Relaxing As Hard as You like…

It is common to think that sailing is all hard work and no play. We see dramatic images of yachts crashing though waves and crews getting soaked in yacht races because their great imagery. But like most activities, there is more than one way to enjoy a pursuit.

Bridging the Gap

There is always the Adventure versus Relaxation worry. Will I get enough adventure will be one persons worry, whilst others will want o know that sufficient downtime and relaxation are the priority. These kind of difference can even occur inside one relationship and often do!

In our expereince here at, we think it’s the best way of getting best of both!

Here are 3 options that you can take on many sailing charters – Personally…? I do all three!

Get involved

See Isobel doing a little winching on a staff day out recently.

Girl Action Sailing in the Solent

On the Winches Looking Galmourous


The coach roof is a great place to chill and unwind whilst you enjoy the panoramic views.

The Girls Relaxing on deck

Chilling out on deck

Be pampered!

Increasingly you have the option of a range of therapies in almost every sailing destination   Depending on your budget, these can be right on board, or during a stop.

Being Pampered on Deck

Being Pampered on Deck is a serious option even on modest budgets

What next?

If you have sailed before, you will know that there are many different factors to your perfect sailing holiday.  If you havn’t, then don’t worry, help is at last at hand is the super friendly free consultancy service.  If all start with a list to our site and tell us a little or a lot.

We won’t waste any time getting in touch and answering all those questions and provide you with great tips and advise.

Who are we?

This article was written by the staff.  Please let us know what you think, there are so many ways to interact with us, we love to talk sailing!

Why not tell us what you thinking in the Facebook Comment Section below – we’d be really interested!


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