How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht on the TV Show Below Deck?

Learn all about the yachts featured on Below Deck.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht on the TV Show Below Deck?

Here’s your ultimate guide to the yachts featured on the TV show Below Deck.

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How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht on Below Deck?

We have all watched Below Deck and admired the incredibly luxurious super yachts and dreamt of taking a yacht charter on one.

With luxury cabins, 5-star service and over the top requests, Below Deck seems like a dream to most people, but in fact although a yacht charter on these yacht seem unattainable to most, yacht charters aren’t as expensive as you would believe.

So how much does it cost to charter a yacht on Below Deck? Many of the boats they use in the show are actually currently available for charter. We will give you detailed information about the yachts and the costs associated with them. But we will also give you affordable alternatives for you to get out on the water and embark on your own yacht charter.

This detailed guide will let you know everything you need to about how much it costs to charter a yacht on Below Deck.

What is Below Deck?

Below Deck is an American TV reality series which follows super yacht crew members around as they work during the charter seasons.

The original Below Deck series has currently run for eight seasons, with yacht charters taking place in Sint Maarten, the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, Tahiti, Phuket Thailand and Antigua.

The series has several spins off including Below Deck Mediterranean which has currently run for six seasons, with yacht charters taking place in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain and France.

Other spins off include Below Deck Sailing Yacht (Greece and Croatia) and Below Deck Down Under (Australia).

What Yachts Do They Have On Below Deck?

Each season of Below Deck has a different boat and a different location.

The superyachts they have used on Below Deck vary throughout the seasons are uniquely named, some using their real names and others changing the name for the show.

  • Season 1 of Below Deck featured a yacht named Honor (now Lumiere), a 163.8 foot 1999 Benetti yacht.
  • Season 2 featured a yacht named Ohana (real name Rhino) which is a 154-foot yacht.
  • Season 3 featured a yacht called Eros (now Mustang Sally), a 161-foot yacht built by the founder of Tim Hortons.
  • Seasons 4 & 5 featured a yacht called Valor (now BG), a 153.9-foot yacht built in 1990 by Dutch company Feadship.
  • Season 1 Mediterranean featured Ionian Princess’s boat, a 150-foot yacht built in the US in 2005.
  • Season 2 Mediterranean featured a boat called Sirocco, a 154.2-foot yacht built-in 2006 by a Dutch company.
  • Season 3 Mediterranean featured a yacht called Tailsman Maiton, a 177.8-foot yacht built-in 2006.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht on Below Deck?

The yachts on Below Deck have high weekly price tags ranging from $140,000 a week to $271,500 a week.

Boat Size Price Charter Length
Ohana (real name Rhino) 154 foot $140,000 A week
Ionian Princess 150 foot $170,000 A week
Sirocco 154.2 foot $211,600 A week
Talisman Maiton 177.8 foot $271,500 A week
My Seanna (real name Starship) 185 foot $260,000 A week

Some of the superyachts featured on Below Deck are not available for weekly rentals as they have been brought or sold by private owners. Either before the shows filming took place, or since the show has aired.

How Much Does It Cost For You To Charter a Yacht?

Yacht charters vary in price depending on multiple factors, including:

  • The destination
  • The type of boat
  • Whether the boat is crewed or a bareboat charter
  • The time of year you decide to take a charter
  • The season which you want to charter a boat
  • What extras do you want to purchase
  • The duration of your charter

A typical charter can range from $8,000 for a Lagoon 46 in the early season in Croatia to $90,000 for a Lagoon Seventy 7 in the high season.

In the table below, you can see the typical prices for a weekly yacht charter in Croatia for three different types of catamarans. Depending on the season, time of booking, availability, and location, prices will vary.

Season Lagoon Seventy 7 Lagoon 620 Lagoon 46
Early Season $75,000 $23,300 $8,000
High Season $90,000 $23,300 $15,000
Mid Season $72,000 $23,300 $10,500
Late Season $61,000 $23,300 $8,000
APA (pp) $1,200 $1,000 $0

Where Can I Charter a Yacht?

Yacht charters are available all around the world. Check out some of our sailing itineraries for more ideas. Yacht charter prices vary depending on location, season, and type of boat.

A yacht charter price can vary depending on many factors, including whether you want it crewed or as a bareboat charter or if you want to charter a monohull or catamaran.

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to charter a yacht on Below Deck? Let us know your thoughts on the Below Deck TV show.

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