5 Questions All Families Have Before Their First Boating Holiday

We asked families what questions they had about their first family boating holiday

What do you want to know about a family sailing holiday?

Here’s your guide to a family sailing holiday

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5 Questions All Families Have Before Their First Boating Holiday

A family boating holiday is a perfect way to relax and spend quality family time together while experiencing a unique and wonderful adventure.

Around the world, there are many incredible family sailing holiday destinations to visit and experience. But you might be worried to go on a family boating holiday – but you shouldn’t be!

A family boating holiday is a perfect way to spend quality time together and explore a new destination. A family boating holiday will teach children new things and let them explore the world.

Is a Family Boating Holiday Safe?

The first thing most parents think about when deciding to go on a family boating holiday is, is it safe to sail with children. The answer to this question is yes!

A family boating holiday with children has significantly higher benefits than problems. Sailing with your family and children gives you all an opportunity to learn new skills, spend quality time together and explore the world in a safe environment.

Safety briefings are provided for all boats, lifejackets and other boat safety equipment will be on board, along with side railings and other safety requirements.

What Should I Pack?

When travelling as a family or with young children, it’s normal to pack a lot for a holiday. A family boating holiday is no different. You will pack everything you need and more.

On a yacht charter, you might think it’s not so easy as just jumping in a car to go to a supermarket or mall. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Marinas and overnight anchorage spots often have supermarkets, restaurants and small boutique shops to purchase anything you may have forgotten.

That being said, you don’t have to pack anything unusual for a family boating holiday – plenty of suncream, swimsuits, light clothing, a rain jacket and a first-aid kit.

We have created a guide to help you figure out what to pack and what to leave at home.

What Type of Yacht Should I Rent?

Depending on the number of people in your group or family, your sailing experience depends on the type of boat you should choose. There are lots of size boats, catamarans, monohulls and superyachts.

For a family boating holiday, a catamaran will provide a more stable sailing experience and will have more room for your family to relax without being too crowded. A monohull boat will give a more thrilling sailing experience for more experienced sailors or enjoy sailing monohull yachts.

You can also choose between a bareboat charter or a flotilla depending on your sailing experience, qualification and where you want to go on your family boating holiday.

To skipper a bareboat charter yacht or participate in a flotilla outside the Caribbean, you are likely to need a practical sailing certificate equivalent to RYA Day Skipper Practical, International Certificate of Competence (ICC), ASA 103, 104 or above.

For charters in Greece, you are required to hold an ICC certificate. You must also be assisted by a crew member who is over 18. They don’t need a formal sailing qualification but will be named in the books.

For charters in CroatiaMalta and the Canaries, at least one crew member or the skipper will also need a VHF licence.

Will My Children Get Bored?

A family boat holiday will be anything but boring!

Things to do and see on a yacht charter will depend on the destination. For example, a yacht charter in Croatia can involve visiting islands, exploring Split, Dubrovnik or Zadar, enjoying lunch or dinner in local ports and more.

On a typical family boating holiday, you can anchor the boat a swim, snorkel, visit beaches, explore marina towns, venture further afield at the destination, enjoy dinner or lunch in a port or village. And if that’s not all, you can also add paddleboards or kayaks to your yacht charter for even more things to do and see.

Where Should I Go?

The most common destinations that come to mind when you think of the yacht charters are Greece, Croatia, the BVI, and other Caribbean islands. But really you can go on a family boating holiday anywhere you wish to.

Around the world, there are many incredible family sailing holiday destinations to visit and experience. Our top five choices are – CroatiaGreece, Turkey, the British Virgin Islands and Menorca.

These picks provide great things to see and do, along with calmer sailing conditions and great overnight mooring options for a family boating holiday.

Have you ever been on a family boating holiday? Let us know your comments, tips or advice in the box below.

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