6 of the Best Places to Sail in July

July is a great time to go sailing with the warmer weather in the Mediterranean and the settled summer winds. Read all about the best places to sail in July

6 of the Best Places to Sail in July

July is a great time to go sailing, with the Mediterranean sailing season in full swing, the warmer weather, and the settled winds. The best places to sail in July vary depending on each persons sailing dreams and desires, but we have created a varied list of destinations around Europe and further afield, creating something for everyone no matter how they choose to sail. Everyone can find a perfect destination with our list of best places to sail in July. 

The best places to sail in July vary from the warmer Turkish climates to the cooler north Mediterranean, and further afield to French Polynesia’s dry climate. Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, and French Polynesia make up some of the best places to sail in July.

1. Ionian, Greece

Ionian is one of the best places to sail in July, thanks to it's settled winds

Weather. The Ionian is located along the west coast of Greece, between Greece and Italy. The weather in the Ionian is often cooler than in other areas of Greece and the Mediterranean, with deep waters which are often cool even in the summer months. The air temperature ranges from the mid-20s to 30c and the water temperature can reach up to 25c.

Settled Winds. The Ionian is one of the best places to sail in July, as the winds are settled, with wind building in the early afternoon and calm down in the evening.

North or South Ionian Sailing Itinerary? The Ionian is made up of a collection of seven islands, Kerkyra (Corfu), Paxos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, and Cythera. These islands all offer great marinas to stay overnight, beautiful anchorages, and unique experiences to have. The Ionian is also boarded by mainland Greece which equally has some great small villages, traditional towns, and bays to discover.

2. Sicily, Italy

Sicily has over 10 hours of sunlight a day

Weather. Sicily has a Mediterranean climate, with warm dry summers and cool rainy winters. It is one of the best places to sail in July as the temperatures on average range from 30c to a low of 23c.

Winds. Sicily is one of the best places to sail in July, due to its wind conditions. During the summer months especially July the winds are a constant northwest to a westerly wind, averaging 6 knots.

Island. Sicily is one of the best places to sail in July as it has been considered a classical crossroads of Mediterranean culture. Today, the island an exquisite beauty with Norman churches, Greek temples, and Baroque infrastructure forming it. The wonders don’t stop there, Sicily is also rich in natural resources – in fact, on this island, you will find Mt. Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

The charming limestone streets of the historic old town and the exquisite baroque architecture, set against the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea, will create a unique backdrop for a trip of a lifetime.

Weather. Dubrovnik is one of the best places to sail in July, due to its warm and beautiful weather, averaging over 13 hours of sunlight a day and an average temperature of 30c, Dubrovnik is a great destination to sail to in July. July is the sunniest month of the year with warm daily temperatures and cooler evening temperatures lowering to the mid or low 20s. The average water temperature in Croatia in July is 24c, giving it a nice refreshing feel when you jump in.

Winds. Croatia is one of the best places to visit in July, thanks to its wind forecasts. Generally, through the summer months, the wind is predominately from the northwest ranging from 10 to 20 knots. Croatia does experience some dominant winds such as the Bora (a northeasterly wind which blows from the mountains down to the coast, which vary from light to intense winds), the Sirocco (east-southeasterly wind which blows up and down the coast, ranging from 16 to 20 knots), and the Maestral (a wind which blows from 9-10am and reaches full force by 2pm, at approximately 16 to 20 knots).

Starting Point. In addition to its own beautiful beaches, Dubrovnik serves as a great starting point for your sailing charter. Set on the southern side of the Adriatic Coast, Dubrovnik offers access to many other small islands and beautiful coastal points. You’ll see forested national park grounds, quaint Mediterranean fishing villages and fishing grounds, and Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque period buildings.

4. Saronic, Greece

The Saronic Gulf is formed by two of the most prominent peninsulas in the Aegean Sea.

Saronic Gulf. The Saronic Gulf is formed by two of the most prominent peninsulas in the Aegean Sea. In between the areas of Attica and Argolis, the gulf offers a number of the best places to sail in July, with the steadily-blowing Meltemi winds.

Weather. With an average temperature of 25c during the day and only slightly cooler at sea, it’s unlikely you’ll run into rain or dark clouds covering up the photo-worthy sunrises and sunsets. The wind can range from 5 to 10 knots during July.

5. Turkey

Turkey has something for everyone to enjoy and discover.

Turkish Riviera. The Turkish Riviera is a 1,000 mile stretch of coastline, with green mountains, crystal clear waters, historic sites, and superb beaches, making it one of the best places to sail in July. From diving in Antalya, the archaeological site of Ephesus, the vibrant city of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz lagoon, the medieval castle, and underwater museum in Bodrum.

Weather. Turkey is one of the best places to sail in July, thanks to its warm weather with an average temperature of 28c and a high of 34c, during this time each day has an average of 14 hours of sunlight. The sailing conditions in Turkey in July are an average of 15-20 knots northwest wind, which can get stronger during the day and into the late evening (Meltemi).

6. Tahiti, French Polynesia

Famous for its romantic scenery, providing the perfect honeymoon backdrop, Tahiti is sure to steal your heart.

Tahiti. Tahiti, long drawing attention for its irreplaceable hospitality and it’s unbelievable views, has been a destination for many. With a rich history incorporating many different countries, today Tahiti’s culture is a beautiful blend of indigenous customs, with influences from the long-standing French presence on the islands. During your time here, take part in the incredible oral histories and the Tahitian tradition of music and dance. Observe the wonderful craftsmanship, in the weaving, quilting, sculpture, and carving that artists incorporate into their work.

Weather. French Polynesia has an average temperature of between 25-29c making it one of the best places to sail in July, due to the cooler weather. The water still has a typical temperature of 26c. The leeward islands are home to prevailing winds coming from the east at a speed of between 15-20 knots and up to 25 knots. The ocean can be choppy with waves from 3 to 5ft.

Do you have any more tips for the best places to sail in July? Let us know your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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