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Greece Sailing itineraries

Dodecanese Sailing Itinerary

Discover the Dodecanese Islands in the Southeastern Aegean Sea

South Ionian Sailing Itinerary

Sail the same waters as Odysseus with our South Ionian Sailing Itinerary. You will find tranquil water and a soft breeze - a great yacht charter for relaxation.

North Ionian Sailing Itinerary

Our North Ionian Sailing Itinerary is perfect for a Yacht Charter in Greece. The Ionian Islands have a great blend of cosmopolitan cities and sleepy villages.

Cyclades Sailing Itinerary

Enjoy the Greek paradise of the Cyclades

Cyclades Sailing Itinerary - Paros

Cruise the Aegean sea. Explore the Cyclades, starting from Paros

Sporades Sailing Itinerary

Use our Sporades Sailing Itinerary to escape the crowds and focus on relaxation. Yacht charters in Sporades are good for intermediate sailors and nature lovers.

Saronic Sailing Itinerary

Our Saronic Sailing Itinerary covers the metropolis of Athens to the seaside villages of the The Saronic Gulf. The perfect yacht charter in Greece - Enjoy!

Best Greek Sailing Itineraries - Reviews

For those who love relaxing sailing, enjoy the warm sea and sun, and explore archaeological and historical sites.

British Virgin Islands Sailing itineraries

BVI Sailing 7 Day Itinerary - Handover Day Tips

Handover on Day 8 of our 7 Day British Virgin Island Sailing Itinerary.

BVI Sailing 7 Day Itinerary - Day 7 - Norman Island - Sopers Hole

Norman Island or Sopers Hole our first two choices on Day 7 of our 7 Day British Virgin Island Sailing Itinerary.

BVI Sailing 7 Day Itinerary - Day 6 - Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke on Day 6 of our 7 Day British Virgin Island Sailing Itinerary.

BVI Sailing 7 Day Itinerary - Day 5 - Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay | BVI Sailing Itinerary | Sailchecker on Day 5 of our 7 Day British Virgin Island Sailing Itinerary.

BVI Sailing 7 Day Itinerary - Day 1 - Tortola - Cooper Island Peter Island

Cooper Island or Peter Island - Two Great Beach Clubs or Idyllic Serenity on Offer

BVI Sailing 7 Day Itinerary - Day 4 - Anegada

See Some the World's Biggest Yachts Mooring in this Sheltered Sound

BVI Sailing 7 Day Itinerary - Day 3 - Bitter End Yacht Club or Leverick Bay

Bitter End Yacht Club on Day 3 of our 7 Day British Virgin Island Sailing Itinerary.

BVI Sailing 7 Day Itinerary - Day 2 - Marina Cay or Trellis Bay

A Busy Day Visiting the Wreck of The Rhone or Meander Passed and Arrive Early for Sundowners at Marina Cay, but don't forget the Baths!

BVI Sailing Itinerary

Read our 7 Day British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary and learn about the Fat Virgin, Typical Prices, the Best Time of Year to Visit and all the Hot Spots.

Croatia Sailing itineraries

Split Sailing Itinerary - The North Dalmatian Coast

The North Dalmatian Sailing Itinerary is focused on exploring the amazing islands on board your private yacht, and visiting the most remarkable of them.

Split Sailing Itinerary - South Dalmatian Coast

As one of the top yacht charter destinations, you can't beat Croatia. Our Split Sailing Itinerary will take you to the best stops on the South Dalmatian Coast!

Zadar Sailing Itinerary

Take a breath of fresh air on the beautiful Dalmatian coast and escape the crowds in Zadar - Croatia’s hidden treasure.

Dubrovnik Sailing Itinerary

With the Dubrovnik Sailing Itinerary travelers can experience the magic of Dubrovnik, known as “the Pearl of the Adriatic.”

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Sailing itineraries

St. Vincent Sailing Itinerary

With St. Vincent's lush tropical rainforest and idyllic beaches, our sailing itinerary is perfect for eco-adventurers, looking to explore picturesque scenery.

Malaysia Sailing itineraries

Malaysia Sailing Itinerary

Nature lovers, beach lovers and divers will find peace and tranquility among the islands and the bright turquoise waters in our Malaysia Sailing Itinerary.

Thailand Sailing itineraries

Phuket Sailing Itinerary

Explore and discover what Phuket and the Andaman Sea have to offer, with a choice of either our 7-day or 10-day Phuket Sailing Itinerary.

Saint Lucia Sailing itineraries

St. Lucia Sailing Itinerary

Book a yacht charter for the St. Lucia Sailing Itinerary. Explore rainforest, beach, and mountain in St. Lucia, making it a top Caribbean sailing destination.

Bahamas Sailing itineraries

Bahamas Sailing Itinerary

Our carefully selected Bahamas Sailing Itinerary provides a relaxed experience. It is ideal for people wanting to enjoy gentle winds and stunning snorkelling.

Australia Sailing itineraries

Whitsundays Sailing Itinerary

Our Whitsundays Sailing Itinerary lets you explore the magic on land, exploring the islands, and the magic underwater, exploring the Great Barrier Reef!

Spain Sailing itineraries

Tenerife Sailing Itinerary

Discover Tenerife and the Canary Islands with our Tenerife Sailing Itinerary. Tenerife is known for being a superb sailing destination for everyone.

Ibiza Sailing Itinerary

Incredible island beauty, combined with an electric atmosphere

Mallorca Sailing Itinerary

Experience total serenity on La Isla de Paz in the Balearic Islands with our Mallorca Sailing Itinerary

Antigua and Barbuda Sailing itineraries

Antigua Sailing Itinerary

While Antigua is famous for its gorgeous beaches, there’s so much more to this Caribbean island.

Seychelles Sailing itineraries

Seychelles Sailing Itinerary - Mahé

Enjoy beautiful views, wide open bays, and empty beaches as you explore the beautiful Seychelles, starting from Mahé.

Seychelles Sailing Itinerary

Find sanctuary amidst the world’s rarest flora and fauna

Italy Sailing itineraries

Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary - Tuscany

Experience the immense beauty of the Italian coastline and countryside, starting from Tuscany.

Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary

Enjoy the Italian Amalfi Coast in all of its beauty.

Sardinia Sailing Itinerary

Our Sardinia Sailing Itinerary is the perfect trip to discover Sardinia and it's picturesque surrounding islands located within the Mediterranean Sea.

Sicily Sailing Itinerary

Perfectly located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily perpetually lures passersby with its sublime landscapes and cultural diversity.

Saint Martin Sailing itineraries

St Martin Sailing Itinerary

Take a look at our St. Martin sailing itinerary. Join a St. Martin sail and explore the amazing beaches and picturesque coves on a bareboat charter.

Cuba Sailing itineraries

Cuba Sailing Itinerary

Go back in time and experience the retro vibes that make Cuba so unique.

Puerto Rico Sailing itineraries

Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary

Discover Puerto Rico's Natural Wonders

Grenada Sailing itineraries

Grenada Sailing Itinerary

Welcome to the Gateway of the Grenadines, the Best of the Southern Caribbean.

French Polynesia Sailing itineraries

Tahiti Sailing Itinerary

With black sand beaches and jagged, majestic mountains - Tahiti is a unique beauty

Turkey Sailing itineraries

Western Lycian Sailing Itinerary - Marmaris Route

From Marmaris, an alternating fortnightly route, sail South East to Gocek and Fethiye to explore the fascinating coastline en route.

Western Lycian Sailing Itinerary - Bozburun Route

The East meets the West in a place full of colours.

Bodrum Sailing Itinerary

The Southwest Aegean Region Of Turkey

Marmaris Sailing Itinerary

Marmaris is the ideal destination in Turkey for sailing with lots of coves and beaches to discover and explore with our Marmaris Sailing Itinerary.

Gocek Sailing Itinerary

The Turkish Coast is a beautiful place to explore and a great way to experience it is with our Gocek Sailing Itinerary.

New Caledonia Sailing itineraries

New Caledonia Sailing Itinerary

Discover and explore New Caledonia, a beautiful one of a kind remote island oasis

France Sailing itineraries

Martinique Sailing Itinerary - North

Discover the beauty of Martinique, the "Isle of Flowers"

Guadeloupe Sailing Itinerary

Explore And Discover Guadeloupe's Magic, with white sandy beaches, turquoise clear oceans and restaurants serving delicious cuisine. Don't miss it!

French Riviera Sailing Itinerary

Sailing our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary is a once in a lifetime experience, with historic sites, beaches, caves to explore and vibrant harbours to discover