St. Lucia Sailing Itinerary

Revel in the Culture and Beauty of St. Lucia's Atmosphere.

St. Lucia Sailing Itinerary

A St. Lucia sailing itinerary has an abundance in culture in the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. Music, language, cuisine, and intellect come together to create a truly unique kind of magic. Pair all of that with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and you’ve got a little slice of paradise. Our St. Lucia sailing itinerary brings you to St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and other idyllic islets for the experience of a lifetime. 

Our Guide to the St. Lucia Sailing Itinerary

Welcome to St. Lucia. We’ve curated the best of the best for our St. Lucia sailing itinerary – so you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this Caribbean utopia. Here you’ll enjoy amazing hiking trails, luxurious boutique resorts, exhilarating adventure activities, and delectable seafood.

With Spanish, French, and British influences, St. Lucia has a beautiful blend of cultures. This means that on St. Lucia you’ll find cricket tournaments, Caribbean style curry dishes, as well as Calypso, Socal, Reggae, Compas, Zouk, and Salsa music. With a deep and interesting history, there’s no shortage of beautiful island tradition in which you can partake.

  • Getting There

    The best way to get to St. Lucia is by flying into the Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) just 40 miles south of St. Lucia’s capital. If you’re coming from North America, you can get direct flights from major cities like Miami, Charlotte, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, New Jersey and Chicago. There are also direct flights from Canada, the UK, and Germany.

    If you cannot find a direct flight, we recommend connecting in one of the aforementioned locations, or flying into a larger Caribbean hub, like Puerto Rico, Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic. From one of those airports, you can take the regional airline, LIAT, to St. Lucia. More information on getting to St. Lucia, here.

  • Mooring

    For mooring on the St. Lucia sailing itinerary, you’ll primarily find small anchorages, where you’ll be safe for the evening. At every stop along the St. Lucia sailing itinerary you can free-swing in the bays listed. While these might be more no-frills than a marina, you will have everything you need on your boat!

  • Weather

    The best weather for our St. Lucia sailing itinerary, is during May- June. With average temperatures in the high 70s and 80s, St. Lucia has a wonderful climate for outdoor activity and beach days. While late-spring may have the best weather, it’s important to note that The average temperatures never really drop below 70°F. Also – be aware that the summer and late fall is hurricane season in St. Lucia.

St. Lucia Sailing Itinerary

St. Lucia is so beautiful, the island is often called “The Helen of the West”

Day 1 - St. Lucia Sailing Itinerary

Rodney Bay → Pitons Bay

Pitons Bay

Begin your St. Lucia sailing itinerary in Rodney Bay of St. Lucia, you can find everything you need to stock up on provisions. From here you will head to Pitons Bay, where you will find two dormant volcanoes, which you can hike! Maybe St. Lucia’s most famous attractions, these almost identical twin peaks are both 2,000+ feet. To hike the Gros Pitons, the wider volcano, it is about a half-day ascent and you must take a guide.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Day 2

Pitons Bay → Admiralty Bay

Admiralty Bay

Leaving St. Lucia, for day 2 of the St. Lucia sailing itinerary, spend the day at Admiralty Bay in Bequia. From here you can explore the town of Port Elizabeth, with plenty of restaurants, bars, other shore side activities. If you’d like to spend the day moving, hike to the top of the island for incredible views.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Day 3

Admiralty Bay → Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays

Hopping over to Tobago Cays, which is part of the island nation of St. Vincent, here you’ll find total serenity amidst nature. Made up of 5 small islands and coral reefs, Tobago Cays is uninhabited and home to the Tobago Cays Marine. This organization helps preserve, protect and manage the wonderful ecosystem that exists within the crystal clear waters of the cays – which makes the cays a wonderful place for snorkeling on your St. Lucia sailing itinerary.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

  • Mayreau Gardens Reef, Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Purunia Shipwreck, Western coast of Mayreau, Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Day 4

Tobago Cays → Salt Whistle Bay

Salt Whistle Bay

Day 4 of the St. Lucia sailing itinerary takes you to Mayreau Island. Anchor in Salt Whistle Bay, and spend the day exploring. You can hike to the top of the hill, about an hour, which has amazing views from a church. You could also explore a quaint island town, which is home to about only 400 locals.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

St. Lucia Sailing Itinerary

Because of its creole nature, St. Lucia’s cuisine features elements from West Africa, Great Britain, France and East India.

Day 5

Salt Whistle Bay → Kearton’s Bay

Kearton’s Bay

Next stop – Kearton’s Bay on St. Vincent. Upon arrival, you’ll find a beautiful black sand beach, set against the vibrant green rainforest. Here you can find a place to park your beach towel and relax under the sun. When you get hungry – make your way to the cafe located right on the beach for a snack.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

  • Snorkeling, Kearton’s Bay, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Day 6

Kearton’s Bay → Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay

Returning to St. Lucia, day 6 of our St. Lucia sailing itinerary is spent back on St. Lucia. Anchor in Marigot Bay, and head ashore! Called, “the most beautiful in the Caribbean” Marigot Bay is a treasure, for both its beauty and the protection it provides from the weather. You can hike to the village at the top of the hill, or kayak through mangroves, or just relax. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there are options!

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

  • Julietta’s Restaurant & Bar, Castries City, St Lucia

Day 7

Marigot Bay → Pigeon Island → Rodney Bay

Pigeon Bay

For the last day of the St. Lucia sailing itinerary, take a quick trip out to Pigeon Island. Only an hour sail from Marigot Bay, you can immerse yourself in the history of Fort Rodney. Pigeon Island is also a national park, with incredible preserved natural beauty.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

  • Pigeon Island Jambe De Bois Restaurant & Bar, St. Lucia

Rodney Bay

By the end of the day, you’ll need to head back to Rodney Bay to return your boat, for the end of your St. Lucia sailing itinerary. Once you’re all checked out, you can take some time to explore Rodney Bay. Here you can enjoy many different activities, as Rodney Bay is one of the largest towns in St. Lucia. You can visit the Treasure Bay casino, one of the island’s many spas or partake in the happening nightlife.

Recommended Restaurants and Activities:

Have you ever been on a St. Lucia sailing itinerary? Let us know your thoughts or experiences in the comments below.

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