Dubrovnik 4 day Itinerary

Time short? Try this amazing 4 day trip.

Dubrovnik Sailing Itinerary

It hardley matters whether your eyes are feasting on the wonders of Dubrovnik old town for the first or the thousandth time, the complete sense of awe never fails to descend.

It’s hard to imagine anyone becoming tired of the city’s marble streets, baroque buildings and the endless allure of the Adriatic at its feet.

Once you have discovered this amazing city, enjoy looking back on it as you sail into the remarkable islands and head for the pretty Elafiti Islands less than 2 hours sail away, followed by the Koločep, Lopud and Šipan on this stunning archipelago.

Day 1 – ACI Marina Dubrovnik to Šipan Island

Šipan (pronounced [ʃǐpan]) also Sipano (Italian: Giuppana) is the largest of the Elaphiti Islands, 17 km (11 mi) northwest of Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Since early Roman times they have been known as the  ‘Elafiti’ (Deer’s Islands).  There are two main villages on the Island of Sipan: Sipanska Luka and Sudjuradj.

Just one hour and a half sailing from Dubrovnik, this is your first chance to escape urban life and enjoy Sipanska Luka. The people here still live as their ancestors did.Meet the island of Sipan and its typical Dalmatian village Sipanska Luka. You will be stunned and delighted by crystal clear sea, scented pine woods combined with the rich history of the island; full of myths and legends. Add a quiet summer night, and you have planned the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Day 2 –  Šipan Island to Mljet Island (National Park Ploače/Pomena)

Pomena is a little settlement on the west coast of Mljet Island, about 29km from Sobra and 5km from Polace. The population of 50 swells considerably in summer when tourists come to admire visit the Mljet National Park. Despite the seasonal influx, Pomena is still very much a fishing village; few visible concessions are made to the sporadic tourist industry save some simple accommodation and a few restaurants.

From Pomena, it’s easy to visit the Mljet National Park. A shady path leads 200m to Malo Jezero lake where you can catch the boat to the monastery on Sv Marija Island or rent a bicycle to pedal along the national park lakes. There are also hiking trails leading to Polace and other small settlements. Just outside Pomena village is a sheltered cove where many yachts drop anchor.

Dubrovnik Old Town"It’s hard to imagine anyone becoming tired of the city"

Day 3 –  MljetIsland to Pelješac/Ston/Kobaš Islands

Ston is a small town located at the south of the peninsula Peljesac.

The whole Peljesac peninsula has about 2500 dwellers of which only 600 live  in Ston. Ston was a military fort of the Ragusan Republic whose defensive walls are among the most famous in the world: there is a 900 meter (3,000 foot) long town wall and 5 km (3 miles) Great Wall outside the town. The walls extend to Mali Ston (Little or Small Ston), a smaller town on the northern side of the Peljesac isthmus and the end of the Mali Ston bay.

It is interesting to note that the Ston walls are the second longest defensive walls in the world, second only to the Great Chinese wall. Its former purpose as a “salt city” can be seen even today in the factory of the oldest active salt-works in the world. These saltworks have remained faithful to the tradition and to the natural way of salt production going back many centuries.

The gulf of Mali Ston with places Mali Ston, Hodilje, Luka, Duba has a clean and natural environment. It has been well-known for its mussel and oyster growing farm since Roman times; the oysters from Ston (ostrea edulis) are an acknowledged natural aphrodisiac making this region world-famous.

In the Ston channel, protected from the wind, settled two small towns  Kobaš and Broce known for nautical tourism.

The Pelješac peninsula has, since ancient times, been adorned with grapevine plantations and wine production and has a long tradition of one of the most important commercial activities.

Day 4 – PelješacIsland – Dubrovnik Old town to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has many epithets, but none of them prepare you for the sheer perfection of the region. The location, the views, the colours, building materials, everything comes together as a wonderfully vibrant, brilliant, whole.

On our tour of Dubrovnik’s Island you can fully experience the magic of this fascinating city and its beautiful Islands. Join us as we discover Dubrovnik and its Islands.

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