we will find the perfect bareboat charter for you in Greece.

7. Crewed Yacht Charter in Greece

Get looked after on your Greece Yacht Charter with Crew

If you want to go on a yacht charter in Greece, but you don’t have the necessary qualifications, we can find you the perfect crewed yacht charter. We simply add a skipper who will be your guide and sail the yacht. You will be able to choose the itinerary yourself or merge your ideas with the ones of your knowledgeable captain to create the perfect route.

For additional relaxation, you can add a hostess or a chef to take care of the yacht and prepare the meals and drinks for you, tidy up and clean around, while you enjoy the trip. Crew are not just for mega yachts; quality, affordable, crew are available for all our boats.

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