9 Tips for Planning a Yacht Charter Itinerary

Planning a Yacht Charter Itinerary doesn't have to be difficult, follow these easy tips to have the sailing trip of your dreams.

9 Tips for Planning a Yacht Charter Itinerary

Planning a yacht charter and itinerary doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We offer yacht charters to a large number of destinations all around the world, with a large variety of sailing conditions and boat options available.

We have created an easy way to begin planning a yacht charter and identify what you need to decide, with useful tips and links along the way. Follow our 8 steps and tips to successfully and efficiently begin planning a yacht charter without the hassle.

1. Think about what destination you want to visit

Europe? The Caribbean? Greek Islands? Croatia? The world is wide with plenty of world-class sailing destinations.

Where do you want to sail to? There are some superb sailing destinations all over the world, the first thing to do when planning a yacht charter is to decide which destination you want to visit. This can also depend on what time of year you want to go on a yacht charter.

Sailing Seasons. The Mediterranean or European yacht charter season typically runs from May until October, with some variations depending on locations. The Caribbean yacht charter season typically is from October to March but can begin earlier and last until April, with yacht charters being booked up until June depending on the year. Asia and the Indian Ocean typically have a high season for yacht charters between January and April. The South Pacific’s high season runs from April through to August. These seasons should be noted down and taken into consideration when planning a yacht charter.

2. Read our blog

We have created a blog filled with both sailing inspiration and useful information.

Sailing Blog. We have created a go-to sailing blog with information about types of yacht charters, destinations, best times to visit a destination, great sites to see, useful tips, expert knowledge, and places to find useful information. When planning a yacht charter and an itinerary it is easy to get overwhelmed with information about the yacht charter options, different boats, and destinations. So we strive to create a blog which is useful for everyone no matter what information they are looking for when planning a yacht charter.

3. Contact one of our experts

We have a team of knowledgable and expert sales staff, who can offer advice and recommendations.

Expert Advice. Our sales team prides themselves with their sailing knowledge, personal experience, and recommendations. So whether you are planning a yacht charter for the first time or just look for planning a yacht charter itinerary suggestions, what to pack or places to visit, our sales team can offer advice on all of these questions.

Unique Experience. We employ knowledgeable sales representatives who have been sailing on many of the yachts we offer for charters, have worked with the smaller brokers, and have visited a large number of the marinas and destinations we offer. All of which are beneficial when planning a yacht charter.

4. Look through our itineraries

We have searched and used our experience to make the ideal itineraries to use when planning a yacht charter

Sailing Itineraries. After you have chosen and decided where you want to go on a yacht charter, you can then start planning a yacht charter itinerary, which locations would you like to stop at marina’s you want to stay at or overnight anchorages. We have you covered, we have created an extensive list of itineraries for a wide range of locations all over the world.

Our itineraries. Our sailing itineraries are a great way to start your planning a yacht charter itinerary. We have created our itineraries as a base for you to plan your charter, with ideas of where to anchor or moor overnight, places to shop, restaurants, and great destinations to visit.

5. Identify any sites or islands you want to visit

Wherever you decide to go on a yacht charter, we can help you find great sites to visit.

Historic Sites. On a sailing itinerary and when planning a yacht charter itinerary you should identify sites to visit and see. The Mediterranean, Europe, the Caribbean, and other locations are filled with historic sites dating back hundreds of years. Historic sites, marinas, and islands have hidden treasure to visit and see.

Beaches. One thing most yacht charters have in common are beautiful beaches. Whether it’s an island, cove or bay, visiting a beach is a great way to spend a day or drop anchor in front of, beaches are beautiful to look at as well as walk on. When planning a yacht charter itinerary make sure you identify any beaches you may want to drop anchor at or anchor overnight at.

6. Download our yacht charter ebook

We have created a ultimate guide to yacht charters ebook

Planning a Yacht Charter. We have created an ebook which identifies and explains the different types of yacht charters available. We explain the difference between a crewed charter, bareboat, and more to help you decide which charter is best for you. This is a great tool to utilise when planning a yacht charter, with useful information about cabins available, check-in times, and destinations available.

Our Ebook. You can download our ebook by following the link below and keeping it as a reference for future use.

7. Book your flights

You can utilise websites to help with booking flights

Book Your Flights. After you have decided where you want to go and have contacted one of our team to organise and continue planning a yacht charter, it’s time to book your flights. There are a number of useful websites available to compare airlines and identify what flights are available to your yacht charter starting marina.

Useful Websites. While there are a large number of airline comparison websites some offer different things than others. One of the best and easiest to use is Skyscanner where you can compare airlines, flight times, and departure airports. Skyscanner can be a very useful tool when planning a yacht charter and finalising all of your details with links back to where the flights can be found and booked.

8. Think about any extras

Do you want a crew? Do you want to preorder groceries or any additional equipment?

Extras. When you have booked and are planning a yacht charter, you can decide if you require any additional extras, do you want luggage storage, groceries, a hotel room for the night before or after, a crew, skipper, chef, paddleboards, bedding, snorkels or anything else you can think of. One of our sales representatives can organise these any many other things for you on your yacht charter.

Planning a Yacht Charter. When you begin planning a yacht charter you can think about and identify what extras you would like for your charter. You can find out more by contacting one of our sales representatives.

9. Set sail

Your Ready To Set Sail

Set Sail. Once you have organised and finished planning a yacht charter, itinerary, and completed the required paperwork, you can relax and count down the days until you set sail.

Do you have any more tips for planning a yacht charter or itinerary? Let us know your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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