Gentle breezes, secure anchorages and iridescent waters make the Ionian the ideal sailing holiday destination. We confidently recommend our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary, for those making their first steps in the sailing world, as well as our more experienced sailors looking to relax and unwind.

We have carefully selected our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary, to provide an easy and relaxed experience (Level 1). It is ideal for families and couples, but also for people wanting to avoid the rush of busy ports.

Our Guide to the South Ionian Sailing Itinerary

Home to the legendary "Odysseus", the Ionian Sea consists of 7 main islands (also known as the "Heptanese"), but during your sailing adventures, you'll find many more smaller islands to explore.

The South Ionian Sailing Itinerary starts in Lefkas. From there, you will visit Meganisi, Kefalonia and Ithaka, as well as some of the smaller and more traditional islands and mainland destinations.

Each island, harbour, and town have their own character; from the cosmopolitan Fiskardho, the traditional Lefkas to the peaceful Kastos and the pine-clad bays of Meganisi- there is something for everyone in our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary.

Getting There

The South Ionian is well served by flights and buses. If you prefer flying, you'll find a lot of charter flights to Aktion airport near Lefkas (May-October). From there a taxi can comfortably take you to your boat (usually 30-40EUROS). Buses from Athens and other Greek cities run all year round with reasonable prices, and if you're a big roadtrip fan, it should take you 2-3 days to drive to the Ionian through France and Germany.


Mooring in most of the places in our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary is "stern to" with mooring lines or anchor at the bow. You can also enjoy "free-swinging" in idyllic, secluded bays, with or without long-lines ashore.


Generally sunny and warm with light breezes in the afternoon, the South Ionian really is a sailor's paradise.