Cuba Sailing – 5 Great Reasons Why You Should Yacht Charter In Cuba

Cuba as a Yacht Charter Destination

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Cuba Sailing – 5 Great Reasons Why You Should Yacht Charter In Cuba

Cuba sailing has often been overlooked with people tending to opt for the more popular Caribbean islands.

Frozen in time, Cuba is filled with over 300 beautiful beaches, a deep history, a one-of-a-kind culture, colourful buildings, and unique artwork.

Cuba sailing is great if you want to explore the islands history, coves, bays, coffee plantations, quaint towns, and great anchorages.

Only recently has Cuba sailing become more popular, with much of our team having extensive experience of sailing in the Caribbean but none of the team has sailed the Caribbean’s largest island, Cuba.

A friend of the team took a yacht from Trinidad and has been kind enough to answer some questions about Cuba sailing.

Cuba Sailing - 5 Great Reasons Why You Should Yacht Charter In Cuba

Question 1: Why Is Cuba Different From The Rest of The Caribbean?

Answer: The term ‘unspoilt’ is a very overused term in travel writing. But when trying to find the words to describe Cuba no other words come to mind. The island is amazing and off the beaten track, with beaches and very few resorts and hotels spoiling the island.

Question 2: Are People Really That Friendly?

Answer: Here we encounter one of Cuba’s many contradictions. You will see both sides of the population living differently, with a big rich and poor divide. Buildings falling down and some buildings in prestige condition. At the same time, everyone walking around is healthy and there is little evidence of any shortages of the basics.

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Question 3: Would You Consider Going On Another Yacht Charter in Cuba?

Answer: I would 100% go Cuba sailing again, the country is truly amazing! I would highly recommend taking time out to see Havana and Trinidad as we did.

Question 4: What Is One A Must Do In Cuba?

Answer: There are almost too many to say! If I am being honest, the ‘must do’ is to go soon!. The landscape in Cuba is changing right before your very eyes. The pros and cons of that are to be debated everywhere, but the fact is the country is changing fast. My best piece of advice is to see Cuba before it changes.

Question 5: We Haven't Really Spoke About Sailing, How Was Cuba Sailing?

Answer:  This is not the place for short day sails. At least two days we had long sailing days, in order to get too and from the archipelagos. That being said, it’s refreshing.

I am used to sailing in the BVI where it is all 5 to 10-mile hops between islands and destinations. The sailing is more open than in the BVI because there is less shelter from the sea. At night the water is quite flat which is useful for getting back upwind in a good time.

What's Our View?

Cuba is a stunning destination beyond any measure. This country is filled with contradictions that will confound many and inspire others. It’s a country of revolutionaries dreamers and poets. We agree with our interviewee, this is a place that should be seen sooner rather than later.

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