Are you looking for the ideal, strong winds and sailing thrill of the Solent without the cold temperatures? Then the North Ionian might be just the place for you. Home to the North Ionian Regatta, which attracts up to 100 sailing yachts each year, the northern part of the Ionian Sea, is well known for it's ideal sailing conditions, sunny and warn weather reports and mesmerizing anchorages.

We confidently recommend our carefully selected North Ionian Sailing Itinerary, for our slightly more experienced sailors (Level 2) looking for their next adventure out in the Greek waters.

Due to the slightly bigger, but definitely manageable distances between the islands, our Itinerary is ideal for those looking for mile-building routes, with a total of 101,93 nautical miles covered throughout the week.

Our Guide to the North Ionian Sailing Itinerary

Home to the legendary "Odysseus", the Ionian Sea consists of 7 main islands (also known as the "Heptanese"), but during your sailing adventures, you'll find many more smaller islands to explore.

What is interesting about our North Ionian Sailing Itinerary is the contrast between the places you'll get to visit. From the cosmopolitan and proud representative of the Venetian culture and architecture Corfu town, to the breathtaking combination of blue and green hues in Lakka bay to the traditional fishing villages, one thing is for certain. You'll be going home with more than a handful of stories and experiences to share.

Getting There

The North Ionian is well served by flights, buses and ferries. If you prefer flying, you'll find a lot of charter flights to Corfu airport (Easyjet flies to Corfu regularly). From there a taxi can comfortably take you to your boat in the marina (usually 20-30 EUROS). Buses from Athens and other Greek cities run all year round with reasonable prices, and if you're a big roadtrip fan, it should take you 2-3 days to drive to the Ionian through France and Germany. Modern and fully eqquipped ferry boats run daily from Igoumenitsa (mainland ) as well as Italy.


Mooring in most of the places in our North Ionian Sailing Itinerary is "stern to" with mooring lines or anchor at the bow. You can also enjoy "free-swinging" in idyllic, secluded bays, with or without long-lines ashore.


True to Mediterranean standards, weather in the area of our North Ionian Sailing Itinerary is usually very warm and sunny, with the wind gusting up to 20 - 30 knots, providing excellent opportunities for a good day's sail.