Healthcare in Croatia For Your Next Sailing Holiday

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Healthcare in Croatia For Your Next Sailing Holiday

What Kind of Care Can You Expect If You Are Ill When in Croatia?

Getting sick can really bring down an otherwise ideal trip so it’s best to be prepared as the unexpected can happen at any time. Whether you get injured, pick up a stomach bug, or have a toothache that won’t quit, you might need to rely on the healthcare in Croatia at some stage.

Croatia is part of the European Union and healthcare in Croatia is considered to be of a high standard that’s also affordable compared to the similar level of care in the UK. That all makes planning for your Croatia sailing holiday a lot more stress-free than you might expect.

Use this healthcare in Croatia guide to help you know what to expect, how the Croatian healthcare system operates, and what type of care is available for travellers.

Healthcare in Croatia For Your Next Sailing Holiday

1. Croatian Healthcare System

The Ins and Outs of Healthcare in Croatia

Similar to England, Croatia has a universal healthcare system that provides public insurance to its citizens. Citizens are required to contribute towards mandatory public insurance based on their individual ability to pay and they have access to hundreds of healthcare institutions around the country.

There are close to 80 hospitals and clinics and local ambulances and doctors are usually available on the Croatian islands if you are in need of healthcare in Croatia. In the case of an emergency, local authorities can hire a helicopter or other fast transport to a major hospital. 

Croatia was also one of the first countries in Europe to react to the Coronavirus pandemic with public health guidelines published in late January 2020, stating advice on travel and requirements for visitors. 

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2. What Kind of Health Insurance is Available?

Find Out What You Have Access to While in Croatia

If you hold a European Health Insurance Card (or there is a signed health insurance convention between Croatia and your home country), medical service is mostly free for tourists, although this insurance shouldn’t be solely relied upon. If this does not apply, then healthcare in Croatia costs will need to be paid directly at the time of service unless you have separate travel insurance. (Note: UK citizens these cards are only valid through 2020)

The cost of a regular consultation is approximately up to 350 KN (~€46) while emergency intervention by sea is charged 3000 KN (~400 €). Make sure you’ve got the right level of travel insurance that will cover you for health-related incidents on your sailing holiday.

If you’re in the need of some more serious dental work then consider combining your sailing trip with a trip to the dentist. Dental medicine in Croatia is very affordable when compared to that of the UK making dental tourism a big draw for many travellers. 

Dental fillings can cost you from 250-400 KN (€33-€53) and placing a crown is approximately €270. Even if you do just get a toothache, consider consulting with a private dentist instead of spending the day in a hospital waiting room.

3. Healthcare in Croatia Tips for Your Sailing Holiday

Quick Tips to Make Sure You’re Prepared
  • Make sure you read up on and follow the Government’s latest health advice before you go.
  • Dial 112 in an emergency.
  • Summer in Croatia can be hot, especially in the south, so heat exhaustion and sunstroke can be a risk for sailors. So bring with you hydration tablets and make sure you drink plenty of water during your trip.
  • Be mindful of sea urchins around rockier beaches. Consider rubber swim shoes for both the beach and water.
  • All medication (even over the counter ones like painkillers) are only sold at pharmacies. 
  • Research and look up healthcare in Croatia if you have any special medical needs or requirements in your daily life.

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