Is RYA Day Skipper License Accepted in Greece in 2024?

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Is RYA Day Skipper License Accepted in Greece?

The RYA Day Skipper qualification is a highly recognised sailing qualification around the world. The RYA Day Skipper qualification is a yacht charter qualification for those with some yachting experience, basic navigation, and sailing skills.

This RYA Day Skipper is one of the first levels of sailing qualifications for a yacht charter, with the only requirements being a knowledge of the theory of a Day Skipper and 5 days, 100 miles, and 4 nights sailing. The course is 5 days long and covers preparation for sea, deck work, navigation, repair and maintenance, and night cruising.

While this qualification is suitable for going on a yacht charter to many countries and is usually enough to allow you to charter a boat be warned that on a Greek yacht charter the RYA Day Skipper might not be accepted by Port Authorities in Greece. Further qualification and license are often required, such as an ICC (International Certificate of Competence).

Is The RYA Day Skipper License Accepted in Greece?

1. What Is An ICC?

The ICC (International Certificate of Competence) is issued by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Inland Transport Committee Working Party on Inland Water Transport Resolution 40. In the UK the RYA is the authorised body to issue an ICC, the same as those who issue the RYA Day Skipper qualification.

The ICC was first brought into play to facilitate boats along rivers such as the Rhine and Danube. Over time this license has been evolved into a license which shows evidence of competence when navigating inland and coastal European waters.

The majority of European countries accept the ICC as a universal license when visiting foreign-flagged vessels in coastal or inland waters. Depending on the country the ICC is often accepted in place of that countries qualification, instead of the RYA Day Skipper qualification.

The ICC is available in 5 categories, only the category or categories which competence is displayed for are issued. The five categories are Coastal Waters, Inland Waters, and then either Power, Sail, or Personal Watercraft.

2. How Can I Apply For An ICC Qualification?

Application Process

An ICC can be issued at the same time or after the issuing of an RYA Day Skipper. The UK ICC can only be issued by the RYA and can be done by simply completing an ICC application form with a signature of declaration.

To apply for an ICC license you must have the following documents;

  • A passport-sized photograph
  • Payment (existing RYA members receive the ICC fee of charge)
  • Evidence of completion of the relevant qualifications (eg RYA Day Skipper)
  • Completed ICC application form

The ICC is valid for 5 years and can easily be renewed online.

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3. What Pre-Existing Qualifications Do You Need For An ICC?

An ICC is available to everyone who meets the following requirements:

  • Has to be over the age of 16 years old
  • Who demonstrates that their nationality includes them being able to receive the license according to the RYA
  • Is physically and mentally fit to operate a pleasurecraft
  • Presents one of the following UK certificates (SAIL ONLY) – Completed CEVNI test, RYA Day Skipper, RYA Coastal Skipper Sail, RYA/MCA Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster

4. How Long Does It Take To Get An ICC?

When visiting Greece with an RYA Day Skipper qualification it is recommended to also have an ICC license to ensure that you won’t have any issues with the Greek Port Authorities. An ICC license can be issued by the RYA but be aware that these licenses can take up to 21 days to be issued.

The only way to get the ICC license in 2023 is by waiting 21 days, previously there was a fast track service available but due to Covid-19, it is no longer available. So ensure you have at least 21 days to receive your license before embarking on your Greece yacht charter.

If you already have an ICC license but it is due to expire as you have had it 5 years, presuming you can be reached at the same address the RYA will contact you in regards to renewal, which can also be done online.

5. Why Is Greece Different?

In 2019, the Greece Port Authorities refused to accept certain RYA qualifications including the RYA Day Skipper and RYA Coastal Skipper qualifications due to the daylight restrictions within the qualifications. It is now recommended that an ICC must be presented along with these certifications for them to be valid. This is a requirement by Greek law.

6. Where Is The RYA Day Skipper Qualification Accepted?

While the RYA Day Skipper qualification is enough for some countries in terms of qualifications, it is always recommended to have an ICC qualification to complement your qualification, especially in European countries as it shows competence.

Countries which require or recommend an ICC are the following:

  • Austria (ICC recommended)
  • Croatia (ICC recommended)
  • Greece
  • Germany
  • Italy (ICC recommended)
  • Malta (ICC recommended)
  • Portugal (ICC recommended)
  • Spain (ICC recommended)
  • Switzerland (ICC recommended)
  • Turkey (ICC recommended)

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