2022 Yacht Charter

9 Reasons Why You Should Book Your 2022 Yacht Charter Now

9 Reasons Why You Should Book Your 2022 Yacht Charter Now

The coronavirus has impacted the yacht charter community throughout the spring, with travel restrictions in place worldwide and many yacht charters being rescheduled to later in the year or a 2022 yacht charter.

This impact on the yacht charter community has resulted in many yachts being booked very early for the 2022 yacht charter season. This means it is more important now than ever before to book your 2022 yacht charter now.

2022 Yacht Charter

In this article, we have identified nine reasons why you should book your 2022 yacht charter today, including receiving your first choice of destination, the first choice of a sailing boat, and early booking discounts.

Now is the perfect time to book your yacht charter for next season with discounted prices, but this won’t last for very long with charters getting booked earlier than ever before and they will fill up earlier than ever before.

Our Role in Relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our role as your agent is to advise you on the potential risks of travel in our areas of operations and the implications of cancellation. Each operator and insurance has individual policies, yet we will summarise what most offer concerning cancellation.

As your agent, our role is to advise and update you on anything that could affect your charter. The recent outbreak of a new virus is an obvious concern to many. There are still many unknowns and we monitor World Organisations, the government and operator’s advice closely.

9 Reasons Why You Should Book Your 2022 Yacht Charter Now

1. To Receive Your First Choice of Sailing Boat

First Choice of Sailing Boat. Each year there are weeks and months which are more popular than others. Boats are chartered and booked far in advance during these times, up to one year in advance for some destinations. These popular times are between July and August (Mediterranean) and December and January (Caribbean).

Availability. The availability of boats during these busier periods will be smaller due to the coronavirus and everyone rescheduling 2020 and 2021 yacht charters for the 2022 yacht charter instead. This means that summer 2022 yacht charters will book out a lot faster than usual. With less availability of boats during that period for the destinations you want to visit.

Book Your 2022 Yacht Charter Early. The earlier you book your 2022 yacht charter, the more likely you are to receive the boat of your choice in the destination of your choice.

2. Early Booking Discounts

Early Booking 2022 Yacht Charter Discounts. Right now we have some great offers on early booking of a 2022 yacht charter, with exclusive discounts of booking now, in addition to early booking discounts and offers.

Make The Most Of Offers. As boats begin to fill up with a 2022 yacht charter, these discounts will disappear, when the number of boats available decreases so do the discounts. Right now there are still boats available with discounts which can include a percentage off, free paddleboards, or other perks and benefits to make your yacht charter great value for money.

3. Lots of Bookings Made Due to the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Has Impacted 2022 Yacht Charter Bookings. 2022 yacht charter bookings have been directly affected by the coronavirus, with many people who had yacht charters booked and scheduled for spring or early summer in 2020 have moved their yacht charters to either late summer 2020 or spring 2021. This has made the bookings for 2022 increase, with many boats and locations already being fully booked for summer and spring 2022.

Long Term Effects. The effects of the coronavirus will mean that a 2022 yacht charter will be fully booked way before their usual dates, with less last-minute availability and preferences available.

Book Your 2021 Yacht Charter Today. To ensure you get the chance to book your 2022 yacht charter and get your first choice of boat and destination, we are advising everyone to book their 2021 yacht charter today. This will ensure you receive your first choice boat.

4. First Choice of Dates

2022 Yacht Charter Dates. One of the most important and best reasons to book your 2022 yacht charter now is that you get the first choice of dates and boats you would like to charter. With popular summer dates filling up quickly booking your charter now would help to guarantee the availability of your desired 2022 yacht charter dates now.

Summer Bookings. During the summer yacht charters are in high demand with everyone wanting to book and embark on their yacht charter within the same six or eight week period meaning the most popular sailing boats and pre-bookable moorings are taken the quickest. With the increased demand and booking already made for summer 2022 yacht charters time is running out.

5. First Choice of Destinations

First Choice of Destinations. Booking your 2022 yacht charter now means you get the first preference of destinations, marinas, and drop off locations. Many marinas and yacht charter companies only have a limited number of boats harboured at specific marinas to begin your yacht charter.

Itineraries. Once you have your specific 2022 yacht charter destination in mind you can decide upon the week and your starting location. Do you want to explore Greece’s Ionian Islands? The French Riviera, Ibiza, or the Aegean Islands? Where do you want to go and visit?

6. 2021 Peak Season Will Sell Out Before Normal

Sold Out. The 2022 yacht charter peak season will fill up quicker than seasons have in the past with everyone rescheduling and moving their trips from 2020 or spring/summer 2021. Normally you can find some great deals in December of January for European charter but they will more than likely have sold out well before January depending on how long travel bans are implemented for.

Book Today. Booking your 2022 yacht charter today will help you. make the most of discounted rates and first choice of boats before they are all booked for the season.

7. Something To Look Forward To

Give You Something To Look Forward To. Booking your 2022 yacht charter will give you something in the future to look forward to, getting something organised and planned. Something to make you excited for the coming year and get away from the cold nights and short days in 2021 winter.

8. Current 2022 Discounts

2022 Yacht Charter Discounts. Right now there are some great discounts on a 2022 yacht charter, varying from between 5% to 20% discount, depending on the location and time of year. Our partners in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and all around the world, offer unique discounts for our customer’s thanks to our great relationships with them.

Unique Discounts For Our Customers. Our partners worldwide offer amazing discounts for our customers, extending money off and offering great discounts bigger than other yacht charter companies.

Contact Us Today. Contact one of our expert knowledgeable staff today for up to date discounts and deals for a 2022 yacht charter. Our sales staff can offer expert advice from what are the best destinations, the best time of year to take a charter, and we can find your perfect boat.

9. Flexible Terms For 2022 Yacht Charter Bookings

Flexible Terms. Due to the coronavirus, many of our partners are now offering flexible terms for early booking. Although these vary from partner to partner, it is best to check with one of our knowledgeable sales team who will give you advice and let you know all the terms for the specific 2022 yacht charter you are looking for.

Vary From Partner To Partner. Depending on the location and type of 2022 yacht charter, the terms will vary with cancellations.

9 Reasons Why You Should Book Your 2022 Yacht Charter Now

Have you booked your 2022 yacht charter yet? Or do you have any more reasons to add? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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