Cuba as a Yacht Charter Destination

Last Chance to see…

We only really learned about sailing in Cuba recently.  Although many of our team have had extensive experience of sailing in the Caribbean, not one of the team had sailed in the largest of the Caribbean islands, Cuba. that was until quite recently.  A friend took a yacht from Trinidad and has been kind enough to share some of the great photos taken here.

Richard Joins the Band

Richard Joins the Band during our Sailing Charter in Cuba

We also asked him some Questions, out of this, we got 5 great reasons to Charter a Yacht in Cuba.

Q.  What is different from the rest of the Caribbean chain?

A.  The term ‘unspoilt’ is an over used term in travel writing. Yet it is the one you are drawn to when searching for superlatives to describe the amazing island.

Cigar Smoking Cuban Man seen during Sailing Holiday in Cuba

Cigar Smoking Cuban Man seen during Sailing Holiday in Cuba

Q.  Are the people really that friendly?

A.  Here we encounter one of Cuba’s many contradictions.  You will see the population living in some of the worst conditions anywhere.  Falling down and dilapidated buildings are everywhere.  At the same time, everyone is very healthy and there is little evidence of any shortages in the basics.

Q.  Would you consider a Yacht Charter in Cuba again?

A.  100%.  This country is truly amazing.  I would highly recommend talking time out to see Havana and Trinidad like we did. do a combination that I found very appealing.

Q.  Is there a must do in Cuba for you?

A.  Almost too many to say!  If I am being honest, the ‘must do’ is to do it soon.  The landscape in Cuba is changing before your eyes. The pros and cons of that are to be debated elsewhere, but the fact is it is changing fast.  My best bit of advice is to see it before if changes.

Q.  We haven’t really asked about the sailing.  Can you elaborate?

A.  This is not a place for short day sails.  At least twice you will have long sails to get too and from the archipelagos.  That sais, it’s refreshing.  I am used to the BVI where int all 5 to 10 mile hops.  The sailing is more open that in those areas because the there is less shelter from a running sea.  At night it can go quite flat which is useful for getting back up wind in good time.

Don't mess with the Chef!

The Chef!

What’s Our View?

Cuba is a stunning destination beyond any measure.  This country is abound with contradictions that will confound many and inspire others.  Its a country of revolutionaries  dreamers and poets.  We agree with our interviewee, this is a place that should be seen sooner rather than later.




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