The Essential Guide to a Belize Yacht Charter

Discover everything you need to know about a Belize yacht charter.

The Essential Guide to a Belize Yacht Charter

Belize is located in the Caribbean and is a small country in Central America, south of Mexico and next to Guatemala. Belize is home to the second-largest coral reef in the world named Mesoamerican Reef, which runs 350NM from Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) all the way down the coast of Belize. This is the perfect location for a Belize yacht charter, snorkelling with over 50 species of corals, 500 species of tropical fish, whale sharks, and seabirds.

Belize is a great place to sail year-round on a Belize yacht charter. Year-round easterly trade winds blow between 15 and 22 knots, guaranteeing calm waters with short passages and line-of navigation.

With all the wonders that Belize holds, you can be sure a Belize yacht charter will offer a vacation of a lifetime in one of the most vibrant places in the world.

A Belize yacht charter has something for everyone whether you are a history buff, beach person or someone who likes to explore, it is the perfect destination for everyone.

In this guide, we hope to give you an insight into everything you need to know about booking and going on a Belize yacht charter.

Weather on a Belize Yacht Charter

Weather on a Belize Yacht Charter. The best time to go on a Belize yacht charter is anytime. Belize prominently has a subtropical climate with an average year-round temperature of 27c (80f). During the year winter storms can bring with them cooler weather and the temperature can drop to between 16 and 18c (60f). Alternatively, the summer can bring with it hotter weather up to 35c (90f) but winds trade winds blow along the coast making even the hottest of weather feel cooler. Belize has both a dry season from December to May and a wet season from June to November which is the same as hurricane season, and while rare hurricanes can occur during this time. The water temperature ranges between 26 and 28c (79 to 83f).

Belize Charter. Tidal ranges within this area range from 30cm to 60cm (one to two feet). On a Belize yacht charter you can find out more about weather forecasts and weather alerts on the following channels;

  • Bases will provide 24-hour forecasts

Wind Conditions on a Belize Yacht Charter

Belize Yacht Charter. The best months to go on a Belize yacht charter are any time of year. The winter months are pleasant with cooler but dry weather and the summer months are warm with wetter weather. The winter months are mild, with great sailing conditions, warm during the day and cooler. A Belize yacht charter is an ideal all year round sailing destination. 

Wind Conditions. Belize experiences year-round trade winds blowing along the coastline. During the dry season from December to May the wind speeds vary from 15-20 knots from a northeasterly direction to an easterly direction by February. During the dry season from June to November, the winds change from an easterly direction to a southeasterly direction blowing between 15 and 20 knots. 

Best Time to go to Belize

When is the best time to go on a Belize yacht charter? Any time of year is a great time to go on a Belize yacht charter, depending on the individual’s availability.

Seasons. Belize has a subtropical climate with wet hot summers and very mild dry winters, the temperatures varying and cooling off during the winter season with less humidity. During the summer months, the chance of rainfall is significantly higher than during the winter months. The summer months are warmer but also wetter with a high chance for a hurricane in hurricane season as well as unpredictable winds.

Belize is a Great Sailing Destination

Great Sailing Destination. Belize is located in Central America neighbouring Mexico and Guatemala. Belize has a western Caribbean oceanfront that runs along with the Mesoamerican Reef which begins at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula and stretches 350NM down the coastline. Belize has over 400 cays many with reefs and over 50 species of coral and over 500 species of tropical fish. 

Belize Yacht Charter. On a Belize yacht charter, the passages tend to be short and with line-of-site navigation. The coral reefs and cays can make navigating difficult with shallow waters and course-plotting or charts are recommended. A Belize yacht charter is great for everyone. with endless cayes and snorkeling spots as well as great calm sailing. 

Caribbean Itineraries

Caribbean Sailing Itineraries. There is no better way to discover Belize than sailing; the most beautiful beaches, mountains, and towns. Either you prefer a flotilla or a bareboat charter, these itineraries are ideal to follow, in order to discover the hidden beauties of the country. You can also combine a Belize yacht charter with a Caribbean charter which could involve nearby countries and islands.

Places Not to Miss on a Belize Yacht Charter

Places to Visit. Belize is filled with wonderful places to visit and places to anchor or swim on a Belize yacht charter. Here are some recommendations for the best places to visit in Belize.

  • Whipray Caye – 4 miles northeast of Lark Caye, with some great fishing, a small number of restaurants and bars.
  • South Water Caye – Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site this caye is located on the barrier reef.
  • Palms – Beautiful beaches
  • Cocoa Plum Caye or Thatch Caye Resort – Northern boundary of the South Water Marine Reserve, these remote islands are beautiful and have great beaches and restaurants.
  • Lagoon Caye – A deep water lagoon.
  • Quamino Caye
  • Slasher Sand Bore
  • Victoria Channel
  • Hatchet Caye – Natural beauty, activities, and great accommodation.
  • Placencia
  • Lark Caye 
  • Ranguana Caye – A section of the great barrier reef.
  • Queen Cayes

Best Time to Book a Belize Yacht Charter

Best Time to Book a Belize Yacht Charter. The best time to book a Belize yacht charter is now! We have fully qualified and knowledgable sales advisors who can find your perfect Belize yacht charter and help make your sailing dreams come true.

Expert Advice. Our sales advisors can give you recommendations of areas to visit, itineraries to follow, and help with choosing the perfect boat for your trip. Our sales advisors have great knowledge of the boats and area, as well as wind conditions and weather at specific times of the year.

The Essential Guide to a Belize Yacht Charter Guide

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