South Ionian Sailing Itinerary

Enjoy the Greek paradise of Ionian Islands

South Ionian Sailing Itinerary

Gentle breezes, secure anchorages and iridescent waters make the Ionian the ideal sailing holiday destination. We confidently recommend our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary, for those making their first steps in the sailing world, as well as our more experienced sailors looking to relax and unwind.

We have carefully selected our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary, to provide an easy and relaxed experience (Level 1). It is ideal for families and couples, but also for people wanting to avoid the rush of busy ports.

Our Guide to the South Ionian Sailing Itinerary

Home to the legendary “Odysseus”, the Ionian Sea consists of 7 main islands (also known as the “Heptanese”), but during your sailing adventures, you’ll find many more smaller islands to explore.

The South Ionian Sailing Itinerary starts in Lefkas. From there, you will visit Meganisi, Kefalonia and Ithaka, as well as some of the smaller and more traditional islands and mainland destinations.

Each island, harbour, and town have their own character; from the cosmopolitan Fiskardho, the traditional Lefkas to the peaceful Kastos and the pine-clad bays of Meganisi- there is something for everyone in our South Ionian Sailing  Itinerary.

  • Getting There

    The South Ionian is well served by flights and buses. If you prefer flying, you’ll find a lot of charter flights to Aktion airport near Lefkas (May-October). From there a taxi can comfortably take you to your boat (usually 30-40EUROS). Buses from Athens and other Greek cities run all year round with reasonable prices, and if you’re a big roadtrip fan, it should take you 2-3 days to drive to the Ionian through France and Germany.

  • Mooring

    Mooring in most of the places in our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary is “stern to” with mooring lines or anchor at the bow. You can also enjoy “free-swinging” in idyllic, secluded bays, with or without long-lines ashore.

  • Weather

    Generally sunny and warm with light breezes in the afternoon, the South Ionian really is a sailor’s paradise.

Drop Your Anchor, Sit Back and Enjoy the Bluest Blue.

 Day 1

Lefkas Marina → Varko Bay → Meganisi Island (10.4 NM)

Only 30 minutes away from Lefkas marina, Varko bay’s white sandy beach and iridescent blue waters offer a breathtaking welcome to the Ionian Sea with a quick swim just before you head into harbour.
For your first night in the South Ionian Sailing Itinerary, we suggest Meganisi island, just South of Lefkas! There you’ll find 4 anchorage options each with its own beauty. From the mesmerising Port Atheni where you can enjoy the rare phenomenon of waters that glow like stars in the dark, to the picturesque Porto Spilia, there really is something for everyone!

Overnight Anchorage: Choice of free-swinging or stern to with mooring lines.
Book In Advance : Porto Spilia (+30) 26450 51233  /  Porto Vathi (+30) 26450 51084

Day 2

Meganisi Island Caves → Sivota,Lefkas Island (6.9 NM)

Day 2 of our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary and we’re feeling a bit adventurous! How about some cave exploring around Meganisi Island? Some of them big enough for your whole sailing yacht to go in, others approachable by dinghy,we promise the caves won’t disappoint you!
After that, hopefully the wind will have picked up, just enough for a nice sail up to the beautiful Sivota harbour, where you can enjoy one of the safest anchorages in the Ionian and of course the world-famous Greek cuisine!

Overnight Anchorage : Stern to with mooring lines on the town quay.
Book In Advance: Sivota (Yiannis) – (+30) 26450 31180

Day 3

Sivota,Lefkas Island → Fiscardo,Kefalonia Island (10.7 NM)

Day 3 of your South Ionian Sailing Itinerary and we’re thinking Kefalonia island! Fiscardo in Kefalonia is a town worth visiting not only at night but in the daylight as well. So get in the bay early, as it can get very busy later on, find a good spot and start exploring.
And that’s not all there is to see! Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are available to you in walking distance!
Ideal for snorkeling with crystal clear turquoise waters, Emblisi beach in Kefalonia is truly a dream. And the fact that this little paradise on earth,is only 5 minutes away from Fiscardo, means that you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing for as long as you want, without having to rush into harbour.

Overnight Anchorage: Stern to with anchor on the town quay.

Day 4

Pera Pigadi Bay,Ithaca Island → Kioni,Ithaca Island (8.7 NM)

For your 4th midday stop in our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary we suggest the “Pera Pigadi bay” at the SE tip of Ithaca! A must go destination, with clear blue waters and breathtaking cliffs all around, this bay won’t disappoint even the most demanding of sailors.
And a week in the Ionian wouldn’t be complete, without a stop at the legendary island of Ithaca,home to Omiruses Odysseus. We suggest Kioni, a picturesque village with impressive amphitheatric architecture and traditional tavernas on the waterfront.

Overnight Anchorage: Stern to with anchor on the town quay.

Day 5

One House Bay, Atoko Island → Kalamos Port (14.4 NM)

On the SE tip ot the inhabited Atoko Island, you will find “One house bay” perfect for a lunch stop and a swim. As the name suggests, there is only one house on the island belonging to a fisherman and his family.Anchorage there is good holding with sand, but we wouldn’t suggest staying overnight.
Easily identified from miles away, Kalamos island is truly a gem. One of the few beautifully traditional islands left in the Ionian Sea, with clear turquoise waters even in the harbour and heartwarming locals, treating every visitor like family, it is the ideal stop for your 5th night on the South Ionian Sailing Itinerary.

Overnight Anchorage: Stern to with anchors or mooring lines on the town quay.
Book In Advance: Kalamos (George) – (+30) 2646091358

Day 6

Asprogiali Bay, Kalamos Island → Ampelaki Bay, Meganisi Island (9.5 NM)

The South Ionian Sailing Itinerary then moves on to Asprogiali bay on the North tip of Kalamos Island, which will leave you in awe with it’s deep blue waters contrasting the breathtaking cliffs and eye-catching green scenery in the background.
After a nice lunch break there, follow the map up to Ampelaki bay in Meganisi Island, sit back and devour your “5000 star hotel” view.

Overnight Anchorage: Anchor off with long lines ashore.

Day 7

Free Sail → Lefkas Island (13.3 NM)

Its Friday and you need to head back to the marina. Did you think there weren’t any more places to see on the South Ionian Sailing Itinerary or you didn’t have enough time? Think again dear sailors!
Free sail Friday calls for some amazing last minute stops! With Varko bay and Akrotirion Kefali on mainland being on the top of the list for a swim break in turqoise waters, you really shoudn’t miss the always busy and lively Nidri Just outside of the Lefkas canal and the world-famous Skorpios island, originally owned by Greek multi-millionaire Aristotle Onassis.

Overnight Anchorage : Stern to with mooring lines in the marina
Contact: Lefkas Marina VHF channel 69

Indicative Yachts and Prices for a South Ionian Sailing Itinerary Cruise.

Bavaria 32: Prices from £ 821

Bavaria 33: Prices from £ 899

Elan 344: Prices from  £ 937

Bavaria 37 (Comfort): Prices from £ 1124

Bavaria 37 (Super Premier): Prices from £ 1274

Bavaria 39 : Prices from £ 1274


*All prices are per boat, for one week. For more yacht options and exact prices, please contact us

Join us now and try our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary.

South Ionian Sailing Itinerary

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