What is a Regatta?
The Thistle

The Thistle

The regatta is defined as a sporting event consisting of yachts, boats and other water vessels or simply regarded as a series of boat races.  The very first Regatta took place in 1955 in Genova, with the seafaring republics- Genoa, Amalfi, Venice and Pisa acting as the four competitors. The eight-rower designed boats called “galleons” were the pioneers, each represented by different colours and figureheads.

Regattas are typically amateur competitions but are usually highly structured with a complete description of the procedures and schedules of the event implemented accordingly.  Although Regattas may sometimes be an event of the championship, they are often held for fellowship, general promotion of the sport and joy of the competition. Throughout the years, it has been regarded as one of the most sought after a maritime sporting event in the different coastal destinations all over the world.

DORADE yacht

DORADE Yacht during the 2012 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

An Acclaimed Regatta

The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta is one of the most acclaimed classic boat race events worldwide, which brings together an astounding collection of yachts, boats and people for some first-rate sailing and infectious fun. It is held annually, usually around April, at the English Harbour, just prior to the famous Antigua Sailing Week. It showcases gorgeous boats and yachts in a fashion show of the classics, showing their vessels off in a grand nautical parade. As part of the festival, an event called Concours d’ Elegance is held a day before the Yacht Regatta. It is an opportunity for the participating owners and crew to show off their lovingly restored classic yachts and well-preserved vessels.

The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta has maintained a steadfast growth, welcoming between 50-60 yachts every year. It is one of the finest and most anticipated events in the sailing calendar, gathering a variety of competitors sailing off the Caribbean. The combination of sailing, hospitality, perfect sunshine, relaxed atmosphere and non-stop partying makes the classic yacht regatta on top of its class.

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