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Discover Puerto Rico's Stunning Natural Wonders

Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary

The Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary is ideal for everyone. Puerto Rico is a small island with over 270 miles of glorious coastline with white sandy beaches. The Caribbean island is a US territory, with luscious forests, beaches, natural wonders, heritage, delicious flavours, a dynamic culture, colonial architecture, cultural events and adventure.

Our Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary not only offers great sailing, but world-class surfing, miles of coral reefs, marine life, white sand, and turquoise waters waiting to be discovered and explored.

Our Guide to the Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary

The Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary is ideal for all levels of sailing with perfect year-round conditions. The area has a small number of beautiful islands and is home to some of the best beaches in the world, along with natural wonders. Puerto Rico is the ideal location to undertake a large number of activities such as birdwatching, swimming, snorkelling, hiking and it has beautiful places to discover.

  • Getting There

    Puerto Rico’s San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport serves flights from all across North America and the Caribbean. There are also regular flights from Spain and Germany. The airport is a 45-50 minute drive from the starting point of our Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary in the beautiful Puerto Del Rey Marina.

  • Weather

    Puerto Rico’s tropical climate keeps the temperature warm all year round with the hottest temperatures occurring in June (average of 27C) and the coldest is January (average of 24C). May tends to be the wettest month with an average rainfall of 152mm. July has an average of 12 hours of sunlight every day and between July and September the sea temperature averages 29C.

  • Mooring

The calm seas and mild winds make Puerto Rico the perfect sailing destination for all experience levels. From November to January the northeasterly winds average at around 15-20 knots but the Christmas winds often reach 25-30 knots over several days. From February the winds move to an easterly direction and by June these come from the southeast at 10-15 knots. Throughout the summer and into September and October the trade winds cause unsettled weather and unpredictable conditions, but by November high pressure stabilizes and the winds average 15-20 knots. The tide ranges between 12 and 18 inches and anchoring is recommended throughout our Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary.

The calm seas and mild winds make Puerto Rico the perfect sailing destination for all experience levels.

Day 1

Puerto del Rey Marina → Isla Palominos

Our Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary begins in Puerto del Rey Marina – the largest marina of its kind in the Caribbean. Here there are many facilities that you can utilize before embarking on your adventure, including WiFi, showers, laundry facilities, and a bar. On Day 1 of our Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary, you can also enjoy exploring the surrounding area of rainforest, picturesque beaches, and the town of Old San Juan. The clear waters and hidden caves provide the perfect conditions for snorkelling and diving and are a paradise for surfers and kayakers.

The first overnight stop on our itinerary is the small island of Isla Palominos that boasts an unspoiled paradise. Located in the Spanish Virgin Islands, this private island (owned by El Conquistador) is renowned for its festive and party atmosphere.

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Day 2

Isla Palominos → Culebra


From Isla Palominos our Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary heads east to Culebra, stopping at Caya Luis Pena. Caya Luis Pena is the perfect place to stop on your journey for lunch or to swim and snorkel, before proceeding onto Culebra and the inlet, Ensenada Honda, for an overnight mooring. Ensenada Honda is the island’s largest inlet and only town, with a mini-market and a small-town cultural feel. The town’s predominant industry is fishing making it a great place to purchase or sample some delicious seafood. Culebra has a large turtle population and at the right time of the year, you can witness turtle eggs hatching and the baby turtles making their way to the ocean.

Day 3

Culebra → Bahia del Almodovar

Bahia del Almodovar

When travelling from Culebra to Bahia del Almodovar, a stop has to be made at the uninhabited wildlife refuge of Culebrita. On Culebrita you can hike to a lighthouse at the top of a cliff, which has a great view of one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches – Tortuga Beach. A great place to moor overnight is at Bahia Almodovar where visitors can go paddleboarding, snorkelling, kayaking or alternatively relax next to the luscious surrounding mangroves.

Day 4

Bahia del Almodovar → Flamenco & Playa Tamarindo

Flamenco & Playa Tamarindo

Day four brings our Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary to Flamenco and the beautiful beach of Playa Tamarindo. Flamenco was named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by the Discovery Channel, and it’s easy to see why. It is the ideal place to stop and swim, snorkel or sunbathe in a beautiful and natural paradise before heading to Playa Tamarindo for an overnight anchorage.

Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary

Calm Seas And Mild Wind Make For The Perfect Sailing Destination For All Levels

Day 5

Flamenco & Playa Tamarindo → Esperanza


From Flamenco, day 5 of our Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary brings you to the Vieques Islands and the town of Esperanza, on the south of the island. A must-visit attraction is Mosquito Bay. Esperanza has a small port with a ‘waterfront walk’ or promenade (which is great to jump off), peaceful restaurants, horse riding, shops and is filled with culture, history and tradition.

Day 6

Esperanza → Ensenada Honda

Ensenada Honda

Another location in the Vieques Islands is Ensenada Honda, which is a beautiful cove, covered in mangroves. Two picturesque beaches are Curacas and Le Chiva Beach, which offer overnight protected anchorages to spend the night relaxing. The area has an old military tower, reefs for snorkelling, kayaks, paddle boarding, and hiking.

Day 7

Ensenada → Green Beach

Green Beach

The last stop off on our Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary is Green Beach, on the western tip of the Vieques Islands. Green Beach is a great place to bird watch, swim or snorkel through the old sugar cane paths located just underwater. The area is rich in foliage and mangroves with lots to explore before heading back to Puerto del Rey for the end of our itinerary.

Puerto Rico Sailing Itinerary

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