Specialist Sailing Insurance

Specialist sailing insurance that covers sailors when away on their sailing adventures is hard to come by.  Using specialist sailing cover is highly recommended as many standard policies do not cover everything you might expect. How many standard insurance policies will cover you for being heli-lifted off your boat?

Comprehensive Yacht Charter Insurance Online

Charter Insurance & Deposit Insurance - For Skipper & Up to Nine Crew Members

Take a good look at the packages Basic, Silver, Gold and Premium to see what will suit your needs. Next, decide whether you need the optional product Bond Plus supplement with your Charter Insurance. While the rest of the insurance cover remains unchanged, Bond Plus increases the existing bond insurance by additional 3000 €.

You can also book the product Bond Plus separately from the rest of the offered packages right up to the day of departure.

After selecting a package, you have still the option to deselect the deductible in case of damage for a premium supplement.

Nice Options:

  • Can be broken up into charter insurance and deposit insurance.
  • No requirement to have charter insurance to have bond insurance.

Killer Feature:

  • Liquidation insurance for operator and broker.

Yachtsman's Single and Annual Travel Insurance

Underwritten by Lloyd's of London underwriters, providing you with peace of mind and security when you need it most.

Includes offshore sailing, racing and event fees. Annual policies also include non-marine related trips abroad too:

  • Simple online application, payment and documentation
  • Personal Accident limits up to £50,000
  • Medical & Repatriation limit £5,000,000
  • Personal Liability limit £2,000,000
Topsail with sailchecker

Yacht and Motorboat Charter Excess waiver

Topsail Insurance can provide you with this Charter Excess Waiver cover with your Yachtsman’s Travel Insurance.

What is Excess?

Quite simply, if you hire or “charter” a boat and it gets damaged or stolen, you may be required to pay the ‘Excess’ (or “deductible” or lose a “deposit”) and this is the amount of money that you have to pay in the event of an insurance claim.

What is Charter Excess Waiver Insurance?

Charter Excess waiver insurance is an additional cover, which protects you from these ‘excess’ costs you would otherwise have to pay.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say your charter boat is involved in a collision and it costs £2,000 to repair the damage. Under the terms of your charter agreement, you have to pay an ‘excess’ of £500 to the Charter company or boat owner, and their insurance company pays the rest of the repair costs (£1,500). If, however, you have – ‘excess insurance’ – you won’t have to pay the £500 and only pay the standard travel policy excess.

Topsail with sailchecker
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  • isaac


    I wanted to know if it would be possible to get a quote to insure our gullet yacht based in turkey. The boat is currently registered under the USA flag, but we are in the process of re-registering the ship under the New Zealand Flag as we are from New Zeeland; the boat is currently undergoing a major renovation as it has been out of Walter for three years du to covid, we have someone in Fethiye Turkey who can do a report and insurance valuation,

    The boat is 27m in length. It was built in Turkey in 2000 has five cabins. I will also link the boat’s website. https://www.sailoncarolina.co

    • Christopher Lait

      Hi Isaac, with regret, we are not licenced to ast as insurance broker. We are able to signpost and I hope you found our artilce on Specialist Sailing Insurance Helpful.

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