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One-Way Yacht Charter – 5 Things You Need to Know

Are One Way Yacht Charters Recommended?

We look at the pros and cons of a one way yacht charter.

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What is a One-Way Yacht Charter?

There are roughly three types of one way yacht charters.

The first is where the operator is large enough to have a Base at both ends. This is the best kind of one-way yacht charter as the base will have technical resources at both locations. Often the schedule will be arranged so that the next guest starts their charter from your disembarkation point. Despite being the preference, due to logistical issues, they are rare.

The second kind of one way yacht charter is somewhat similar, with at least an operator’s representative at both ends. Typically this is a one-way charter between two bases where the operator only has a formal base at only one of them. You may have to arrive and disembark early with this kind of one way yacht charter to allow the boat to be returned to its primary base.

You disembark and check out in person in both of these one way yacht charters. In the last, the hybrid one way charter, you either make the arrangements yourself or entirely at your own risk if aided by your operator. Here you disembark at your choice of destination, leaving your skipper, or one you have hired, to return the boat to the base according to your charter agreement.

… You may have to arrive and disembark early with this kind of one-way yacht charter.

1. One-Way Yacht Charter Base to Base

Of the one way charters, this is the most sought-after. The advantage of being looked after by a fully operating base cannot be underestimated. A typical one-way yacht charter would be from our base partner’s base in St Martin to their sister base in the British Virgin Islands.

2. One-Way Yacht Charter Base to Rep

The most common one way yacht charter. The operator likely has a base at one of the locations, either your point of embarkation or point of disembarkation. They will have local representatives to handle the check-in and check-out procedures essential to peace of mind yacht charter.

3. Hybrid One-Way Yacht Charter

This is the kind of one way yacht charter we get most requests for and typically advise against it (See below).

With this kind of one way yacht charter, all the risks lie with you. Another way to look at this kind of one way is that strictly speaking, it’s not. You are simply getting off at a different location and making arrangements for the boat to return according to your agreement without you.

4. Advantages of a One-Way Charter

The advantages of a one way yacht charter seem compelling. Many circular routes entertain some repetition to make the work well. Maybe the same island, but a different port or bay. You can also go further and enjoy both the disembarkation point and where you joined the yacht.

The most famous example is Split to Dubrovnik – imaging being about to enjoy both of Croatia’s Coastal gems without travelling between them.

5. Disadvantages of a One-Way Charter

One way charters need a lot of thought and planning, especially if it’s a hybrid, where you are responsible for returning the boat. The operator will expect you to do all you can to get the boat back to them, regardless of the weather. If they need to intervene, beware, they will use your deposit to make those arrangements.

You also have the matter of refilling and checking out while not being present. You are placing a great deal of responsibility on your skipper, who might not want that. If there are any deductions for the deposit, you won’t be there to argue about it – one reason why many operators don’t like this kind of charter.

It often means heading far away from the base, which means any support you might need becomes more problematic. In most cases, your operator will not want that risk of not supporting you properly and, therefore, will advise against doing the trip that way.

If you decide to go on a hybrid one way yacht charter, we recommend you talk to your operator, agent, or advisor about it in detail. Their experience will be invaluable to reducing risks where possible.

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