Guadeloupe is a small butterfly shaped island which is split into two main islands and connected by a bridge. The two islands are called Base-Terre and Grande-Terre, these two islands along with over 12 others island make up the area of Guadeloupe. Basse-Terre is a volcanic island with mountains and beautiful beaches, and Grande-Terre is flat with rolling hills and picturesque coastlines.

Our Guadeloupe Sailing Itinerary is perfect for everyone, with beautiful year round weather and sailing conditions for all abilities.

Our Guide to the Guadeloupe Sailing Itinerary

Our Guadeloupe Sailing Itinerary explores and discovers the best the area has to offer, with white sandy beaches, turquoise clear oceans, coral reefs to discover, quaint villages to explore, restaurants serving delicious cuisine, hiking, windmills and much more.

For our Guadeloupe Sailing Itinerary the starting point is at the world class Marina Bas Du Fort, with a large number of facilities and amenities, while also being close to the nearby town. From there our itinerary heads towards Marie Galante, Les Saintes and Islet Gosier, before heading back to Marina Bas Du Fort.

Getting There

Our Guadeloupe Sailing Itinerary can be reached by flying into Pointe-a-Pitre International airport. Pointe-a-Pitre airport serves the Caribbean, Canada, France, USA, Italy and Germany with direct flights and the possibility of connecting to other destinations throughout the world. This airport is the main way in and out of the country unless you are traveling by boat from another Caribbean island. The airport is located 15 minutes drive away from Marina Bas Du Fort, the main starting point of our Guadeloupe Sailing Itinerary.


The average weather temperatures in Guadeloupe vary depending on the seasons, the average winter temperature is 23c and 30c in summer. Dry season is from December to May with March being the driest month of the year. Winds are predominantly from a northeasterly direction with winds from 15knots to 25knots. 


On our Guadeloupe Sailing Itinerary the overnight mooring stops are split between stops in beautiful marinas and secluded bay anchorages. Both overnight mooring styles are well protected from the winds and current. Caution should be taken when dropping anchor for fishing pots and traps which may get tangled.