Yacht Charter Check-in and Check-out Process

Learn all about the check-in and check-out process on a yacht charter

What is the yacht charter check-in and check-out process?

Here’s your guide to the yacht charter check-in and check-out process

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Yacht Charter Check-in and Check-out Process

You have booked your yacht charter and flights and it’s almost time to set sail. Now you are starting to think about what to do when you arrive and information about the check-in process.

Well, we are here to help guide you through the yacht charter check-in and check-out process and make it as smooth as possible while making sure you also get everything you need and are required to do.

Before Your Charter

You have booked your charter and spoken to our knowledgeable sales team and they have given you all of your yacht charter information.

What else do you need to do before you depart?

Pre Check-in

Once you have boarded your flight or arrived at your destination, it’s time to wait for your check-in time. Yacht charter check-in times are usually around 5pm or 6pm. However occasionally the opportunity to book an early check-in (around 1pm or 2pm) can occasionally occur.

Usually, check-in times are in the afternoons, so if you have booked a flight, make sure you arrive at your destination at least two or three hours before your yacht charter check-in time to ensure you aren’t late. For example, if you have a check-in time of 2pm in Split, Croatia ensures you arrive in Split at 12pm, so a good flight would arrive before 10am.

Alternatively, you could arrive in Split the day before your yacht charter and get a hotel for one night and spend the day of your check-in exploring the city or buy provisions for your boat before you check-in for your yacht charter.

First things first, make sure you find out where the marina or yacht charter base is and arrive at the office in plenty of time.

Make sure you have the following with you at check-in:

  1. Your passport and/or ID
  2. Booking details
  3. Credit card for the deposit
  4. Proof of insurance (optional)
  5. Boat licence (if you have booked a bareboat charter)
  6. VHF radio licence
  7. Logbook (if required)

You should also be prepared for the following additional fees or extras depending on what you booked:

  • Extras you’ve booked, such as a chef or hostess, pre-purchased supplies, an outboard engine for the dinghy, an early check-in, a safety net, Wifi, paddleboard, etc. (ensure they’ve been added)
  • Mooring fees
  • Necessities (drinking water and electricity)
  • Provisions (this can be booked or purchased before your charter)
  • Refuel at the end of the charter


If you have booked a skipper, hostess or additional crew services, you will meet them at check-in or on the boat. At this point, you will be shown to your boat.

The base manager will take you through the yacht and tell you everything you need to know about it. They will show you every part and room of the boat, any technical things about the boat, and check the water and gas tanks. At this point, you can ask any questions you wish or express any concerns you may have.

You will also receive the official boat papers and everything you need for your yacht charter.

It’s now time to set sail!

Check-out Process

You have had a great week sailing and unfortunately, your yacht charter has come to an end and it’s time to return your boat to the base.

Unless you have made special arrangements, you are required to return the boat to the base the evening before your check-out date. In the Mediterranean, most operators would ask to come back to the base the day before (Friday) by 6pm for the official check out, and then you sleep on board.

Depending on your chosen sailing destination, you may find local village restaurants in the marina, port or nearby villages to enjoy a nice meal before you return home.

On the day of your check-out, the base manager will inspect your boat and let you know what else needs to be done to complete your check out. You need to leave the boat no later than 9am on Saturday.

You can also let the manager know any feedback you might have about your charter or the boat.

Post Charter

After your yacht charter, you will have memories that last a lifetime, and if you wish, you can send us some pictures from your trip and leave us feedback from your yacht charter.

Please note that you should always leave a report at the base if you have any complaints. This will help us better assist you if you have any issues with your yacht charter.

Have you ever been on a yacht charter? What was your check-in and check-out process like? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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