The Ultimate Guide to Yoga and Sailing

Discover Everything You Need to Know About Yoga and Sailing

The Ultimate Guide to Yoga and Sailing

Yoga is a form of exercise that involves meditation, stretching, and helps with flexibility and breathing which boost physical and mental well being. Yoga is an ancient art form that originated in India. There are many different forms of yoga, from classic yoga, Buddhist yoga, Jain yoga, Advaita Vedanta yoga, Tantric yoga, Hatha yoga, Laya yoga, and Kundalini yoga. 


Yoga is practiced all around the world, in many different forms with hot yoga, paddleboarding yoga, classic yoga, and acro yoga, all forms are popular around the world. Yoga and sailing is a combination of yoga classes and yacht charters. 

Yoga and sailing is a yoga retreat on the water with yoga classes being taken at multiple times throughout the day, at sea, while being calm in the ocean. Yoga retreats are popular all around the world where people spend a week or a few days practicing daily yoga, sometimes in the morning and at sunset. They combine yoga with water activities such as surfing, paddleboarding, or activities such as fitness, hiking, and weight loss, in addition to meditation or wellness.

The Ultimate Guide to Yoga and Sailing

A yoga and sailing charter is a great way to practice yoga in a relaxing environment while at sea, quiet, and peaceful. A yoga and sailing charter can combine many things such as sailing to different destinations, hiking, exploring towns and attractions, in addition to being on the water.

In this guide we will explain everything you need to know about yoga and sailing, in addition to how you can get involved and experience a yoga and sailing charter for yourself. 

1. Why Should you go on a Yoga and Sailing Charter?

Yoga and Sailing. A yoga and sailing charter is the perfect way to combine yoga and sailing along with being at sea, swimming, sailing to different locations, and disconnecting from the world. 

Benefits of Yoga and Sailing. There are many benefits of yoga and sailing charter, from wellness, disconnecting from reality, helping your physical and mental well being through yoga practice. All this in addition to being surrounded by the ocean, nature, and the ability to relax on beaches, sail into the wind, and meet like minded people.

2. Yoga and Sailing

The Perfect Combination. Yoga and sailing are the perfect combination, with a relaxing and quiet peaceful environment of a boat combined with the ability to move around destinations, and enjoy being at sea. 

Imagine This. Imagine waking up every morning and heading to the front of the sailing boat or venturing to a deserted beach to partake in your morning yoga session, relaxing and peaceful surrounded by nature.  

Rest Of The Day. After your morning yoga session you enjoy a breakfast in the outside dining area of the boat, followed by sailing to a cove to swim or paddle board enjoying the water. Venture in land to a local town for lunch and to explore. An early afternoon swim followed by an evening sunset yoga session at golden hour. Then dinner at the back of the boat surrounded by the stars. 

Additions. Some yoga and sailing charters also include massage therapists and meditation session.

3. Destinations

World Wide. Yoga and sailing destinations are available all around the world, from the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and further afield. Some of the most popular destinations are greece, Corsica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Mallorca, Menorca, Greece, Croatia, and many more destinations around the world. If you have a specific sailing destination in mind there will be a yoga and sailing charter in that destination.  

Different Form Of Charter. You can take a yoga and sailing charter to a large number of destination, this provides and alternative way to charter a boat. There could be groups of 6 to 8 people (depending on the size of the boat), these people will be like minded and want to practice yoga. This is a great way to sailing an individual or solo traveler, meeting new people and making friends.

4. Special Yoga and Sailing Charters

Yacht Charters. A yoga and sailing retreat or charter is a great way to experience sailing if you don’t have a crew, qualifications, or experience. Sailing for some people can be daunting, but a charter is a great way to experience it for the first time, with charters having skippers, crew, chef, and instructors onboard. 

Instructor. A yoga and sailing charter is just like a regular crewed charter and you can add a yoga instructor to your charter as a member of the crew. It’s a great way to have additional activities on your charter.

5. Wellness On Board

Yoga. Yoga is about many things, one of which is about being present and encouraging well being. A yacht charter tends to be a peaceful experience (if you choose it to be), with the open ocean, nature, calming water, and the sound of the ocean. 

Culinary Chef. On a yoga and sailing charter there can be a chef on board who will cook delicious meals, these meals will be prepared freshly on board and you can dine in comfort in the dining area of the boat.

6. How To Book

Booking Your Yoga And Sailing Charter. You can book your yoga and sailing charter today. We have knowledgeable and expert staff ready to find your perfect charter. We have access to companies which provide yoga and sailing charters all around the globe, specifically in Greece. 

SailChecker Staff. We work hard to find the best charters possible for our customers at the best prices possible. We combine all the sailing boat and charters around the world to find one that will meet your requirements.

7. Do It Yourself

I Already Have A Crew. An alternative way to go on a yoga and sailing charter is to book a yacht charter, either bareboat, catamaran, or crewed and within your group you can take part in daily yoga classes. 

Online Classes. There are lots of yoga teachers on YouTube with a large number of videos with every part of yoga. One of the best yoga teachers on YouTube is Yoga with Adriene. On your own charter you can decide your itinerary, destination, and daily schedule.

The Ultimate Guide To Yoga and Sailing

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