Got any plans for the summer yet? Why not join the BVI Carnival in August and enjoy the colourful Festival as well as the tropical summer heat while sailing across the Caribbean islands?

When is the very best time to visit a place? Carnival time of course!  Festivals are associated with colourful and fun activities, and can be a way to fully experience the true vibrancy and culture of a place.

The BVI Carnival
Colorful costumes

A display of colourful costumes

The British Virgin Islands is known for its Carnival. Unlike in many other countries, a carnival in the Caribbean region is a festival of colours that is rendered through costumes, masquerades, dance and music, calypso, steel bands, and a display of various ethnic food and Caribbean art. Thousands, if not millions of people across the globe come to the BVI Carnival to witness the cultural celebration and everything that the event offers. Not only that! People take this opportunity to enjoy both the Carnival and the opportunity to sail around these picturesque Caribbean islands.

The Sunset is Lovelier during Summer Season
BVI Caribbean Sunset

BVI Caribbean Sunset




The Carnival is staged at the beginning of summer.  This is really cool because this is also one of the best time to sail and enjoy the pristine blue waters of the BVI. Nothing compares to the tropical ambiance in these islands or matches the crystal clear seawater that mimics the colour of the sky.  Sunrise and sunset is something to behold; watch the firmaments fade into ruddy and auburn skies and witness how the islands transform into another nirvana when the evening comes. It’s always fun in the BVI, day and night. And it’s more exciting during  the Carnival. No worries about getting a bare boat or yacht charter as there are enough for everyone who makes advance reservations.

The Essence & History
Slavery in the Caribbean

An Illustration of the Slavery in the Caribbean

For those who love history, the festival is actually held in commemoration of the emancipation of slaves from their colonizers back in 1838. So, if there’s one reason to hold a carnival, that is to celebrate having freedom from slavery! Since the festival showcases artistry, music, and various foods, there will never be any dull moment while in the BVI Carnival. In fact, there may be no enough time to experience all the fun and good things at the Carnival, unless one stays around for some time.

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