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Cabin n. (kæbɪn) A private room or compartment on a boat or ship.
Charter n. (tʃɑːtə) The hiring of an aircraft, ship, or motor vehicle for a special purpose.

Cabin Charter ph. (kæbɪn tʃɑːtə) typ. The hiring of  part of a yacht as part of a shared crewed charter

Cabin Charter Guide

A Great Way to Enjoy Sailing & Meet New Friends

Who Uses Cabin Charters?
Cabin Charter Guide

Share Sailing Luxury With a Partner or Friend

Cabin Charter is ideal for people who want to join a yacht with other travelers that they don’t know each other. Once you are 3 or 4 or more, then you are more likely to start looking at your own yacht. That said, there are those that love the community atmosphere created on these trips, chose this as a preference over necessity.

Different Types of Cabin Charter


Great way to meet new friends.

The Gulet Charters in the Mediterranean are a great example of Cabin Charters with 4+ cabins available to guests.  The amount of actual sailing varies from company to company, on some you will find the sails are more decorative than functional.  Others will pride themselves of teaching or showing you the art.


Try Yoga, Swimming, Nutrition, Fitness, Diving and so much more.Some Cabin Charters will have offer other pursuits, some that are the primary reason for travel such as yoga or swimming.  Others will offer parties with DJs and cheap drink to entice a younger crowd. Catamarans and Large Yachts Some owned by Charter companies and other owned by individuals, there are a number of Cabin Charters available on the sailing market.

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Bareboat Charter - You're in Charge

We love crewed yacht charter; making sailing so accessible to a wider audience. The majority of the bareboat market is driven by those who already have qualifications and pull in friends from around them. Where as a cabin charter, you will very often not know the other members of your crew.

Even though cabin charters have drawn in those looking to sail without taking it up seriously, it is now more fashionable and attracting those with qualifications and experience from those seeking the opportunity to meeting and making new friends. There is something very close about the friendship made on a yacht.


We have many cabin charter suppliers on our books and also create our own Ready Made Sailing Escapes.
So Many Options - How We Deal With Cabin Charter

Cabin charters are on the increase. Whilst all the ones we know of are of a high standard, there are many different types to consider. The Cabin charter can cut across our other charter services, for example we can offer cabin charter on a Flotilla vacation and sometime team up those looking for the freedom of bareboat charter.

We would love you to call us and let one of experienced consultants find out what would suit you best – the old fashioned way – over a short chat.

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The Art of Refining - Independence Matters

Make it special. We recently organised an amazing cabin charter in Cuba. The guys enjoyed the fish caught fresh from the lines on the back of the luxury catamaran. The personal experience of our team here were able to recommend a split holiday and the customers enjoyed an amazing 3 days in Havana.

From Cuba to Thailand – Cabin Charter are on the rise. We thrive on your challenges.
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Bareboat Charter - You're in Charge

We want you to know we are with you every step of the way. We act us your agent throughout helping you deal with any challenges that corp up.

Do you have a destination where you would like to join a cabin charter?  Why not let us send you a selection to enjoy?


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Our Yacht Charter & Sailing Services

What Service Do You Need?

Bareboat Yacht Charter

A Bareboat Yacht Charter is the arrangement where you charter (hire) the whole yacht, ship or boat without additional crew.


Crewed Yacht Charter

Enjoy being sailed around by a qualified skipper/captain who will also act as tour guide with expert knowledge of the area.


Cabin Charter

Cabin Charter gets you exclusive use of part of a yacht, normally a cabin (room), comes with crew & typically includes most meals.

Fotilla Sailing

Join a fleet of charter yachts and enjoy mutual support, community and parties.  Typically with a lead yacht and organised activities.


Ready Made Sailing

For typical examples or a chance to sail with the sail checker team, check out our Ready Made Charters, Trips and Offers.


Learn to Sail

Learn to sail in warmer climes, or even closer to home.  We can provide advice and help you gain your charter qualifications.


Cabin Charter Guide

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  • I loved the sailing but diving in the British Virgin Islands was truly amazing. I had never done anything like that before.

    A “Try Dive” was aranged in for guests advance, all the forms were was allready sorted

    Beth USA
  • We booked a family adventure. I hadn’t sailed since I was a little girl. It was amazing seeing the looks on my kids faces!

    SailChecker.com advised and booked her family vacation to the BVI in 2012.

    Anne USA

  •  Thank you sooo much! It was sail in the day… party at night. We couldn't have wanted a better skipper or a Spring Break!  Good times...

    Arranged for 6 friends to sail Spring Break in the British Virgin Islands for under $500 each.

    Tim USA

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