Martinique Sailing Itinerary - North Route

Discover Martinique With Our North Itinerary

Martinique Sailing Itinerary – North Route

Martinique is a tropical Caribbean paradise with a French and Caribbean fusion of cultures, with historic influences from both cultures. The island is mountainous with luscious green rainforest, along with extinct volcanoes, including Mont Pelee. Our Martinique Sailing Itinerary explores the best parts of the islands and the surrounding islands.

The island is often referred to as the “Isle of flowers”, due to its floral and green natural ecosystems. Culture, colour and liveliness thrive throughout the island, with colourful festivals, music, dancing and delicious Creole cuisine all creating the perfect island vibe. Our Martinique Sailing Itinerary makes the most of all these traditions and cultures.

Our Guide to the Martinique Sailing Itinerary – North Route

Our Martinique sailing itinerary offers two unique and wonderful itineraries, one proceeding to the north and another to the south. Both of these two itineraries explore and discover the best Martinique has to offer, as well as the surrounding Caribbean islands.

The North Martinique sailing itinerary begins in Martinique and proceeds to Dominica and Guadeloupe.

  • Getting There

    You can fly into Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport (FDF) Fort-de France, to begin our Martinique sailing itinerary. This airport has direct flights from Paris, Miami, Toronto, Milan and Frankfurt (seasonal), and other Caribbean islands. These flight also connect to areas all around the world including Europe, the rest of the USA, and further afield.

  • Mooring

    Marina moorings and anchorages are available throughout our Martinique sailing itinerary and in all of our recommended destinations and overnight stops. In our Martinique Sailing Itinerary, the overnight anchorages will always be in sheltered bays or coves, with either a sandy or muddy seabed, ideal for anchoring. Caution should be taken when throwing over an anchor to allow for the variation in the tide: the tide can go up and down between 10 and 50cm. 

  • Weather

    Martinique has a predominately subtropical climate, with average temperatures reaching between 19c to 30c during the day and between 17c and 21c in the evening. Between June and November, it is hurricane season, where winds may increase suddenly or without warning. Between December and June, winds tend to reach between 10-15mph and tend to come from an easterly direction.

Martinique Sailing Itinerary - North Route

Discover Martinique, Dominica And Guadeloupe With Our Martinique North Route

Day 1

Le Marin Marina → Petit Anse D’Arlet (13NM)

Petit Anse D’Arlet 

Our Martinique Sailing Itinerary begins in Le Martin Marina, where you can embark your boat and enjoy some chill out time before heading to Petit Anse D’Arlet – the first overnight stop on your Martinique Sailing Itinerary. On the way to your overnight stop you can sail past Diamond Rock, which is a rock formation which resembles the shape of a sunken warship. The English Navy named the rock formation HMS Diamond Rock during the Napoleonic wars. Petit Anse D’Arlet is an ideal place to anchor, swim and snorkel for the evening, while also exploring the French Caribbean town and its delicious specialty Creole cuisine.

Day 2

Petit Anse D’Arlet → St Pierre (8NM)

St Pierre

From Petit Anse D’Arlet our Martinique Sailing Itinerary heads to the town and port of St Pierre. St Pierre has a large number of activities on and off the water including a museum, old fort, old jail, and a Caribbean open market. The town is backed by tropical rainforests which make the perfect places to hike and discover the exotic plants which call the area home. Closer to the water St Pierre offers great diving with sunken shipwrecks to explore, swimming in the bay or just exploring the black sandy beaches and volcanoes.

Day 3

St Pierre → Roseau, Dominica (7NM)

Roseau, Dominica

Day three of our Martinique Sailing Itinerary takes us from the island of Martinique to the nearby island of Dominica and the town of Roseau. Roseau has lots to offer visitors with hiking trails, superb diving locations, and beaches to relax on. Great anchorage is available just off the shore of the Anchorage Hotel, but be aware of the Atlantic swell and allow for extra movement with the anchor line.

Day 4

Roseau, Dominica → Portsmouth, Dominica (8NM)

Portsmouth, Dominica

After exploring Roseau our next destination is Portsmouth, which is one of the last existing Carib Indiana settlements located within the Caribbean. Portsmouth is a natural paradise with waterfalls, an Emerald pool, boiling lake, a syndicate forest and Leeward islands, which are filled with beautifully coloured parrots. You can disembark your boat and head to Fort Shirley or the Cabrits National Park where you can trek or take a canoe trip up Indian River.

Day 5

Portsmouth, Dominica → Les Iles Des Saints, Guadeloupe (38NM)

Les Iles Des Saints, Guadeloupe 

Next on our itinerary is a journey to another beautiful island, called Guadeloupe. From Portsmouth our itinerary crosses the ocean to Guadeloupe and Les Iles Des Saints. A great place to spend the night is at Bourg des Saints, a little village with red tiled roofs and elegant balconies. A nearby island named Island Terre D’En Haut is a great place to stop and explore before mooring for the night. The island is home to a 1867 Napoleon Fort, which is great to hike up. The island also has a museum filled with antique furniture, French Naval artefacts, beaches, and the Le Chameau lookout tower. Portsmouth is a great place to go for a night dive.

Day 6

Les Iles Des Saints, Guadeloupe → Base Terre, Guadeloupe (15NM)

Base Terre, Guadeloupe

Heading from Les Iles Des Saints our Martinique Sailing Itinerary moves towards Base Terre and the volcanic mountain of Mount Soufriere. An ideal overnight mooring is in the marina Riviere Sens, which offers all the facilities and amenities for the perfect overnight stop. A 20 minute walk from the marina will bring you to Fort Delgres where you can hike and explore the area. 

Day 7

Base Terre, Guadeloupe → Pointe Pitres, Guadeloupe (18NM)

Pointe Pitres

Pointe Pitres is the last destination in our North Martinique Sailing Itinerary. Pointe Pitres is the most important town in Guadeloupe, with a large number of shops and restaurants all surrounded by Caribbean architecture such as unique archways and roofs. It’s the perfect place to relax and explore on the final day of our North Martinique Sailing Itinerary.

Martinique Sailing Itinerary

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