7 Best Places to Sail on a Caribbean Yacht Rental

Caribbean Yacht Rental: Read Our Guide on the Best Places to Sail

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7 Best Places to Go On a Caribbean Yacht Rental

Caribbean Yacht Rental

Caribbean yacht rental is the perfect winter vacation, in the sun and social distancing, enjoying your vacation out on the ocean. The Caribbean encompasses over 7,000 islands over 13 sovereign states and 17 dependant territories, each one offering something unique on a Caribbean yacht rental.

In this guide to the 7 best places to go on a Caribbean yacht rental, we will explore these seven countries to give you a better understanding of each and help you to decide which is the best country to discover on your Caribbean yacht rental.

Caribbean Yacht Rental: 7 Best Places to Go

1. British Virgin Islands

Ideal for Sailors of All Abilities

The BVI is one of the most famous and well known Caribbean yacht rental destinations. The BVI is a collection of well-developed marinas, with picture-perfect beaches, mild wind, and line-of-sight navigation.

The perfect time to go on a Caribbean yacht rental to the BVI is between December and April, although other times of the season are quieter and peaceful also.

Some highlights of a BVI charter are snorkeling, exploring a shipwreck, spend the evening dancing a beach bar, visit Willy T, or eat a seafood specialty restaurant.

2. St Lucia

Natural Beauty and Wonder

St Lucia is a dream Caribbean yacht rental destination for nature lovers with rainforests to explore, waterfalls, a volcano, and the Piton mountains to explore.

The countries year-round steady trade winds make it a sailors paradise with the best months to visit being May and June when the island is filled with cultural events and a daily weather temperature of 30c (86f).

Whether you want to take a dip in the Sulphur Springs mud bath, explore the waterfalls, hike The Pitons, or just take to the open water St Lucia is the perfect Caribbean yacht rental destination for everyone.

In St Lucia, you will also find Spanish, French, and British influences.  This means that there are cricket tournaments, Caribbean style curry dishes, as well as Calypso, Socal, Reggae, Compas, Zouk, and Salsa music.

3. Bahamas

Over 700 Islands to Explore

The Bahamas are a Caribbean yacht rental secret, with over 700 islands to explore, easy-to-challenging sailing areas, gentle light winds, line-of-sight navigation, and much more, the Bahamas are perfect for everyone.

In the Bahamas, you can visit deserted islands, some of the finest scuba-diving spots in the world, visit Pink Sands beach, Swim or dive with sharks, and fry up some local fish.

On a Caribbean yacht rental, the perfect time to visit the Bahamas are between September and May, outside of Hurricane season, and when the weather is between 18-27c (65-82f). The winter months are the busiest with many people choosing to take their Christmas vacation in the Bahamas. Whatever time of year you visit there is sure to be something happening on the island with carnivals and festivals taking place throughout the year.

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4. Antigua

There are No Bad Days in Antigua, the Sunniest of the Eastern Caribbean Islands

Antigua is located in the middle of the Leeward Islands, Antigua is a destination filled with natural beauty, a vibrant live music culture, and water which boasts thousands of shades of blue.

This Caribbean yacht rental destination is a quiet paradise that has over 54 miles of coastline to enjoy, with over 365 beaches, all with white sand and natural beauty. Antigua does not only have beautiful beaches there are ample opportunities and places to snorkel in the coral reefs (may even spot a Hawksbill sea turtle), take a hike up to Fort Barrington, and you can even zip line through the rainforests.

The best months to go on a Caribbean yacht rental to Antigua are between November and April when the wind tends to blow steadily from a northeasterly direction between 10 and 12 knots.

5. St Martin/St Maarten

St Martin is located in the Northeast Caribbean Shared by France and the Netherlands

St Martin or St Maarten is a unique island located in the Caribbean, which is shared between France (St Martin) and the Netherlands (St Maarten), this gives it a unique blend of cultures, different from the other islands on our Caribbean yacht rental list.

The island has a traditional European flair with French pastries and colonial history. St Maarten on the Netherlands side is lively with bustling nightlife, shopping, dining, and events, while the French side is quieter and less-developed.

The best time to visit is between January and June with trade winds blowing and many festivals and events taking place during these months.

6. St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Perfect Blend of Inland and Sailing Activities

St Vincent and the Grenadines are a great Caribbean yacht rental destination for exploring with 36 separate islands, coral reefs, hiking spots, a crater of an ancient volcano, white sandy beaches, Botanical Gardens, and even a historic fort Fort Charlotte.

May and June are the two best months to visit this Caribbean yacht rental paradise with pleasant temperatures, a 12-day Vincy Mas Carnival, and miss the high season traffic.

St Vincent and the Grenadines have something new to explore every day, with itineraries visiting Salt Whistle Bay (one of the prettiest bays in the Caribbean),  or snorkeling in the Tobago Cays Marina Park, or even just anchoring and swimming off your boat in the warm seawater, there is something for everyone.

7. Martinique

The island is often referred to as the “Isle of flowers”, due to its floral and green natural ecosystems.

Martinique is a nature lovers paradise, this Caribbean yacht rental destination is filled with beautiful landscapes, white sandy beaches, the Mont Pelee volcano, and rugged landscapes in the north.

This French-Caribbean island has a lively capital of Fort-de-France, which has an abundance of history, museums, architectural wonders, and narrow streets to explore. This is usually the starting place for all Martinique sailing itineraries.

The best time to visit Martinique on a Caribbean yacht rental is between December and June, which is the period of least rainfall and between 10-15mph winds from an easterly direction.

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